Block chain “insulation”, metauniverse “open”

A very clear phenomenon is happening — the metaverse is being embraced by more and more people, whether it’s tech giants or capital giants, almost all of them. Blockchain, meanwhile, is returning, bit by bit, to rationality and objectivity. This is a good sign for blockchain. It tells us that people’s wild and radical understanding of blockchain is being corrected and corrected step by step. Thus, the development of blockchain industry will truly enter a new stage of development.

It’s not like people used to just treat blockchain as a concept to capture capital and traffic. As the knowledge of blockchain deepens, capital and flow are no longer the real concerns of blockchain players. At least from the current situation, those players who are still sticking to the blockchain industry are more adhering to the long-term doctrine, more seeking the right way and method to combine blockchain with the industry, rather than just seeing blockchain as a gimmick and concept.

To be sure, this is a truly sustainable and long-term development model for blockchain. Only after such a stage of development can blockchain truly construct a set of its own huge ecosystem. With this as the beginning, a new business era with blockchain technology as the underlying infrastructure and business model derived from blockchain technology as the dominant will truly come. After such a stage of development and improvement, people’s production and life will be changed by blockchain technology, just as the Internet technology has changed people’s production and life. Thus, the era of blockchain in the real sense can truly come.

Blockchain is being insulated from the Internet

For all its vaunted admirers, blockchain is often seen as the Internet’s successor. However, when they are in the process of implementing and practicing blockchain, they can’t help but equate blockchain with the Internet. Whether we see blockchain as a new concept to attract the attention of capital, or we see blockchain as a way and means to harvest traffic, we can feel this very clearly. The reason why so many people are excited about the concept of “blockchain +” is a direct reflection of such a state.

Practice has proved that simply treating blockchain as the cloak of the Internet and using blockchain to continue the Internet era cannot bring sustained energy to the development of blockchain. When the cloak of blockchain is no longer able to hide the true intentions, everything will vanish like bubbles in the sun. In the past, we have seen the collapse of many development models dominated by coin offerings or ICOs, all of which are direct manifestations of such a phenomenon.

If we want to make blockchain truly find a new development path suitable for itself, the first thing we need to do is to isolate blockchain from the Internet, so that blockchain can truly find a new development mode suitable for itself. To achieve this goal, we still need to start with the essence of blockchain, we still need to bring blockchain back to the essence. So what is the nature of blockchain? In my opinion, the essence of blockchain is a technology.

Since blockchain is a technology, its greatest significance is how to achieve integration with the industry, and how to solve the pain points and difficulties in real business with its own ways and means. Only in this way can the blockchain be alive. It is under the guidance of such an idea that we see the beginning of the deep integration of blockchain and industry. Whether it is blockchain + food traceability, blockchain + intellectual property protection, or blockchain + legal justice… These can be seen as blockchain regression technology, farewell to the Internet of a concrete embodiment.

Different from the Internet era when all relevant resources are gathered into one platform and center only by means of Internet technology, blockchain attempts to create a brand new business model. Under such a business model, what we see is that the platform and the center in the Internet era become less important, instead, the rise of individual, the emergence of distributed businesses, each one of us, each one of us. Starting with this, the dominant business model will be replaced by a new, decentralized, non-traditional business model.

If we look at this as an aspect of blockchain that is insulated from the Internet, then a whole new driving force has been formed to completely break away from the previous model and approach to blockchain development. It can be said that true blockchain players do not need capital and traffic. The reason is that the so-called capital and flow are actually concepts of the Internet age. In the context of blockchain, each individual is unique and irreplaceable, and under the business model of blockchain, they do not need the blood transfusion of capital, but form a brand new system constructed by relying on blockchain-related elements. Under such a new system, even without the help of capital, it can still function very well.

So, both in terms of business models and underlying drivers, we can see that blockchain is being insulated from the Internet. When blockchain completely bids farewell to the shackles of the Internet and truly enters a state of its own development, any common existence we see in the Internet era may disappear no longer in the era of blockchain. With the gradual completion and improvement of the blockchain business system, a real blockchain era will eventually come.

Blockchain is being insulated from digital currencies

When it comes to blockchain, one hurdle we can’t get around is the digital currency. However, it is precisely because of such a constant and confusing relationship between blockchain and digital currency that not only brings its own development into a dead end, but also brings the development of digital currency into a dilemma. When people’s understanding of blockchain becomes deeper, and when people gradually straighten out the relationship between blockchain and digital currency, another obvious phenomenon we are seeing now is that blockchain begins to be insulated from digital currency.

It is certain that if digital currency is an independent existence outside the real business system and regulatory system, if digital currency is an existence outside the real economy, then the biggest practical significance of its existence is collection. The value of digital money, even if it’s just the meaning of collecting, is still based on huge consensus mechanisms. To put it simply, only by establishing enough consensus and building a strong consensus system can the value of digital currency be maximized. Otherwise, digital currency is bound to be a false proposition.

One of the key reasons why blockchain is beginning to enter a whole new phase of development is that it is beginning to insulate itself from digital currencies, especially those dominated by harvesting traffic. How do you insulate it? In my opinion, the most important thing is to say goodbye to the previous functions and roles of digital currency, especially the functions and roles of digital currency in creating wealth in the past, so that digital currency can truly return to a development track of supporting entities and industries and helping entities and industries run more efficiently.

Therefore, the insulation between blockchain and digital currencies referred to here refers more to the insulation between blockchain and digital currencies dominated by coin issuance or ICO in the classic sense. Only in this way can the development of blockchain jump out of the development model of the ultimate pursuit of digital currency and truly enter a new stage of development. In such a new stage of development, digital currency is no longer the end point, but becomes a role to support industrial development and facilitate the evolution of entities. Finally, with the help of legal digital currency bridging, a complete closed loop of business is created, and blockchain truly returns to entities and industries. In this case, the function and role of blockchain not only get the maximum play, but also find the right way and method to return to the entity and industry.

Blockchain is being insulated from capital

When there is always some correlation between blockchain and capital, then, its development is not in any way back to where it should be. One of the important reasons is that the essence of blockchain is a kind of technology, and what technology itself should really do is to integrate with the industry, and twin out a new business model, and then find ways and methods of chemical reaction with capital in the business model. When blockchain becomes associated with capital, it becomes a business in itself, not a technology. Obviously, this is divorced from the essence and meaning of blockchain. In the long run, blockchain development is out of focus.

To truly return blockchain to its supposed function and position, the most fundamental point is to be insulated from capital and truly return to the technology itself. What we’re seeing in terms of what’s going on right now is that blockchain is really going back more and more to the technology itself, to the infrastructure. For the current blockchain players, they pay more attention to the iteration and update of the blockchain technology, the enhancement of the technical ability of the blockchain itself, and the optimization of the technical system of the blockchain itself.

When the technology of blockchain is complete enough, they will naturally become the solution to the development difficulties and problems of the industry. At this time, the face of capital, will no longer be blockchain, but become derived from the block chain business form and business model. This is the right combination of blockchain and capital. The meta-universe we’re seeing is a direct manifestation of just such a phenomenon.

Although the metaverse itself covers a lot of technologies, blockchain is bound to play a vital function and role in so many technological processes. If we think of the metaverse as a tall building, then the blockchain is the steel and cement to construct these tall buildings, and the many scenes and applications contained in the metaverse are the filler to fill this tall building. It is these external “fillers” that are really related to capital, while blockchain has already penetrated into the interior and is no longer directly related to the capital industry.

For blockchain, this is really the key reason for it to enter a new stage of development. When blockchain begins to be insulated from capital, it really jumps out of the previous development mode dominated by concepts and gimmicks, and truly enters a new stage of development.


As the metacomes began to be promoted more and more, what we saw was that a development pattern centered on “insulation” began to play out in the blockchain industry. For blockchain, such a new development mode is truly able to bring its own evolution. Such a development model is able to get rid of the traditional development model. When the development of blockchain out of the previous rules and regulations, when the development of blockchain is no longer limited, its development may really enter a new stage of development.


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