Tear down the walls of the metaverse

There is no doubt that the metaverse will deeply influence and transform our production and life.However, at least as things stand, the metaverse hasn’t changed our lives much, and it’s still only an experimental or even conceptual existence.If the metaverse is just that, then it will always be about the capital markets, it will always be about the players’ judgment of the future, and it will never change our production or our lives.Obviously, if the development of the meta-universe is only confined to such a level, its functions and effects will be greatly underestimated. But only when it is truly grounded in real business and industry, and truly used to transform or even reshape real business and industry, can the development of the meta-universe truly enter a new stage of development.To achieve this, simply adding the meta-universe to business and industry is certainly not enough.Only by truly establishing the deep connection between the meta-universe and commerce and industry, can the meta-universe be truly grounded and applied to the industry and scene, and its development can truly enter a new stage.

When the technology and business model of the metaverse itself are not really mature, its development cannot achieve such an effect in any way.Therefore, at the present stage, what we need to do is not just blindly implement and apply the meta-universe recklessly, but change the immature underlying technology, business model and the ability to integrate with the industry.Only when this is done, the metaverse return to industry will not be an empty word.

The metaverse needs to lower the technological barrier. For a long time, we have been saying that the metaverse is a existence that encompasses many new technologies.Whether it’s big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, or even virtual reality, we can see its shadow in the meta-universe.However, while the metaverse itself contains so many new technologies, there is still a long way to go before they really hit the ground running and transform the industry or even make things easier for users.A hint of this can be seen in the sky-high prices Meta has released.It has to be said that with the help of such a headset, it can indeed bring people into the world of the meta-universe. However, whether from the price point of view, or from the perspective of experience, the use threshold of such a headset is quite high.Therefore, through this phenomenon, we should not only limit ourselves to the data in the laboratory, but also consider the threshold of the use of the meta-universe.In my opinion, we still need to fundamentally solve the threshold of metaverse related technology.This not only includes the technical threshold of research and development, but also includes the user’s use threshold.Only when the universality of technology is used to eliminate the threshold of the metauniverse and truly bring the development of the metauniverse to a stage of popularization and routine, can the metauniverse not only be an invisible existence, but become an existence that can become People’s Daily life style.

Only when the development of the meta-universe is no longer limited by the use of technology bottleneck, only when the development of the meta-universe is free from the limitations of technology, can the meta-universe become a universal use, everyone can use it to transform the traditional industry, everyone can use it to transform the existence of traditional business.In this case, a true metacosmic age can really come.

It has to be said that the meta-universe is indeed a existence that can bring great changes to our production and life.However, we should also see that, in order to achieve such a goal, we need to do first, is to continuously lower the use of the meta-universe threshold, and continue to make more scenes, more industries can afford to use the meta-universe.Only in this way can the meta-universe truly become a new way and a new method to transform traditional industries.However, judging from the actual development of the metaverse, its application threshold is still quite high.In other words, the metaverse is still a money-burning thing.Lack of strong financial accumulation, lack of strong financial support, any player who wants to make a difference in the meta-universe industry, is unable to achieve.We can see a hint of this from the difficulties Meta has encountered in the field of metaverse.Yes, by embracing the metaverse with all its might, the Meta is on top.But capital’s patience has its limits.When they saw that the metacomes were not generating enough imagination, their enthusiasm for the metacomes, too, began to wane.Therefore, we can see that the capital market pays less attention to Meta, and we can see the shortage of commercialization of Meta.

In the final analysis, to solve these problems, we should continue to lower the application threshold of the meta-universe, and continue to improve the realization ability of the meta-universe.When the threshold of application of the metaverse begins to be lowered, especially when the application of the metaverse can offset the blank caused by the withdrawal of capital, the development of the metaverse can get rid of the status quo of only relying on capital transfusion to maintain, and truly rely on self-hematopoietic development.

Meta-universe needs to lower the threshold of connectivity at least from the current development situation, players are still regard the meta-universe as an independent of the reality of the business, the existence of the real industry, still regard the meta-universe as a maintain their own status, or reshape their own status of existence.From this point of view, whether it is the connection between the meta-universe players, or the connection between the meta-universe and real business, it is not too easy.Just imagine, if the metaverse is just a gravedigger of the Internet, if the metaverse has nothing to do with the Internet, then where is the soil for the growth of the metaverse?Where is the object of metaverse transformation?Therefore, when looking at the metaverse, we should not just blindly cut off all the connections between it and the outside world in order to highlight the uniqueness of the metaverse, but constantly open the connections between it and different players and different industries by lowering the threshold of connectivity.Only when the meta-universe truly establishes such a connection, and only when the meta-universe truly realizes such a connection, can the development of the meta-universe bid farewell to the current isolation and truly enter a new stage of mutual cooperation and mutual promotion.In fact, in view of the current development of the metaverse, such a phenomenon has already occurred.Meta and Microsoft, two players with a presence in the meta-universe, have already started working together.With the help of Microsoft’s long-term efforts in the B-end industry, some Meta applications in the meta-universe began to rely on Microsoft’s solutions, and Meta continued to provide Microsoft with relevant users by virtue of its accumulation of C-end users.

Through the joint example of Meta and Microsoft, we can clearly see that the meta-universe still needs to constantly connect, and constantly lower the threshold of connectivity to find more breakthroughs.In addition to the connectivity between the meta-universe players, the meta-universe and the outside industry, also should establish connectivity.Only through the continuous establishment of connectivity between meta-universe players, and only through the continuous establishment of connectivity between meta-universe and external industries, can the effectiveness of the meta-universe be maximized, the meta-universe will not become a tool to maintain the original development mode, and the meta-universe can break through the existing development bottleneck.


Metaverse is indeed a existence that can bring great subversion and change to our production and life, this point is beyond doubt.However, we should also see that the threshold that lies between the metaverse is constantly blocking the connection between the metaverse and commerce, and between industries.A direct result of such a state is that the metaverse cannot be maximally effective and its magic cannot be maximally manifested.The high walls between the metaverse will be torn down. Only when the metaverse really breaks these barriers and realizes universality, multi-application and strong combination, can its development truly enter a new stage of development.


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