ChatGPT is on fire,blockchain is cooling off

As ChatGPT and other new technologies and models come into play, blockchain’s performance is somewhat lackluster.Compared to the early savage growth, blockchain is more low-key and pragmatic, more rational and practical.Many people attribute it to the tuyere of block chain has passed, and even some people think that the so-called block chain is just a gust of wind, after blowing, even a trace will leave.If only to look at blockchain from such a perspective, it is bound to be unable to grasp the essence of blockchain and the original meaning.Different from the simple and arbitrary view that the era of block chain has passed, or even that block chain is a false proposition, the author believes that the so-called block chain era has not passed, but is deeply affecting and changing our lives in another form.For blockchain, such a state of development is the real sense of development, such a way of development is the real practical way of development.

One of the most important reasons for such a judgment is that blockchain in the real sense is not a universal existence, not to mention a shortcut to achieve wealth and wealth freedom, but a basic and common technology that can bring profound and thorough changes to our production and life.If we blindly give blockchain too much halo, if we blindly give blockchain too much clothing, not only can’t promote its healthy development, and even will lead its development into a dead end.Blockchain has proven this in the past.In the future, blockchain development will continue to prove this point for us.At such a time when the popularity of block chain begins to fade gradually, a correct and rational view of block chain, and find the correct development mode and method really suitable for block chain, may truly bring the development of block chain to a new stage of development.

Blockchain has not disappeared, but started to return to the essence of blockchain with its own actions to prove to us that it is not a panacea, it is just a very basic, very basic technology.In the past, one of the reasons why we have attached too much halo to the blockchain is that those who have illusions about the blockchain try to give it such halo to achieve their own hidden agendas.When the impetuous and unrealistic surrounding the blockchain began to retreat, the real sense of the blockchain can emerge in front of us.At present, we are experiencing exactly such a stage of blockchain development.At such a stage, blockchain appears to disappear, but in fact, it does not disappear, but begins to return more to its essence, but to begin to return more to its rightful place.When blockchain really looks at itself and develops itself in such a state, its development can truly enter a new stage of development.

So what is the nature of blockchain?The author believes that the essence of blockchain is a kind of technology, and it is quite a low-level and basic technology.Only when such a technology is continuously connected with the upper industry and scene, can it give full play to its maximum function and significance.For blockchain, what it needs is not the impetuous and grandiose Internet style, but a relatively rational and calm development state.Only in this way can the development of blockchain be truly long-term and sustainable.We are now living through just such a phase.In such a stage, blockchain is no longer blindly omnipotent and impetuous, but begins to affect and change our lives in a relatively objective and rational way.It can be said that the current blockchain, no less than the past savage growth period for our production and life changes.No less than the savage growth period of the past.This is what blockchain is all about, and this is what blockchain is supposed to look like.

Blockchain is not retreating, but starting to emerge more. If we do a summary of the previous era of brutal growth of blockchain, it is very clear that such an era, in fact, is an era driven by capital.In that case, players are not really thinking about what the industry needs, but more about what the capital market needs.At the end of the day, blockchain is just a good story to tell the capital markets.Obviously, such a development model is not sustainable, when the patience of capital is no longer, such a development model is bound to begin to fade.We are living through an era when capital is on the retreat.However, what we need to see is that although the capital-led blockchain development model is starting to fade, blockchain is not retreating because of it.In my opinion, instead of retreating, blockchain has emerged to a greater extent in another deeper and more comprehensive way, with more profound impact and change on our industry and scene.It should be made clear that such an appearance of blockchain is not based on the appearance of blockchain itself, but on the external manifestation of the new business model derived from blockchain.The metaverse we see, web3.0 and a series of new species, in fact, all have the shadow of blockchain. In fact, they all have the role of blockchain at the bottom.

Only by realizing this, can we truly grasp the essence and original core of the current blockchain development and truly understand what kind of development state the blockchain is experiencing at present.Only by realizing this, can we truly understand what kind of way and perspective to treat blockchain and find the right development way and method of blockchain;Only by realizing this, can we truly jump out of the superstition and dependence on capital, and truly walk out of a correct road that is truly suitable for blockchain and can guarantee the long-term development of blockchain.

The blockchain didn’t stop, it started to evolve more and it became very clear through the brutal growth phase of blockchain that it was actually stagnating at that time.Even at that stage, we saw a lot of players jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, even though we saw a lot of players claiming that they were the most loyal practitioners of blockchain, but at that stage, we rarely saw the development and evolution of blockchain.It can be said that in such an era dominated by capital, the blockchain we see is still just what we have just known it, and its technology is still stuck in the initial stage of development.When the evolution of blockchain technology began to stall, then, its development has always been unable to break out of the box set for us by Satoshi Nakamoto.In my opinion, the stagnation of blockchain technology is the fundamental reason why it cannot get rid of the development mode dominated by coin issuance or ICO.Only when blockchain technology has evolved, as long as blockchain technology has achieved a breakthrough, its development can jump out of the past development logic and truly enter a new stage of development.Through the current development of blockchain, we can clearly see that the technology of blockchain has not stopped, but has been greatly developed and evolved, and one of the most direct results behind such development and evolution is that the development of blockchain begins to no longer simply rely on coin issuance or ICO.There are more new ways and means.

Observing the current blockchain, we can see that it has already gone beyond the previous rules and regulations set by Satoshi Nakamoto, so as to truly enter a new stage of development.No matter in the underlying data transmission, encryption technology, even from the construction of consensus mechanism, we can clearly see that it has entered a new stage of development.One of the most direct results of the continuous evolution of blockchain technology and the continuous iteration of blockchain technology is that blockchain is no longer just a tool for coin issuance or ICO, but has become a correct way and method to truly solve the pain points of the industry and solve the problems of scene development.It is foreseeable that, with the continuous improvement of blockchain technology, especially with the mature blockchain in the commercial landing and application began to continue to roll out, we will see a real sense of the arrival of a new era of blockchain.Therefore, we may wish to boldly imagine that, until the blockchain technology begins to truly become the underlying context of the construction of new technologies, and until the blockchain has truly become the infrastructure of shaping the industry, perhaps it can really play a leading role and influence the development of the industry, and really bring the development of the industry into a decentralized and de-platformized development era.In such an era, if we are looking for a dominant technology, then blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects worth our attention.

Blockchain is not divorced from reality, but is starting to return to business. For any mature technology, it must be connected with real business in order to achieve long-term development.The same is true for blockchain.If the blockchain can not achieve deep integration with real business, if the blockchain can not have a close connection with the real industry, then its development is in any case can not be long-term.This is a key reason why the capital-led stage of development we have seen in the past is unsustainable.For the current blockchain industry, it is not divorced from reality, but began to have more and more connections with real business.We can get a hint of this by matching the Internet.We all know that today’s Internet technology has been connected with every aspect of our lives, but it is in such a situation that the Internet technology will not be as explicit as before, but start to become invisible, but start to become deeper.One of the most important reasons for such an “illusion” is that the Internet begins to return to the real business, and its external performance is no longer manifested by itself, but begins to be manifested by the business it supports.The same is true for blockchain.On the surface, we have long lost sight of the shadow of blockchain, but we do see a variety of blockchain-led new businesses begin to emerge more and more.For blockchain, in such a state of development, its function and role can be maximized;For blockchain, in such a state of development, its essence can be the most perfect interpretation.


When a number of new technologies and new models, represented by ChatGPT, began to emerge, we saw that the development of blockchain began to decline, and began to lose the previous state of rapid development.In fact, this is just an appearance.In my opinion, blockchain is not an exit, but a new way to deeply affect and change our lives.For blockchain, such a state of development is the most real state.In such a state, the development of blockchain can be stable and long-term.


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