To view the metaverse, you need a metaverse perspective

When a large factory cut the relevant departments of the meta universe news appeared in the newspaper, triggered people for the meta universe tuyere has passed the concern.The proliferation of new vents, notably ChatGPT, and the wave of copycats it has spawned, have only heightened such concerns.Many people say that the meta-universe is cold, others say that the meta-universe itself is a false proposition, more people say that the meta-universe is a complete concept, does not have the value of landing.Although the people who express these views have their own set of logic.However, if we only measure the rise and fall of the metaverse by the withdrawal of capital and players, we fail to grasp the internal logic of the development of the metaverse.Then, for such a metaverse view, is also of no reference value.From a certain point of view, to measure and judge the metaverse from the perspective of capital just brings the development of the metaverse into the strange circle of capital.

When people’s understanding of the meta-universe becomes more and more calm, especially when the development of the meta-universe begins to enter the deep water, we need to treat the meta-universe from a perspective based on the meta-universe, rather than just measure and judge the meta-universe from the perspective of capital.Only in this way can our understanding of the metaverse be objective and comprehensive.

The metaverse is a long process and yes, the metaverse can bring about a series of changes in our production and our lives.It can be said that what people eat, wear, live and use can be changed by the metaverse.However, we should also see that the meta-universe will not change our production and life as quickly and deeply as in the era of mobile Internet, but needs a long and tortuous process.Even the Internet for people’s production and life transformation is not overnight, but experienced a long and tortuous process.Looking at the metaverse, we also see a similar vein of development.

We can see some of this in Zuckerberg’s talk about the metaverse.Back when Zuckerberg was fully embracing the metacomes, he made it clear that he would be investing heavily in them over the next 3-5 years.The implication is that the metaverse is a long-term cash-burning existence.Thus, the meta-universe is not an overnight process, but requires a long-term commitment.Through the performance of Meta, we can also see that the development of the meta-universe is a long-term process.Although Meta has made a lot of achievements in the exploration of the meta-universe, and even implemented relevant equipment and solutions of the meta-universe into relevant industries and scenes, we can still feel very directly that there is still a big gap between Meta meta-universe and what people really need.Just look at the expensive headsets, just look at the discomfort in the Meta solution, and we can see a hint of it.From investment to landing, from landing to maturity, each stage needs a very long process.

It can be said that if you lack a certain amount of endurance, if you lack a certain amount of long-termism, you can’t make a difference in the meta-universe anyway.Unfortunately, many of today’s meta-universe players are not really long-termalists. They jump into the meta-universe largely because they want to make money on the meta-universe. They want to make a quick buck on the meta-universe, rather than seeing it as a “long game”.Conceivably, when they fail to achieve this goal in the meta-universe, the so-called Great Escape may be a necessary thing.We are now living through just such a phase of development.

The meta-universe, which needs the support of external conditions, simply regards the meta-universe as an isolated existence, in fact, it does not really grasp the essential meaning and original connotation of the meta-universe.What is a metaverse?In my opinion, the metaverse is not an independent existence, but a new ecology composed of many technologies, many application scenarios and many solutions.It is meaningless to talk about the maturity of the metaverse in the context that the technologies, scenarios and solutions that support it are not mature.However, in the view of many people, the so-called meta-universe is an independent existence, or a single existence. They do not regard the meta-universe as an ecology, and ultimately greatly underestimate the essential meaning and primitive connotation of the meta-universe.In the same way, the problem of looking at the metaverse has hit a dead end.

Yes, we do see the rise of new concepts like ChatGPT, and more and more players are getting involved with ChatGPT.As a result, ChatGPT is considered by many to have upstaged the metaverse.In fact, it would be completely wrong to simply separate ChatGPT from the metaverse, or even to treat them as two completely different forms.I think ChatGPT is an essential and pivotal part of the meta-universe, despite the fact that the two are viewed separately from each other.With ChatGPT, the age of the metaverse is one step closer.Rather, ChatGPT is a prerequisite for the metacomverse age.

In addition to ChatGPT, web3.0, as we have seen in the past, is also an important part of the meta-universe.It can be said that without the maturity of the external conditions of the metauniverse and the completeness of the internal elements of the metauniverse, the realization of the metauniverse is far away.Only by truly including ChatGPT as the representative of the new vents under the system of the metauniverse, and regard them as an important part of the metauniverse age, can we truly grasp the real development state of the metauniverse, and avoid the shadow of one leaf.In the future, we will also see the emergence and maturity of many new concepts like ChatGPT, which will certainly build a strong foundation for the metaverse and truly bring the development of the metaverse to a new stage of development, and the true metaverse era will come.

The metaverse is a universal process. It is certain that if the metaverse is only a game limited to the concept of the capital circle, then its development will not be mature and complete in any way.In order to make the metaverse mature, it is necessary to constantly apply and land the metaverse in different scenes and different industries, and it is necessary to constantly let the metaverse be used by more and more users.In summary, the metaverse is actually a universal, popular process.We can see a hint of this from the development of the Internet.

To some extent, the development of the Internet has also experienced a universal process.Internet application scenarios from single to rich, Internet users from the minority to the public, in fact, all show us a process of Internet to universal.The same universal process is needed for the metaverse.At least judging from the current development, the application scenarios and industries of the metacom are still limited to a few areas, and the users of the metacom are still limited.This tells us in another way that the metaverse is still a young, primitive, primary being.At this point, the metaverse is not a universal existence, but a niche one.At such a stage of development, the meta-universe is bound to experience the baptism of wind and waves, and it is bound to go through a tortuous process.Only when the application scenario of the meta-universe goes deep into every aspect of our life, only when the users of the meta-universe benefit everyone in our life, only when people use the meta-universe as widely as the Internet, the development of the meta-universe will be truly mature.

Therefore, it should not be defined as a false proposition simply by the twists and turns the meta-universe is experiencing at present, let alone the ebb of capital and the retreat of Dachang to characterize the meta-universe.Only when we truly regard the metaverse as a universal process, and as a long and continuous process, can we truly grasp the true meaning of the metaverse.


The popularity of ChatGPT have led more and more people to associate it with the cooling of the metaverse. Some even believe that the metaverse has become a false proposition.Obviously, this is not grasp the metaverse development logic and primitive meaning of the result.In my opinion, they do not prove that the metaverse is over, but rather that the metaverse is developing and improving.Only by correctly looking at the metauniverse and truly grasping the law of its development, can we jump out of the wrong way of looking at the metauniverse from the perspective of capital and correctly grasp the development logic of the metauniverse.


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