Copying the Internet is not the right way for blockchain

When the fever and agitation began to ebb, the development of blockchain began to return to objective and rational. This has almost become the consensus of the industry development. This is true for both head players and new players. I don’t know if you have found that those large Internet giants have already begun to take blockchain as their own “standard”, I don’t know if you have found that those new players began to slowly focus on the development of the eyes on the blockchain landing and application. This is a good sign for blockchain.

In fact, blockchain is supposed to. It’s just that the way people have looked at blockchains in the past is only from an Internet perspective, not a blockchain-based perspective. When people look at blockchain from the perspective of the Internet, they will take it for granted that they will use the way to develop the Internet to land and practice blockchain. When people look at blockchain from the perspective of the blockchain, they will see the blockchain as a tool to continue the life cycle of the Internet. This is the fundamental reason why we have seen so many traces of the Internet on blockchain in the past.

It is certain that if the development of block chain is only copied in the way of the Internet, then the development of block chain will not be able to get on the right development road in any case. In order to make blockchain really go far and break out of the Internet development cycle, it is necessary to find a development path suitable for blockchain. With this as the beginning, the development of blockchain can really get on the right track.

Capital and traffic, not the dominant blockchain

Reviewing the development history of the Internet, we can clearly see that capital and traffic play a very important role in it. But those who develop well Internet players, almost all grasp the development dividend of capital and traffic players, but those who really can stand out Internet players, almost all have the advantage of capital and traffic players. So when blockchains began to emerge, especially in the Internet jungle, it was assumed that capital and traffic should be seen as dominant.

In fact, it’s not. One of the most important reasons why capital and traffic have become dominant in the Internet is that its development has entered the stage of landing and application. In such a stage, the real competition is who has more application scenarios, who has the larger user volume, in order to constantly expand their own scale, in order to constantly get more traffic, so we see a lot of Internet players regard capital and traffic as the dominant development.

Not so with blockchain. First of all, from the essence of blockchain, it is a bottom-up existence that changes people’s production and life. Every step of its development is matched with the value of its output. In other words, every step of its development can be done on its own, and does not require much capital to help. The Internet is different. The Internet is a top-down existence. If it wants to maximize its function and role, it must be jointly supported by capital and traffic.

In fact, from the perspective of the development stage of blockchain, its development is not really mature and complete development stage. Even under the present circumstances, its development is still immature and primitive. On the contrary, when the capital and traffic began to play a leading role in the development process of the Internet, in fact, its technology was quite mature and complete development stage. At such a mature stage, it is probably the most appropriate for us to realize our own development with the help of capital and flow.

Platform and centralization are not the expression of blockchain

In addition to capital and traffic, platform and centralization also play an important role in the development process of blockchain. When blockchain was just known, players usually took it for granted to implement and practice blockchain by copying such a business model of the Internet. Although such a way can enable the development of blockchain to a certain extent, however, after reviewing such a development, we can clearly see that it is not suitable for the development of blockchain.

The implementation and practice of the development of blockchain in the way of platform and centralization eventually brought the development of blockchain to a dead end. The development model that we see is dominated by coin issuance or ICO, which is the inevitable development model of platform and centralization. Both the gathering and harvesting of traffic and the dependence on capital are the direct embodiment of the platform and the centralized development mode. When the platform and center become the dominant blockchain, then, its development has long departed from the blockchain, has long left the category of blockchain, has become a kind of Internet.

It can be said that such a blockchain is not strictly a blockchain. Only by realizing de-platformization and decentralization in a true sense, and truly making blockchain an ubiquitous and all-encompassing existence, only by truly making blockchain a tool and means to re-release the development momentum of the industry, and only by truly getting rid of its dependence on traffic, can its development truly enter a new cycle of its own development.

Only by jumping out of the fantasy of platform and centralization, getting rid of the dependence of platform and center, and truly using the unique decentralized and de-platformized way to find the manifestation of the business form of blockchain, can the development of blockchain be truly brought to a new stage of development. Otherwise, the development of blockchain will not be able to walk independently, but is still just a tool and means to maintain the development mode of the Internet.

Unitary and closed, is not the end of blockchain

Even in the current context, the blockchain we see is still single, still closed, still does not form scale. To be sure, such a blockchain is not the real sense of blockchain, such a blockchain can not represent the real sense of blockchain. Only by defining blockchain with a new thinking and perspective and looking for the right development path of blockchain can the development of blockchain be truly brought to a new stage of development.

In fact, blockchain is not a single, let alone closed, but a pluralistic, open existence. For blockchain, its implementation and application are not only limited to the scene of digital currency, let alone the existence of an exclusive financial system. Its ecosystem is not just a closed system, but an open system. In such an open system, blockchain technology can not only be connected with other technologies, but also the applications of blockchain can be connected.

Then, some people may ask, why the current blockchain technology, the application of blockchain has not realized the real sense of connectivity? In fact, one of the important reasons why blockchain has not broken the single and closed state of development is that its development is still not mature, still not perfect. Only when the technology and application of blockchain truly mature and perfect, it will inevitably move towards the development state of diversity and openness.

Therefore, if we only develop blockchain in a single and closed way, and only treat blockchain as an independent kingdom, then the development of blockchain will inevitably come to a dead end. In the future, the real winner will be the player who can build a pluralistic and open blockchain development system. Because that’s what blockchain is all about.


After reshuffle and adjustment, the development of blockchain began to bid farewell to the impetuous and fanaticism we have seen in the past, and returned to an objective and rational development state. Through the players’ new experiments, we have a very intuitive sense that simply copying the Internet is not going to make blockchain sustainable. Jumping out of the stumbling block of the Internet and really finding the right development road suitable for blockchain may be the key to bring the development of blockchain to a new stage of development.


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