chatGPT’s popularity is no accident

For any hot thing, if we only focus our attention on the hot itself, without understanding the internal logic behind such a hot thing, then our attention to such a thing is going out of focus.

Blockchain is true, metaverse is true. The same is true of chatGPT.

The focus on chatGPT was on the pleasure, and even the thrill, of the software, but it didn’t really focus on what it was that caused the thrill.

If we only stay here, then the so-called pleasure and shock may only be limited to the pleasure and shock itself.

As chatGPT’s popularity builds to a climax, it’s important to understand the logic behind it and to think deeply about the pain points and problems plaguing the Internet and its users. This is the only way to keep our interest in chatGPT from going from one extreme to the other.

Therefore, our cognition of chatGPT may not only stay in chatGPT itself, but also have new connotation and significance.

This is where we see chatGPT in the right position, and this is where we see chatGPT out of the box.

Looking at the perception of chatGPT, many people simply put it in the category of AI and began to wonder how profound AI’s impact on our lives and production will be in the future. There is nothing wrong with this way of looking at chatGPT. However, if we only limit chatGPT to AI itself, we cannot fully understand the internal logic of chatGPT’s popularity. The so-called attention, also became a kind of irrelevant.

Different from the outside world just attributing chatGPT to AI, the author defines chatGPT’s popularity more as its optimization of the Internet and transformation of users’ new information acquisition methods, as well as the maturity of AI at a deeper level.

If we look at chatGPT in this light, perhaps we can understand the internal logic behind its popularity.

chatGPT’s popularity lies in the optimization of the Internet

All the time, we are looking for ways and means to circumvent the Internet, we are looking for ways and means to innovate the Internet, we are looking for ways and means to break away from the Internet. However, unfortunately, people have always been flying under the sky of the Internet, still have not broken the “gravity” of the Internet.

At the end of the day, we still haven’t figured out how to get rid of the Internet-like business model, we still haven’t figured out the right way to optimize the Internet.

After all, people are still living in the Internet era; The life we live is still the Internet life. However, this does not denigrate the exploration and practice of ways and means to get rid of the Internet. From a large aspect, this is an inevitable and trend. Whether from the perspective of the capital market, or from the perspective of the Internet industry is so.

Only continuous exploration, there will be hope. chatGPT was born out of this search.

chatGPT is popular because it optimizes and transforms the Internet, allowing people to find a more convenient and fast way to get information outside the Internet.

In the Internet era, the way people get information and services is usually through search. This is almost always the case when it comes to buying goods and getting information. After a search, people still have to sift through the information that comes up. In the process of screening, there is the opportunity to present advertising. It is in this way that Internet players can monetize and monetize through display ads.

This is a business model that almost all Internet players are implementing and applying.

Whether it is for the Internet players to provide services, or for the Internet players to provide information, almost all are in accordance with such a business model to operate. In the past, we have seen a lot of exploration of new models of the Internet, but the players have not really got rid of such a model and method, still in such a traditional and outdated way to operate.

This has left the search for new business models outside the Internet almost dead end.

chatGPT really broke this way of getting information and services. It uses big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to search and filter information in the background, and presents the results directly to users.

Undoubtedly, this is a kind of traditional sense of the Internet model innovation and subversion.

It is predictable that when chatGPT becomes popular, especially when chatGPT’s model begins to appear in more and more industries and more and more scenarios, we will see the beginning of a new era of new models and methods to provide information and services to people outside the real sense of the Internet.

When such a new era begins, the traditional sense of the Internet model, the traditional sense of the Internet enterprises, will have a radical change. That’s why chatGPT has attracted so much attention, and why Internet giants like Google are paying so much attention.

chatGPT’s optimization and transformation of the traditional Internet model from the bottom up, as well as the new species and new business model released and derived from it, are the key to its rapid occupation of users’ minds in such a short time.

In the same way, when chatGPT began to appear, it also heralded a new phase in the exploration of the Internet, and the competition under the new exploration, from pure exploration to practical application.

chatGPT’s popularity lies in its responsiveness to user needs

If chatGPT’s optimization and transformation of the Internet doomed its popularity from the bottom, then its satisfaction of users’ needs made people more willing to use it and experience it, and thus accumulated huge traffic quickly.

In fact, as the dividends of the Internet era began to wear off, we saw a lot of players embark on a lot of exploration. This is almost always true in the research and development of new technologies, as well as the application of new businesses. However, despite a lot of explorations by players, these new explorations have never been widespread. So much of what we see as exploration and practice is, in many cases, simply a matter of complacency and wishful thinking.

The reason is that these seemingly innovative and groundbreaking changes, in essence, have not changed at all. Rather, none of these changes can surpass the patterns and methods of the Internet.

One of the most important reasons why Zuckerberg encountered so many difficulties on the road of exploring the metaverse is that he only saw the general direction of the metaverse, but did not really find the way and method to let the largest number of users use it, and make the metaverse become a new tool and means of traffic acquisition.

Take a look at the price of the expensive headsets he has released for a hint.

chatGPT breaks this cycle. It can let users at the lowest cost to enjoy a completely different access to information and services from the previous Internet mode and methods. One of the reasons that we’ve seen chatGPT’s popularity, we’ve seen so many people get involved with chatGPT, is because it’s so accessible, it’s so accessible.

chatGPT’s approach is what we should really explore and practice.

This is almost always the case in the search for new technologies and for new businesses. Only by really using very low cost, only really using very low threshold, let as many users participate in as much as possible, let as many businesses change fundamentally, we can find the right way and method to break away from the Internet. Otherwise, our exploration and practice of new technologies and businesses will be nothing more than wishful thinking and blind euphoria.

From the underlying logic, this is actually the satisfaction of user needs. In fact, what users really need is a very low cost to solve their pain points and problems in the Internet era. The appearance of chatGPT meets exactly such a need of users.

chatGPT’s popularity lies in the maturity of AI

One of the most important reasons chatGPT struck so many people was that it showed that the evolution of artificial intelligence had entered an entirely new stage. Rather, chatGPT shows us that AI is no longer just a statistical AI, but a new AI that learns, evolves, and constantly optimizes itself.

This is what AI should really look like.

Therefore, if we are looking for the logic behind chatGPT’s popularity, the development of artificial intelligence has entered a whole new phase, which is also an important aspect to pay attention to.

Until now, people have talked about artificial intelligence more in terms of statistical data collation and application, but when chatGPT started appearing, we saw the other side of artificial intelligence.

This is no doubt a reminder and warning for all AI players. chatGPT told the crowd that AI has already entered a new stage of development. At this stage, it can understand the user to a certain extent and do some of the stylized work that humans are supposed to do.

For AI players, how to adapt to this new normal is the key to keeping themselves at the table.

Such a seemingly small step is a big step for artificial intelligence. It indicates that artificial intelligence really began to break away from the scope of the Internet and began to enter a new stage of its own development. In this new phase, chatGPT is just a glimpse of how information search is changing. As AI develops and continues, we will see more changes and new applications.


When people focus on chatGPT, it’s usually just chatGPT. What we need to think about and explore more than that is the message behind chatGPT’s popularity and the message behind it for us. When we truly understand the internal reason behind chatGPT’s popularity lies in the optimization and transformation of the Internet, the satisfaction of users’ needs, and the maturity and perfection of AI, perhaps we can break out of the vicious circle of blindly following the trend and truly understand chatGPT itself.


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