Digital retail is in deep water

Digital retail is an inevitability. However, on such an inevitable road, its development direction and reason are a kind of accident. In the past, when it comes to digital retail, we often see the platform and hub model. Whether large e-commerce giants, or digital retail service providers, almost all focus on the construction of platforms and centers.

In the age when the traffic is still abundant, there is still some room for development of this platform and center oriented development model. However, when the dividend of traffic is no longer available, the development model of digital retail dominated by platforms and centers will inevitably face difficulties.

Now, digital retail, is such a dilemma and conundrum. The development mode dominated by traffic acquisition and transformation has come to the end of its development. In order to obtain new development, it is necessary to use new ways and methods to make a breakthrough. When the development of digital retail began to enter such a development stage. The so-called deep waters, perhaps, have arrived.

At this stage of development, the traditional traffic and platform-driven development model begins to fail. In order to make a difference in this new stage, players must find a development model that fits with this stage of development. Only in this way will digital retail not only be a traffic and platform-driven existence, but a new existence with new connotations and meanings.

From “expanding territory” to “digging deep well”, digital retail goes deeper

In the past, when it comes to digital retail, we’ve often seen that players have prioritized market size and traffic. In the end, they want to build scale to achieve their own development. It has to be said that in the age of abundant flow, such a practice is a certain development potential. On the other hand, we’ve seen players really grow by “stretching their boundaries.”

However, subsequent developments have shown us that such a development model, dominated by scale and efficiency, must be based on flow and capital. When such a development dividend is no longer available, this development model is bound to run into difficulties. As a result, more and more players began to focus on the development direction of “deep well”.

The so-called “deep well drilling” is to continuously strengthen the deep integration of itself and the retail industry, constantly find ways and methods to combine itself with the retail industry, give up the previous development model dominated by platforms and traffic, and constantly extend its tentacles into the details of the retail industry to find new development breakthroughs.

After such a period of development, the digital retail player is no longer an outside presence, but a deeply integrated presence in the retail industry. They are the “infrastructure” of the retail industry, they are the “capillaries” of the retail industry, they are the “internal skeleton” of the retail industry. In short, digital retail players are beginning to be truly integrated into retail, rather than a separate entity.

From “Internet” to “digitization”, digital retail is moving towards wisdom

Looking back at a series of previous digital retail plays, we can see very clearly that players are still using the Internet to land and practice digital retail. Whether it is the upgrade of traffic operation, or the change of marketing model, almost all are derived from the Internet technology. Although these games are still trapped in the mode of the Internet, but they do have a certain development.

This point, we can see some clues from the operation of public and private domain traffic and the ability of live streaming with goods. However, when the needs of users start to change, especially when Internet-based marketing methods no longer work, what we see is the failure of Internet-based enabling methods of digital retail. In order to truly let the digital retail to obtain new development, or to jump out of the Internet cycle, really stand in a new Angle to find and explore the landing and practice of digital retail the right way and method.

It is in such a situation that we see the emergence of digital-led digital retail. From the Internet type of play is from the outside in, the top-down play is different, based on the digital new play, more reflects a new play from the inside out, from the bottom up. Although such a method to do a lot of work, pay a lot of cost, but, it can really bring changes to the retail industry.

It can be said that when digitalization has become the internal driving force of digital retail, the development of digital retail has really begun to bid farewell to the Internet-like dabble, and entered a new stage of development with deep involvement. In such a new stage of development, digital retail began to bid farewell to the past tradition and primitive, and truly entered a new stage of intelligent and digital development.

From “plane” to “three-dimensional”, digital retail is diversified

In the past, the digital retail approach is one-way, flat, almost all focus on the acquisition and conversion of traffic. For businesses, this flow-oriented development model can indeed achieve certain development. In addition, this kind of one-way traffic oriented way and method, can indeed temporarily relieve pressure for businesses. However, when such a one-way development mode dominated by traffic enters the bottleneck of development, digital retail players must change such a one-way and flat development mode if they want to obtain new development.

On the one hand, in such a development stage, traffic does have a certain development potential, with the help of this way, can indeed obtain and transform a certain amount of traffic for businesses; On the other hand, the demand of the user has not changed much. With the original products and services, with the original supply mode, it can still meet the needs of users.

However, when the traffic dividend is no longer, when the user needs change, just using a one-way, single model to develop digital retail can no longer gain new development. Therefore, we must use a new, three-dimensional model to develop digital retail, to change the original supply model. It is in this context that the development of digital retail begins to enter a new stage of development.

Overall, three-dimensional, multiple, comprehensive digital retail new model began to replace the original model. In short, digital retail players not only need to do the marketing on the back end, but also need to do the design and production on the front end. For digital retail players, there is a need to diversify their products and services. Only in this way can the development of digital retail change the current state of development and truly enter a new stage of development. What we call the “deep water zone” is the concentrated embodiment of such a period.


Digital retail is an inevitability. However, on the road to digital retail, we can not just simply overnight, more can not just blindly fixed, but to find the development pattern and method that is consistent with the current market development. It is certain that the development of digital retail is entering the deep water. In such a deep water area, the development of digital retail can be brought to a brand new stage only by recognizing the profound changes that are taking place in digital retail and finding the right development mode and method that are really suitable for digital retail.


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