The logic behind chatgpt

ChatGPT, indeed, is one of the hottest topics of the moment.However, ChatGPT is still known only as ChatGPT itself, rather than its “predecessors” — the metaverse, web3.0, or even the NFT.If we look at ChatGPT in a larger context, we might be able to come up with a more complete and comprehensive answer.There is no denying that ChatGPT shows us a beautiful picture of the coming of intelligent society.However, what we need to see more behind the intelligent society is perhaps the new development model and logic projected by it.Starting with this, we can fully understand the logic behind ChatGPT’s popularity.Otherwise, we are still familiar with ChatGPT, and when ChatGPT’s popularity dies down, everything will be flat, with no new meaning.

As we place ChatGPT on a larger scale, a clear thread, perhaps, will unfold again.At this point, ChatGPT will no longer simply be ChatGPT, but a key node in a much clearer road map.With ChatGPT, this roadmap can be further developed and a new business community can truly emerge.If there is a summary of such a development road map, I would like to view such a development road map as a decentralized development road map, a road map for the true arrival of the blockchain era.Behind such a development roadmap, in fact, it still shows us the beautiful imagination that blockchain once brought us.Therefore, if I had to sum up ChatGPT, I would rather see ChatGPT as an integral part of the blockchain era.

What is behind ChatGPT is the iteration and upgrading of data transmission. Blockchain as we know it in the past is not a real blockchain, because according to the logic of blockchain, it should not be in front of the public.Some people may say that since blockchain should not be visible in front of people, then, what kind of posture should it be?In my opinion, it should be hidden from the real business, throughout the development of the industry.The current state of blockchain in the ChatGPT craze is exactly the state of blockchain for us.All along, we’ve been saying that blockchain is a fairly low-level, fairly basic technology, and what it really brings to us is a whole new way of developing and operating logic.In this new way and logic, we see the emergence of a series of species, such as metacomes, web3.0, NFT, and even ChatGPT.Therefore, if it is necessary to find that ChatGPT is not just the external expression of ChatGPT, I prefer to attribute it to the extension of blockchain.And behind such an extension, it is the iteration and upgrade of data transmission technology based on blockchain technology.

One could argue that ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology that doesn’t have much to do with blockchain.If you look at ChatGPT only in this way, then you still miss the true essence of ChatGPT and its original meaning.Yes, ChatGPT is indeed a kind of artificial intelligence technology. However, behind the artificial intelligence technology, we are more likely to see the iteration and upgrade of algorithms dominated by data and numbers. If the iteration and upgrade of such algorithms are not supported by blockchain, then,It is not in any way possible to achieve the kind of presentation we see in ChatGPT.So if I had to sum up ChatGPT, I’d rather think of it as an extension of blockchain.It is after such an extension that blockchain really comes to people in another way.In such a new state of development, blockchain is not just blockchain itself, but begins to evolve into a brand new species, and such a species can make people feel a completely different experience from the previous development mode.And that’s what blockchain really wants to achieve;And this is the real sense of the blockchain era really want to present a beautiful picture.

The decentralized business logic behind ChatGPT If I had to summarize the development model and the business logic of the post-Internet era, the decentralized business model is definitely one of the major aspects.It can be said that the post-Internet era is a business era dominated by decentralization.Under such an era of commerce, the platforms and hubs that we have come to see in the Internet age will disappear and be replaced by a kind of peer-to-peer, seamless decentralized commerce.In such a commercial era, the relationship between users and products no longer needs to be built with the help of platforms, but begins to form a point-to-point docking mode.Obviously, such a peer-to-peer connection model can indeed raise the efficiency of production and life to a new level.However, if we are forced to summarize such a peer-to-peer model, it projects for us exactly the rosy picture that blockchain has painted for us.For a long time, we have been saying that the essence and original meaning of blockchain is to realize the point-to-point transmission of data and numbers.Under such a mechanism, efficiency will be increased again.However, in the past, when we landed, we only built a set of new mechanisms under the mechanism of the Internet, and realized new development with such a mechanism.In the end, the so-called new species derived from blockchain has become a way to challenge and even subvert the Internet, without really accumulating and utilizing the outstanding achievements of people in the Internet era. Finally, those seemingly new and subversive business models still come to a dead end.

With ChatGPT, we also see a decentralized business logic.Under such a business logic, users can simply and directly access the information.However, ChatGPT built such a decentralized mechanism, not to destroy the Internet, or even subvert the Internet based on the basis of the Internet, but to combine the Internet, the function of the Internet players as a starting point.At that point, ChatGPT had a whole new connection to the Internet and really took decentralized business logic to the next level.In my opinion, this is the real sense of decentralized business logic, and this is the real perfect interpretation of the essence of blockchain and the original meaning of the development model.It can be said that ChatGPT iterates and upgrades the decentralized business logic of blockchain, so that the decentralized business logic of blockchain has new connotation and significance.

Behind ChatGPT, a new kind of consensus and smart contract Why did ChatGPT get so many people involved?One important reason is that there is a consensus that each of us contributes to the evolution of ChatGPT, making it smarter and better.That’s why we see ChatGPT being supported by a consensus of users, with new users joining and engaging.This is a new kind of consensus mechanism, and it’s the consensus mechanism that makes ChatGPT so much fun to use and keep trying.In addition to consensus, ChatGPT presents us with a new kind of contract.In such an intelligent contract mechanism, rules are set and ChatGPT only has to enforce them.When we use ChatGPT, we also limit it to a topic and then ask it to respond. In effect, we ask ChatGPT to follow a set of rules.Under such an enforced mechanism, the user and ChatGPT are trusted, and there is no third party involvement or supervision.Whether it is consensus mechanism or smart contract, it is the shadow of blockchain.In the past, when we understand the consensus mechanism and smart contract of blockchain, we usually just regard it as an isolated and not open existence. Now, when we understand the consensus mechanism and smart contract of blockchain, we start to see it as more of an open existence.This is actually the true spirit of blockchain, this is the real sense of the underlying logic of blockchain.

With such a consensus mechanism and smart contract of blockchain, ChatGPT can continuously attract more people to join it and activate the traffic that could not be activated otherwise, thus revitalizing and invigorating the post-Internet era.With this as the beginning, we can truly enter a new stage of development in which the blockchain gradually becomes invisible, while the blockchain era presented by it is constantly moving towards the explicit.


When we look at ChatGPT, if we only focus on ChatGPT itself, then we will never know the true meaning of ChatGPT and its original meaning.In my opinion, what ChatGPT really shows us is the spirit and the original meaning of blockchain.Rather, ChatGPT is in line with the metacomes, web3.0, and NFT of the past.It is a key node on the road to the true arrival of the blockchain era. In the future, we will see the emergence of more new species like ChatGPT, which will continue to drive the maturity and landing of the blockchain until the true blockchain era arrives.


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