Tuyere frequently out, the pace of the industrial Internet is approaching

One wave did not subside, but another.While the metaverse is still hot, ChatGPT has become a veritable new outlet.If there is a concept to define the current era of hot and frequent vents, I think industrial Internet may be the most appropriate.Some may disagree.Because simply from the appearance of these new hot spots and air vents, they do not have much to do with the industrial Internet, or even the concept of industrial Internet.However, this does not in any way offset their connection with the industrial Internet, and does not prevent them from becoming the “filler” and external surface of the industrial Internet reality.As these new hot spots and tuyere continue to fill the gaps in the industrial Internet, especially as they gradually bridge the gap between the industrial Internet and the consumer Internet, the industrial Internet, once regarded as a whimsical, may finally be realized.
When that day really comes, people will no longer be faced with the traditional and original industry, people will not feel the same experience as the consumer Internet, but a completely new existence.This is what the industrial Internet really wants to show us, and this is what the industrial Internet really brings to the industrial end and the consumer end of the real sense of change.In the past, when we talked about the industrial Internet, we used to think of it as a way to get another kind of traffic to fill the gap in the consumer Internet era.Because in the era of consumer Internet, players are changing more C-end consumers than B-end industry.In this context, industrial Internet began to take on the mission of transforming B terminal.

Practice has proved that merely defining the industrial Internet as an existence dominated by B-end traffic will not only fail to open the imagination of the industrial Internet, but will even lead the development of the industrial Internet into a dead end.In order to get a correct understanding of the industrial Internet, it is necessary to jump out of the development model dominated by traffic and interpret it with a new model.Right now, we are living through just such a phase.

What we’re seeing more of now is a deep and radical transformation of the industry by new technology.No matter the artificial intelligence technology represented by ChatGPT or the virtual-real integration technology represented by the metauniverse, they all have a very significant feature, that is, they are transforming the industrial end with new technology, so as to stimulate the interest of the consumer end again, so as to make the traffic that has been dormant in the Internet era active again.Perhaps, this is the industrial Internet is the most real look.The so-called industrial Internet is not only profitable by transforming and empowering the industrial end and by harvesting traffic, but by once again achieving a balance between supply and demand on the basis of empowering and transforming the industrial end.

At first glance, this industrial Internet seems to be no different from the previous industrial Internet.If we go deeper, we will find that there are fundamental differences between them.Just by empowering and transforming the industry side, it’s still the same way of thinking about traffic, but players are shifting their target from end C to end B.At the end of the day, players still need to be the platform and the center, they still need to be the third party, they still need to rely on scale and efficiency to lead the growth model.The S2B model that we see, the B2C model that we see, is almost born under such a logic.Although such a model can indeed allow players to obtain certain development dividends, and even players can continue their practice in the era of consumer Internet, but from the point of view of the scale and volume of B end, such a way to interpret the industrial Internet in the way of traffic, is bound to be unable to last long, is bound to lack of imagination space.This means that the development model dominated by traffic and scale is not an industrial Internet model in the real sense.Only by jumping out of the thinking of traffic and abandoning the concept of platform and center can the development of industrial Internet really be brought to a new stage.

The derivation and emergence of new concepts and tuyere represented by ChatGPT and metaverse are, in fact, interpreting such a brand new model for us.Instead of defining themselves as platform-side and central-side characters, these players are defining themselves as deeply embedded in the industry, even as part of it.In this process, players not only change the industry they originally need to transform, but also change themselves, and finally achieve a comprehensive and deep integration with the outside industry.After such a deep integration, the platform and the third party that we are used to in the era of consumer Internet no longer exist. The traditional industry that once provided us with those traditional products and services no longer exists, but a new industry has taken its place.

Such a new industry, not only the shadow of the industrial Internet players, but also the shadow of the traditional industry.However, such a new industry has indeed undergone a thorough and profound change, and on the basis of such a change, it once again meets the new needs of users at the C end, and truly makes the relationship between supply and demand once again reach a balance.At this point, the way industrial Internet players monetize is not just by harvesting traffic, but more by rebalancing and bridging new industries with new demands.In such a process, matchmaking and intermediary in the era of consumer Internet no longer play a leading and decisive role, but begin to play more subordinate roles.This is the real model of the industrial Internet.Under such a new model, the connection and achievement of the upstream and downstream of the industry are no longer needed to be completed by a third party, but through efficient communication and frequent interaction between the industrial and consumer ends.In this process, the previous platform and center will no longer exist, instead, a new model and a new method of point-to-point decentralization from the industry end to the consumer end.Thus, the new era of industrial Internet is really coming.


While the aftermath of the metaverse was still unfolding, ChatGPT reappeared.Behind this series of tuyere, the author more see is that they show us the magnificent picture of the industrial Internet.In a sense, they are the real embodiment and perfect interpretation of the industrial Internet.With the continuous filling of these tuyere, with the continuous dancing of these tuyere, the pace of industrial Internet may be closer and closer, until it can really come to us one day.


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