Financial technology, the return of the Internet industry new channel

For a long time, people have been looking for the right way and method for the Internet to return to the physical;For a long time, people have been exploring the right way and logic of Internet enabling entity.However, the Internet always seems to be away from the industry, always seems to be detached from the industry.Despite the baptism of the PC era and the mobile Internet era, such a state has not been completely changed.We see the strong rise of the virtual economy, we see the decline of the real economy, almost are the direct embodiment of such a state.In the final analysis, the Internet return to the industry, and the deep integration of industry, must be based on its close relationship with the industry.If only blindly for integration and integration, in order to return and return, then the so-called integration and return, is just a illusory and grandiose parody.When the development of fintech enters a new cycle, especially when fintech no longer regards capital and flow as its own development goals, a new evolution begins to take place.

Based on the two elements of finance and science and technology, fintech really constructs a new development path of finance returning to the industry and finance empowering entities.With this as the beginning, the return of the Internet to the industry is no longer a distant dream, but a reality within reach.Whether it is for the Internet, or for fintech, it is a brand new beginning.Only by realizing this, can we really get out of the original box and bring the development of the Internet industry into a new era.

In-depth analysis of the internal logic of fintech to open a new channel of Internet return to the industry, we can clearly see that the evolution of the Internet itself brings about the evolution of technology and the re-integration of the Internet and industry based on such an evolution is undoubtedly a major aspect.Yes, it is because of the continuous development and evolution of Internet technology that fintech is no longer a concept and puppet of Internet finance, but a brand-new existence with its own development logic and assuming new functions and roles.It can be said that the current Internet is no longer the classic sense of the Internet, and the current Internet players are no longer the classic sense of the Internet players.In the past, the Internet was merely a means of disintermediation;In the past, Internet players merely acted as matchmakers and intermediaries.As a result, almost all the Internet finance we see, and even the fintech pushed to the foreground, regard capital and traffic as the ultimate pursuit.Practice has proved that only defining the Internet in this way and finding a new way for the Internet to return to the industry cannot achieve long-term development or truly return to entities and industries. The so-called financial return to entities in the context of the Internet is just a way and means to give full play to the thinking of capital and flow.

We see a series of Internet financial players thunder and run away, we see many Internet financial players for the entity and industry crazy harvest, none is not the direct embodiment of such a phenomenon.It can be said that just using traditional Internet technology and traditional Internet players can not bring the Internet back to the entity in the real sense, but only give full play to the Internet model in the traditional sense.In order to open a new channel for Internet to return to the industry, it is necessary to jump out of the stumbling block of the Internet, to find the evolution of the Internet, and to start a new way of combining the Internet with the industry.So we’ve seen fintech retransform and evolve, and we’ve seen the Internet evolve and evolve again.Therefore, the Internet returned to the entity and industry and began to abandon the traditional mode and method, so as to choose a new path.Different from the outside-in and top-down in the era of Internet finance, the new evolution of fintech is a new evolution from the inside out and from the bottom up.In this new evolution, we first see the development and evolution of Internet technology itself. New technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence are almost all twin with the Internet, and almost all are born from the Internet.It can be said that now leading the development of the Internet industry, is no longer Internet technology, but has become a twin of the Internet of new technology;It can be said that now the combination of the Internet industry and industry is no longer the Internet model, but a new model twin to the Internet.

Different from the Internet technology, which only makes matchmaking and intermediary, the new technologies twin to the Internet start to find out the pain points and problems of the development of the industry from the bottom and basic level more. Different from the Internet model, which only realizes its own development with scale and efficiency, the new twin model of the Internet seeks new ways of development through symbiosis.

In this process, the development and evolution of fintech also began to show the above characteristics.Observing the fintech players represented by Jingdong Technology and Ant Financial Services, we can see such a clue.Today’s fintech has already become an arena for new technologies and an incubator for new models.In this context, the new mode of financial return to entity that we have been continuously exploring in the past, and the new method of financial empowerment of entity that we have been diligently pursuing in the past, began to turn from ideal into reality.By virtue of the connection between thousands of industries established in the Internet era, and by virtue of the new path of Internet technology evolution found by Internet players, we can see that fintech is no longer a dissociated existence outside the industry, no longer an irrelevant third party, but has become a new species deeply integrated with the industry and seamlessly connected with the industry.For fintech, it is no longer a non-financial existence, that is, the existence of technology. It is no longer a non-platform, that is, the existence of center. Instead, it is a de-platforming and de-intermediate existence, which combines the characteristics of finance and technology.

In such a situation, fintech is no longer isolated, closed or a variant of the Internet, but becomes an open existence with its own distinct characteristics.It can be said that today’s fintech has long been transformed from tangible to intangible, isolated to open, and a new form of another form of Internet.With such an evolution, fintech can be regarded as a combination of the characteristics of finance and technology, and can be regarded as a new existence that combines the characteristics of finance and technology.From this, the Internet began to find a new way to return to industry, and from this, the Internet began to open up new ways of enabling entities.When this development trend becomes the mainstream, fintech is no longer a synonym for Internet finance. Fintech is no longer a simple combination of finance and technology, but a new existence with its own characteristics and development logic.



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