Dispel the ChatGPT myth

Behind ChatGPT’s popularity is an orgy.Such a carnival, we smell is a similar taste.This taste, in the blockchain, in the meta-universe of the body has appeared.What we can see more about ChatGPT’s popularity is that people are obsessed with concepts and gimmicks. They just see ChatGPT’s popularity, but they don’t think about why ChatGPT is popular, so they lose the real control of ChatGPT.While all eyes are on ChatGPT, and all companies are flocking to the ChatGPT circuit, perhaps the right thing to do is to discard the ChatGPT myth and find a way to look at it objectively and rationally.Starting with this, we can find the right way to handle ChatGPT, not just as a concept.

When we look at ChatGPT in this new light, our understanding of ChatGPT is taken to a whole new level.In the same way, ChatGPT is not just a fleeting concept like previous blockchains and metacomes, but can become a real deep impact and change in people’s production and life.Taken together, the key aspect may be to abandon the ChatGPT myth, to abandon the ChatGPT fantasy.

When ChatGPT became popular, what we saw was a wide variety of players jumping into it.They either link their existing business to ChatGPT, or they see ChatGPT as the direction of a whole new layout, as if ChatGPT could solve all their current problems.Through their myths about ChatGPT, it is clear that their understanding of ChatGPT remains at the level of an omnipotent, omnipotent being.It has to be said that by holding the concept of ChatGPT, you can indeed find ways and methods to solve the real business. By holding the concept of ChatGPT, you can indeed attract the attention of investors.However, it is also important to note that ChatGPT is still a relatively primitive, relatively primitive existence, and although it can solve many problems, it can not solve all problems.To treat ChatGPT as an omnipotent being is to put ChatGPT in a dead end of concepts and gimmicks.

Perhaps the correct way to view ChatGPT is to view ChatGPT as an existence that is not omnipotent, as an existence that is not quite mature.In my opinion, ChatGPT can only solve some of the content related work represented by search, information and content. It can only repair the traditional way of content production and supply, but cannot bring new surprises on more levels.When looking at ChatGPT, we need to distribute ChatGPT to different industries and scenarios, find ChatGPT suitable for different industries and scenarios, and use these various ChatGPT to solve problems in different industries and scenarios.In this way, ChatGPT is not an omnipotent presence, but a symbolic one, just as it has been in the past when we think about the Internet.When ChatGPT takes on the functions and functions of the Internet, it will enter a new phase of development.

It has to be said that ChatGPT does offer a completely different experience.This kind of experience efficiency, this kind of experience feeling, is far superior to the previous Internet model.However, we should also see that ChatGPT is still a need for further improvement and optimization.Whether from the technical level, or from the application level, it is almost always so.For such a fairly young existence, for such a fairly primary existence, if we give it more functions and meanings, if we have more expectations of it, but ignore its optimization and upgrading, its development is bound to fall into a dead end.From this point of view, another way to dispel myths about ChatGPT is to return it to its early, primitive development, to its imperfect development.By constantly improving ChatGPT and filling the concept and connotation of ChatGPT, ChatGPT can release more potential energy and bring more possibilities to the development of the industry.When we look at ChatGPT in this way, when we fill and refine ChatGPT in this way, when ChatGPT is reshuffled, we will not be washed away, but we will continue to gain new energy in ChatGPT,ChatGPT continues to bring new possibilities to our development.

For now, ChatGPT is still only understood in traditional logic.In essence, they don’t see ChatGPT’s internal logic any differently than they used to see blockchains and metacomes.There is no denying that certain progress can be made in this way.For example, they can gain the attention of capital markets;For example, they can seize the commanding heights of the market;For example, they can gain first-mover advantage.ChatGPT, however, was born in an era when it was no longer possible to make progress simply by applying previous models and methods.So, another way to get rid of the ChatGPT myth is to get out of the traditional logic, to get rid of the traditional thinking, to really look at ChatGPT in a new way, to really approach ChatGPT in a new way.ChatGPT’s logic, in my opinion, is exactly the opposite of the logic used in the past.According to the logic of the past, especially according to the logic of the Internet, the arrival of a new tuyere is usually top-down, from the high market to the low market constantly extending process.This logic, in the Internet era, and in the post-Internet era, is almost always the same.When ChatGPT came along, however, we saw a whole new kind of logic.Such a new operating logic, in fact, is more like a bottom-up.For any player who wants to make a difference in ChatGPT, it’s not just about what the capital market wants, it’s about knowing what the audience wants, and figuring out a complete and effective business model before the capital gets involved.After such a business model has been proven and can run, it will take the power of the capital market to replicate ChatGPT in more industries and scenarios, so as to build scale effects.

So the other major aspect of dispelling the ChatGPT myth is to move away from conventional logic and thinking and really look at ChatGPT in a new way and find a new way to grow.When ChatGPT said goodbye to the traditional logic, when ChatGPT really stepped out of a new development mode, its development can really enter a new stage of development.

One of the main myths about ChatGPT is that it is simply a copy of the Internet, a copy of the Internet.In fact, simply copying the Internet model has proved to be out of line with the current trends and trends. This is about to be proved not only by ChatGPT, but also by the new species of retail, blockchain, metaverse, etc. that preceded ChatGPT.In order to get rid of the myth of ChatGPT and let ChatGPT find a suitable development path, the other most important performance is to abandon the fantasy of simply copying and copying the Internet and find a proper development mode and method suitable for ChatGPT.I think the most important manifestation of copying the Internet is the way people view ChatGPT today.They see ChatGPT only as a concept, and they miss the essence of ChatGPT.In fact, a big part of what makes ChatGPT a different experience is the underlying technology, not the surface presentation.When we really shift our focus from the outside of ChatGPT to the inside of ChatGPT technology, when we really look at ChatGPT through the lens of technology, we can really move away from the way we looked at ChatGPT in terms of just copying the Internet.Really takes the idea of ChatGPT to a whole new level of development.


Blindly regard ChatGPT as omnipotent, blindly regard ChatGPT as an Internet-like existence, blindly exaggerate the power of capital in the development process of ChatGPT, blindly regard ChatGPT as an extremely mature existence,Blindly applying ChatGPT to different industries and scenarios will inevitably lead ChatGPT into a blind development situation.In order to solve this problem, the first thing we need to do is to discard the myth of ChatGPT, really break away from the previous development mode and logic of ChatGPT, really develop and improve ChatGPT in a new way, and really find a suitable development path for ChatGPT.When we look at ChatGPT, we have the spiritual core of ChatGPT, when we find the right path for ChatGPT.Then ChatGPT is not just a pronoun, not just a concept, but has its own connotation and development logic, and can really form a set of its own development logic of a new existence.At this point, ChatGPT is not just a fleeting concept, but a long-term coexistence of our production and life, can bring a whole new change to our business.


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