The new face of blockchain

At that time, the current development of blockchain is no longer like the past, it is more objective and rational, and more realistic.In the past, such a face of the blockchain, may not be regarded as a real sense of blockchain.Because at that time, people thought of blockchain, just a coin issuance or ICO dominated existence.So many players into the wave of blockchain, but in order to use blockchain to achieve the dream of sudden wealth.It has been proven that simply looking at blockchain as a tool for getting rich, just as a tool for harvesting traffic, will not bring it long-term development.Only by truly jumping out of the Internet-style development logic and finding a real development road belonging to blockchain can we truly bring the development of blockchain to a new stage of development.On the contrary, blockchain is nothing but a puppet of the Internet, nothing but a cloak for the Internet, until it can’t get the attention of capital and traffic, everything will start from scratch.

Fortunately, after constantly reshuffling and adjusting, the development of blockchain began to return to the right path and began to find its own new way of development.In such a new development path, blockchain is no longer just a simple copy of the Internet, but begins to find a new role with its own distinctive characteristics.Thus, the new face of blockchain began to appear.

When it comes to blockchain, the first thing that comes to our mind is that in its brutal growth period, all kinds of coin issuance or ICO projects with traffic harvesting as the ultimate pursuit.At first glance, these seemingly trendy blockchain projects really solve the pain points and problems that cannot be solved in the Internet era, and create a new business model completely different from the Internet model.However, if we dig deeper, it is very clear that these seemingly glamorous blockchain projects are still the ultimate pursuit of harvesting traffic.When the ultimate purpose and significance of blockchain is to harvest traffic, its development is still the continuation of the Internet, is still a simple copy of the Internet, at this time the blockchain is not the real sense of blockchain, it is only a synonym for the Internet.In fact, the true sense of blockchain, is not harvesting traffic, but service traffic.

This point, we can see some clues from the essence and original meaning of blockchain.Whether it is the point-to-point transmission of blockchain or the decentralization of blockchain, in the final analysis, what it really wants to achieve is the user first, the user first purpose, it really wants to achieve is the service traffic.Therefore, only by letting blockchain no longer harvest traffic, only let blockchain service traffic, its development can really get on track.And now the blockchain, is in such a state of development.Whether it is the combination between blockchain technology and other new technologies, or the implementation and application of blockchain in different industries and scenarios, they no longer regard harvesting traffic as the ultimate goal, but start to find the right way and method to serve traffic.When blockchain truly returns to the development road of service traffic, its development can be truly long-term, and it can achieve the true sense of return to the essence.

Blockchain no longer relies on capital to feed itself, but starts to generate blood on its own. We will never be able to offset the role of capital in the development of blockchain, we will never be able to offset the important role of capital in the incubation of blockchain.However, if we attribute all the development momentum of block chain to capital, then the development of block chain will not be long-term and sustainable.In order for the development of blockchain to break out of the past cage, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between blockchain and capital, and change the dependence on capital transfusion for self-hematopoietic.This is actually due to the nature of blockchain itself.Compared with the surface and shallowness of Internet technology, and compared with the outside in of Internet technology, blockchain technology is more from the foundation and inside, and more from the inside out, to influence and change the development of the industry.Such a characteristic determines that if Internet technology wants to achieve rapid development, it must continuously expand its own scale and expand its own boundaries in order to achieve sustainable development.In this process, if the lack of capital to help, Internet players must be unable to achieve.For blockchain players, it’s a different story.They do not need to constantly expand the scale, do not need to constantly extend the boundary, but more from the transformation of the industry, to solve the industry pain points, to achieve self-hematopoietic.In this process, each step of blockchain has its own commercial closed loop, and each step has its own development mode.It does not need the help and support of capital, just need to step by step, constantly build one business closed loop after another, just need to work for a long time, constantly landing one business form after another.In this process, the new face of blockchain is that it is no longer simply capital-oriented, and no longer simply relies on capital transfusion, but begins to walk out of a deeper and more basic development path.

Blockchain is no longer just closed, but began to open blockchain from the beginning in a closed, isolated role.As a result, people began to take it for granted that blockchain is an isolated, closed existence, blockchain is an independent kingdom.However, if the blockchain is only blindly closed, then its function and role can not be maximized.At its core, blockchain is a technology.Since blockchain is a technology, it must have deep connections with industries and industries.Only in this way can the function and role of blockchain be maximized.However, if we look back at the development of blockchain in the past, it is very clear that it has only divided its development into a relatively narrow and closed development path represented by coin issuance or ICO.After constantly reshuffling and adjusting, people’s understanding of blockchain began to become objective and comprehensive.One of the most important aspects is that people are no longer just looking at the blockchain as a closed existence, no longer just looking at the blockchain as an isolated existence.But start to find the right way and method to combine blockchain with industry and industry.Observing the current development of blockchain, we can see very clearly that the current blockchain is not just starting to have a relationship with the industry and become the “infrastructure” of the industry.At the same time, it is constantly building communication and connections with other new technologies.Predictably, as blockchain continues to open, it will become associated with more and more scenarios and industries, and it will become associated with more and more technologies.With this as the beginning, the development of blockchain can truly step into its own development cycle.


The current blockchain has already begun to change its face. Instead of defining itself by the narrow and biased roles of the past, it has begun to find new roles to define itself.As a result, blockchain is starting to show a new face.In such a comprehensive face, in fact, more for us to reveal the blockchain is the most real appearance.When blockchain begins to return to reality, the previous grandiose start to fade bit by bit, and truly belongs to its new stage of development, will really come.



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