The exit of blockchain, the entrance of the metaverse

Perhaps it is hard to describe blockchain today in terms of the past, because they are no longer comparable. However, if one had to find a word to describe today’s blockchain, exit is surely the most appropriate. Now, people no longer see blockchain as a concept, people no longer see blockchain as a gimmick, but really as a technology. For blockchain, this is a rebirth.

As blockchain begins to fade away, we are seeing the emergence of the metaverse. Different from the single blockchain, the metacomes show a completely different scene from the blockchain from the very beginning. From the performance of blockchain players, they have always been unable to jump out of the cycle of coin issuance or ICO, and the meta-universe is different, it opens a kind of blockchain completely unmatched imagination space for us. Perhaps this is the fundamental reason why the metaverse has received so much attention.

By analyzing the similarities and differences between blockchain and the meta-universe, we may be able to get a more complete understanding of both. It is also helpful to find a suitable development path for both. When the block chain exits, the metauniverse appears between a “retreat” and “out”, more reflects their essential difference, for every player to make a difference, grasp such a difference, perhaps, in order to really grasp the coming new future.

Blockchain exit, is a kind of inevitable

In fact, the exit of blockchain is inevitable. Such an inevitability, perhaps from the very first day it began to be recognized by people has been doomed. When blockchain was first recognized by people, it was inextricably linked with coin issuance or ICO. Almost all players see this as the ultimate destination for blockchain, even leading tech companies like Facebook.

However, practice tells us that simply seeing the ultimate destination of blockchain as coin issuance or ICO will not be able to achieve long-term development. The reason is that only the virtual assets constructed in the digital world can not be widely accepted. Only by linking with the real economy and based on the real economy can the future road of blockchain coin issuance or ICO be smooth.

When blockchain cannot build a large enough and diversified base, and only regards coin issuance or ICO as the ultimate goal, it is just an illusory castle in the air. When such a base cannot support its development, collapse is inevitable.

This is the key reason why we see so many blockchain players will eventually lead to defeat, such a kind of inevitability of defeat, even those head of technology giants, is also not immune.

Therefore, for blockchain, its exit more refers to the exit of a development model dominated by coin issuance or ICO. When this exit starts to happen, blockchain is really starting to get back on the right track for building blocks.

How do you build a blockchain base? The author believes that the most important point is to use the technological advantages of blockchain to transform the internal elements, processes and links of traditional industries as much as possible. When traditional industries can be developed under the mechanism of blockchain. When our production and living environment begins to have a deep and thorough connection with blockchain, when blockchain replaces the Internet and becomes a new “infrastructure”, and when the business model of blockchain begins to mature, blockchain will no longer be a mere floating on the surface. It’s really become an entity that can be deeply integrated with the industry.

At this time, it has become an inevitable trend for us to use blockchain coin issuance or ICO to achieve a closed loop under the blockchain ecosystem. At this time, blockchain is no longer a mere coin issuance or ICO for the ultimate pursuit of existence. At this point, blockchain will no longer be an isolated entity. At this time, the true sense of the blockchain era will really come.

From this perspective, the withdrawal of blockchain we are seeing now is more of a return to its rightful position and development track, and to its rightful role and function. For blockchain, this has to be a rebirth.

The appearance of the metaverse is an inevitability

The characteristics of blockchain itself determine that it cannot become an existence that can constantly open the imagination in the capital market. Blockchain alone cannot tell a good story in the capital markets. Because whether from the perspective of the technical characteristics of blockchain, or from the perspective of the building of blockchain ecosystem, it needs a long and lengthy process.

On the contrary, capital prefers short and quick stories and highly profitable stories. What we see, then, is that as blockchain begins to return to its cool and objective state, the meta-universe begins to replace it as the new favorite of players.

No matter from the application scenario of the metaverse, or from the imagination of the metaverse, we can see a completely different development vein from the blockchain. From the perspective of application scenarios, the metaverse no longer just blindly issues coins or ICO like blockchain, but pays more attention to the deep transformation of scenes in the traditional sense. Through such transformation, the metaverse brings people a new development model completely different from the past.

Under the mechanism of the meta-universe, a deep and radical change can occur in the industry, and such a change is not presented in a single way of blockchain, but in a virtual-real fusion way to achieve. It should be made clear that such a virtual-real integration is not for the ultimate purpose of subverting the existing system like blockchain, but for the ultimate purpose of optimizing, reshaping and recreating the existing system.

This makes the metaverse no longer a mere existence independent of the real operating system like blockchain, but an existence that can achieve deep integration with the real operating system. Obviously, such a development mode of the metaverse is impossible for blockchain. It is because of this that the appearance of the metaverse becomes a necessity.

From the perspective of the imagination of the meta-universe, the foundation of blockchain determines that it can bring great imagination to people. However, such an imagination only stays at the lowest and most basic level, and it is too far away from the real business to be touched by people all the time. So if there is one summary of blockchain’s imagination, it is ethereal and ungrounded.

While the imagination of blockchain cannot be touched, the imagination of the meta-universe can be touched. Whether the metacomes bring changes to our social mode, or the metacomes bring changes to our production mode, we can touch it, we can feel it.

So, if we make a summary of the meta-universe imagination, it’s a kind of imagination that is easier for commerce to build a bridge, easier for commerce to land on. From this point of view, the appearance of the metaverse, is also a kind of inevitable.


Whether it is the exit of blockchain, or the appearance of the metauniverse, in fact, is a kind of inevitable. In my opinion, these two inevitable, in fact, is determined by the blockchain and the nature of the meta-universe. For blockchain, its essence is a kind of technology, and it is a relatively low-level and basic foundation. In order to play its maximum role, it needs to build its own ecological system as much as possible, rather than just blindly through coin issuance or ICO to cash out.

For the metaverse, its essence is a form of commerce, and it is a relatively superficial form of commerce. Under the business form of the meta-universe, what people are looking for is not a blockchain-style development mode independent of the existing mechanism, but more a development mode deeply integrated with the existing mechanism. To make the most of it, it needs to be connected to real business as much as possible.

Only by recognizing the inevitability of blockchain and meta-universe, and finding the right development path suitable for both, can we truly bring their development into the development track truly suitable for ourselves.


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