Back to technology: The new clarion call for blockchain

When blockchain starts to appear in more and more scenarios, what we see is the opening of a deep integration of blockchain and the industry. In such a deep integration, blockchain is no longer an isolated and closed existence, but becomes an open and symbiotic existence. This is what blockchain is really supposed to look like. Because at its core, blockchain is a technology. Only when it is connected with the industry and applied by the industry, can it bring its function and role into full play.

However, this perception of blockchain was not always the case. It should be known that when blockchain was just recognized by people, players regarded it more as a tool and means to get rich, and more as a tool to issue coins or ICO, while ignoring its most essential, most internal meaning and connotation. To be sure, such an approach that completely deviates from the essence and original meaning of blockchain will not be able to achieve fast and lasting development in any way.

When the heat of capital is gone and players become disillusioned, what we see is the beginning of a return to objective and rational understanding of blockchain. As a result, blockchain is returning to what it was meant to be — technology. At this point, the development of blockchain has really entered a new stage of development. The popularity of new concepts represented by the meta-universe can also be classified as a sign that the implementation and application of blockchain has entered a new stage of development. In this new stage, only by finding the role that blockchain really should play, can the function and role of blockchain be brought into full play.

Blockchain should spawn more “metauniverses”

Without the development and evolution of blockchain, the metaverse could not have emerged anyway. However, if only the popularity of the meta-universe to interpret the role of blockchain, or even regard the meta-universe as the only way out of blockchain, it is a bit too underestimate the function and role of blockchain. In fact, the metaverse is just the beginning. In order to maximize the function and role of blockchain, we need to derive more “metaverse” with the help of blockchain.

In the final analysis, it is necessary to strengthen the deep integration between blockchain, industry and scene, especially to find the commercial form derived from the integration of blockchain, industry and scene, so as to make blockchain a true commercial closed loop. Just imagine, when blockchain starts to be associated with more scenes and more industries, when blockchain becomes the underlying infrastructure of more scenes and more industries, then it will play the role that the Internet used to play in the past, so as to truly bring us from the “Internet age” to the “blockchain age”.

However, it needs to be clear that the combination of blockchain with external industries and scenarios is not just a gimmicky concept and marketing, but the real construction and formation of a complete and comprehensive business model. This is the key reason why the metaverse is so popular. Therefore, in the process of exploring more “metacomes” derived from blockchain, we need to find more applications with complete and mature commercial closed loop like the metacomes, rather than just blindly using blockchain for marketing and concepts.

Blockchain should incorporate more new technologies

Observing the development of the current industry, we can clearly see that now is an era of continuous derivation and evolution of new technologies. In such an era, what we see is that more and more new technologies begin to derive and appear, and more and more new technologies begin to mature and improve. However, we should also see that these new technologies are independent and separate, not in synergy, not really integrated.

Although the derivation, development and maturity of new technologies can allow us to find more new possibilities for development, however, if all kinds of new technologies are only allowed to develop independently, their functions and roles cannot be fully played in any case, and we cannot enter a complete and unified era. In such a situation, what we need is a leader, a master of the new technology, under the guidance of which various new technologies can cooperate with each other, can complement each other, and can maximize their functions and effects.

At this time, we need blockchain to stand out, we need blockchain to play such a role and function. The reason is that compared with other new technologies, the underlying nature and foundation of blockchain enable it to have such functions and roles, enabling it to construct communication and connection between different new technologies. When blockchain becomes the connector between different new technologies and the coordinator between different new technologies, its functions and effects can not only be maximized, but also the functions and effects of other new technologies can be maximized.

When the function and role of blockchain and other new technologies have been maximized, and when the blockchain allows new technologies to realize a real sense of integration, its development can truly enter a new stage of development. With this as the beginning, blockchain will no longer be just an ordinary existence among new technologies, but become an existence that can realize deep integration of new technologies and achieve perfect bridge. At this point, the development of blockchain can really enter a new stage of development.

Blockchain should benefit more new users


For any kind of new technology, it is only a niche existence, only a few people’s welfare, its development is not sustainable in any way. The same is true for blockchain. When the development of blockchain enters a new stage, especially when the blockchain begins to return to the essence, we need to think about how to benefit more new users, how to bring benefits to more new users, rather than just serve as a tool and means to harvest leeks.

We can also see a hint of this in the metaverse. It has to be said that the meta-universe can indeed solve the user’s pain points and problems to a large extent. However, in the process of solving users’ pain points and problems and bringing new experiences to users, we can clearly see that the threshold is very high at the beginning. Some of this can be seen in the headsets released by Meta, Apple, and others. It can be said that the new species of derivative and blockchain still have a high threshold for the vast number of users, and still cannot benefit more users.

In order to solve this problem and truly give full play to the functions and roles of blockchain, we should first do how to lower the threshold of blockchain, how to let more users can use blockchain, and how to let blockchain can bring benefits to more users.

Although the current blockchain has brought convenience to users in many fields, so that users feel different experience, but it does not really let users use, does not let users really participate in, it just stays in its own technology to achieve this point. When blockchain just blindly overdraws itself without really involving users, its development will always be immature and it will never benefit more users as much as possible. Likewise, this is contrary to the essence and original meaning of blockchain.

For blockchain, how to find ways and methods to benefit more users, how to let more users use, participate in, and truly feel the real convenience brought by blockchain, is the key to ensure that it can obtain more development possibilities. If blockchain can’t lower the threshold, can’t let more users participate in, can’t let more users use blockchain, then, its development is no matter what can be called mature and perfect. When blockchain becomes commonplace for more new users, and when the application of blockchain becomes the mainstream way of life for people, its development has really entered a new stage of development, and its functions and roles can also be given full play.


When blockchain began to bid farewell to fanaticism and impetuous, a new development began to stage. For blockchain, this has to be a new beginning. However, this is only the beginning. There is still a long way to go before blockchain can truly return to the mainstream and become the “appearance level responsibility” of new developments. In my opinion, only when more commercial applications of blockchain are derived continuously, only when it becomes the dominant of new technologies, and only when it benefits more new users, can its development be truly mature and perfect, and the development of blockchain truly enters a new cycle.


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