The rebirth of the Jedi, fintech opened a new stage of battle

A new revolution in fintech is brewing.The evolution of fintech will finally enter a new cycle as more and more players begin to peek into new models of fintech and implement such new models more and more.Different from the previous development mode of merely obtaining and harvesting traffic, this new evolution of fintech is the ultimate pursuit of returning to the industry and entity in a real sense.How to return to the industry and entity, in the final analysis, is to establish a deep connection with the industry and entity, so that the industry and entity can achieve better development under their own help. In this process, the value of fintech players has been reflected.In general, the old fintech model of dabbling is gone.

For fintech, this is a good thing.It tells us that fintech is no longer a tool for players to harvest traffic, but is starting to do more of what the basic elements of fintech — finance and technology — are supposed to do.Perhaps this is the right path for fintech.Thus, a new evolution of fintech in a real sense may finally begin.

For fintech, this new development model dominated by the return to industry and entity has to be said to be a rebirth of the Jedi.It lets us see that after so many reshuffles and adjustments, fintech still has quite tenacious vitality.If we have to find the intrinsic reason for the rebirth of the fintech Jedi, its own deep connections with industries and entities are undoubtedly crucial.When fintech started its rebirth, we saw a completely different way of developing.Such a new development path will not only find a new direction for the development of fintech, but also completely change the previous development mode of fintech, and truly bring the development of fintech to a new stage of development.The logic of fintech has changed radically.In fact, the development of fintech has gone through a process of moving the target audience from the C end to the B end.Although its target object has changed, from the bottom logic, its development is still the development mode of harvesting flow in the traditional sense.In the final analysis, this development model is not essentially different from the previous Internet finance.

In order to achieve the rebirth of the Jedi, it is necessary to change the underlying development logic of fintech, so as to completely break out of the development cycle of Internet finance.So when fintech comes back, what we’re seeing is a profound transformation of its underlying logic.The current fintech players have completely given up the development model of traffic harvesting as the ultimate pursuit, and instead pursue a new development model of common development and progress with the industry and entities.If we see the previous model as a harvest, then the new model of fintech shows us more of a symbiosis and coexistence.Players no longer pay attention to the size of the size, no longer emphasize the amount of traffic, but more began to pay attention to their own can bring much change to the industry and entity, in such a change on the basis of their own value.Predictably, such an underlying logic has become more locally imaginative than ever before.The technology of fintech has revolutionized.If only the Internet technology is used to interpret fintech, its development will always hover in the sky of the Internet. In order to make a breakthrough in fintech, it is necessary to realize reform from the bottom technology.The most fundamental reason for the rebirth of the current fintech is that the underlying technology of fintech has undergone profound and comprehensive changes.

From the current performance of fintech players, we can clearly feel that the new technologies represented by big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence have become the “appearance level responsibility” of fintech.Unlike previous Internet technologies, which only start from matchmaking and intermediary, these new technologies focus more on deep integration with the industry.Through such a deep integration, the functions and roles of fintech have been given new play.It can be said that now fintech is no longer just a matchmaking and intermediary of financial products and services, but more plays a role of both “helping the horse” and “giving a ride”.They are no longer just free from the industry and beyond the entity, but more involved in the operation process of the industry and entity, and rely on their own ability to deeply empower the entity and industry, becoming the choice of more and more fintech players.However, if we want to find the internal reason for the great changes of fintech players, the maturity and completeness of the underlying technology of fintech is undoubtedly the most important reason that cannot be ignored.

The role of fintech has changed radically.What exactly is the role of fintech?It’s more about the role of finance, at least in terms of past developments.Whether it is the matching of financial products and services in the first half of the process, or the empowerment and transformation of financial institutions in the second half, finance always seems to be a trait that fintech players cannot give up.Undeniably, finance does play an important role in fintech.However, it is too simplistic and arbitrary to consider finance as the whole of fintech.When fintech began to realize the rebirth of the Jedi, our most direct feeling is that it is no longer just a synonym for finance, but combines the characteristics of finance and technology.In my opinion, this is determined by the profound changes and adjustments that are taking place in the industry and the real economy.With the deepening of industrial development, especially with the advent of the era of virtual-real integration, the present industry and real economy are no longer the previous industry and real economy, but have new characteristics.This change determines that if fintech players want to achieve deep integration with industries and entities, they must make the same adjustment before they can achieve it.Judging from the performance of fintech players today, they not only have the characteristics of finance, but also the characteristics of technology, and even the characteristics of the deep integration of the two elements of finance and technology.When this happens, the role of fintech is no longer just a third party, but a deep integration into the industry and the real economy.

After repeated reshuffles and adjustments, fintech has survived.However, if we look for the root cause of the survival of fintech, it itself has undergone a profound and radical change, which is undoubtedly the most important reason.Predictably, with this as the beginning, a new evolution of fintech will be started.

When fintech appears in front of people again with a new attitude, it is bound to experience a new adjustment and evolution.For every fintech player, if they want to make a difference in such a new stage, they must find a new development model suitable for the present.With this as the beginning, the new battle of fintech will finally open.Find new ways to merge finance and technology.It is certain that when fintech begins its rebirth, the integration of finance and technology elements is no longer a simple patchwork and addition in the past.For fintech players, how to find a new way to realize the integration of the two elements of finance and technology, and on this basis, let fintech establish a new relationship with the industry and entities, is the key to ensure that they can continue to play at the poker table in the new stage.The author believes that finding the commonality between finance and technology, and applying such commonality to industries and entities, is the key to ensure that fintech can truly return to industries and entities.This not only requires the accumulation and precipitation of players in science and technology, but also requires their deep understanding of finance, especially they should be able to achieve the deep integration of finance and technology elements with entities and industries.

It is predictable that those players who can make a difference in the new stage of fintech must find a new way to integrate finance and technology, and must be those players who truly realize the perfect integration of finance and technology.It is undoubtedly the right way and method to realize the integration of finance and technology by deeply empowering financial institutions, bridging the supply side and the demand side, and finally returning new financial products and services to entities and industries.Building a new relationship between fintech and industry.If the relationship between fintech and industry is defined by the relationship in the Internet era in the past, then the development of fintech will inevitably fall into the vicious circle of the development of Internet-like platforms and centers.When the new battle of fintech begins, what we need is to establish a new relationship between fintech and the industry, so as to bring the development of fintech to a new stage of development.The author believes that the new relationship between fintech and the industry is not an isolated and closed relationship, but one of deep integration.In other words, the fintech player is not an independent presence outside the industry, but an in-industry presence.They understand the real needs of the industry, they understand the pain points of the industry, and they know how to meet the needs of the industry.

If it is necessary to find a new relationship between fintech and the industry, it is more like a two-way linkage relationship that promotes and enables each other.On the one hand, fintech provides all-round enablement for the development of the industry;Industry, on the other hand, provides first-hand data and digital resources for the evolution of fintech.When such a two-way interactive relationship continues, the relationship between fintech and the industry is a perfect closed loop.Create a complete ecosystem of fintech and industry.One of the most important reasons why the fintech model we have seen in the past is not sustainable is that it is a one-way, isolated existence.For fintech players, it’s all about acquiring traffic, scaling it up, and harvesting it.When this growth model is no longer sustainable, the fintech development model will come to an end.In order to make a difference in the new stage of fintech development, we need to truly create a fintech and industry integration, joint ecosystem.In such an ecosystem, the traditional categories of traffic will no longer exist, and the players in such an ecosystem are all traffic, they are all traffic to other elements, they are all critical to other elements.

When such a perfect set of ecology between fintech and industry is realized, all business models are no longer one-way flow transactions in a simple sense, but an interactive transaction that can constantly evolve.With this as the beginning, the development of fintech can truly enter a new stage of development.


The financial technology industry has entered a completely new stage of development, which is different from any previous development mode.For fintech, this has to be a rebirth.Only by recognizing the particularity of fintech after such rebirth and finding the new development mode after such rebirth can the development of fintech be truly brought to a new stage of development.


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