Under the great changes of e-commerce, the new revolution of digital retail is opened

If you use “big changes” to describe the current e-commerce market, perhaps it is not an exaggeration.Once, we thought that the pattern of e-commerce was already set.However, judging from the current development situation, the pattern of the e-commerce market has not been determined.The big pattern is so, the pattern of subdivision field, also is taking place a profound change.When the situation of e-commerce market resurfaces, the new species derived from it, are also brewing a brand new change.As a direct link of e-commerce, the development of digital retail has also begun to undergo a profound and thorough change.

In the past, when it comes to digital retail, people think more about the empowerment and transformation of merchants.It has to be said that such a development mode dominated by B-terminal traffic has indeed achieved certain development. The digitalization of a series of retail merchants and the improvement of retail efficiency brought by it are almost the direct embodiment of this phenomenon.However, just like those who target the B-end, digital retail players also face the problem of unsustainable traffic and single monetization.How to change such a dilemma, and find a new way to break the game, become every digital retail players must think about the problem.

When the e-commerce landscape is stable, especially in the “hello, I am good” atmosphere among e-commerce players, digital retail players do not see many new opportunities and directions.However, when the pattern of e-commerce is broken, especially when the battle between e-commerce players resurfaces, digital retail players who once fell into a dead end begin to find new development opportunities and breakthroughs.

In my opinion, such a breakthrough, more based on the e-commerce itself derived from the new model and the new play by the twin.It is with these new models and new ways of playing that digital retail players have figured out what they want to do for a while to come, and are starting to jump in and find new opportunities.In fact, no matter how the e-commerce landscape changes, there are still three aspects: traffic, roles and technology.Therefore, while the e-commerce industry is changing in these three aspects, digital retail, which is also not immune, has started a completely new change.

First, from the flow point of view, in fact, the previous era of e-commerce, is an era dominated by traffic.For e-commerce players, they are more concerned about how to e-commerce traffic that has not been e-commerce.In this context, we see the emergence of many concepts with strong flow atmosphere represented by sinking market and small town youth.It has to be said that the continuous subdivision of traffic does allow e-commerce to achieve certain development.However, even if there is abundant flow, there will be exhausted that day, just to access to flow as the dominant, is bound to be unable to last.So, what we see is that the e-commerce industry begins to enter the era of retention from the era of traffic.At present, the development of the e-commerce industry is going through, in fact, is the retention era.In the retention era, the test of players is not the problem of e-commerce traffic that has not been e-commerce, but the test of players how to retain and activate the existing traffic and obtain new traffic from other players.In the context of the transformation of e-commerce, digital retail also needs a profound transformation.I think digital retail players should play a good role in retaining and activating existing traffic.No matter with the help of digital tools or through digital operation means, as long as they can find ways and methods to retain and activate the existing traffic, digital retail players can find new development breakthroughs under the new changes of e-commerce.

Second, from the perspective of role positioning, the most classic model of the e-commerce industry is the platform and center model.It has to be said that in such an age of information asymmetry, especially in an age of insufficient e-commerce, certain development can indeed be achieved with the help of platforms and centralized modes.However, when e-commerce becomes fully implemented, especially at a time like this, just being a platform and a hub, just being a matchmaker and an intermediary, begins to lose its original effectiveness.In such a big background, say goodbye to the platform and center mode, through its own deep integration with the upstream and downstream to find a new way of development, has become the new consensus of almost all e-commerce players.For digital retail players, in fact, they also need to change their traditional positioning of just being the platform side, just being the enabler, and find more ways and means to build a new relationship with the objects they used to empower.When digital retail players are no longer a third party, no longer a platform outside the industry, but become a deep integration with the industry, they can be regarded as a new development breakthrough.

From the perspective of technology, in fact, behind every era, there is its technological driving force. The reason why we can see so many traditional e-commerce platforms is that in fact, it is driven by Internet technology. It can be said that it is Internet technology that has spawned so many e-commerce platforms and so many new e-commerce models. One of the most important reasons why the current e-commerce industry has entered such a big change is that the inherent driving technology of the e-commerce industry is undergoing a profound change. If we sum up such a change, I believe that the most basic driving force is the change of new technologies led by digitalization. In fact, digitalization is a relatively general concept. Under such a general concept, there are artificial intelligence technology, blockchain technology, cloud computing technology and virtual reality foundation, etc. It can be said that these digital technologies begin to transform traditional e-commerce from the inside, and make traditional e-commerce undergo a deep transformation from the inside out.

One of the important reasons why so many e-commerce players have begun to layout new changes is that they have begun to seek solutions and methods with the help of digital technology. Both the live broadcast of digital virtual human and the deep integration of online and offline are derived from digital technology. When new technologies start to instigate new changes in the e-commerce industry, digital retail also needs to start a new transformation led by digitalization. In my opinion, behind such a digital revolution, digital retail players need to replace traditional elements with digital elements, replace traditional processes with digital processes, and replace traditional forms with digital forms. For the players of digital retail, this is a new outlet. Only by seizing this opportunity can digital retail become a real digital retail, not just a synonym for the Internet.


When e-commerce resurfaced, digital retail was not spared a messy battle.However, no matter how much the e-commerce industry changes, it will always be about traffic, roles and technology.Through these three aspects, we can see that digital retail itself will also undergo a profound change.With this as the beginning, digital retail will no longer just be a synonym for the Internet, but become a real existence.



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