Under the mania, the metaverse needs to change

The carnival of the metaverse is not over. Today, we’re seeing more and more players get involved. Among these players, there were once technology giants, there were once Internet strong, there are entrepreneurs entering the market, there are unwilling to lag behind the traditional players…… It seems that the meta-universe is a “panacea”, any disease can be cured with it.

It has to be said that the metaverse does have such potential. It itself carries a lot of new technology, it itself covers a variety of concepts, almost let people see the dawn of a new generation. However, in addition to seeing the huge development dividend brought by the metaverse itself, we should also see that it itself contains a huge crisis.

If these hidden dangers are not addressed effectively, the metaverse will not only fail to bring people the expected dividends, but will even lead people into new circles and dead ends. In this age of blind admiration for the metaverse, it is far more useful to be objective and rational and to recognize the problems and drawbacks of the metaverse itself than to blindly follow the trend and pursue it.

Beneath the fanaticism, metacosmic worries persist

As one of the most likely to be the next tuyere, the metaverse has been closely associated with capital from the beginning. Whether the capital market continues to be optimistic about the future of the metaverse, or the players open a new path of wealth due to the metaverse, we see the presence of capital in the metaverse all the time. On the one hand, the addition of capital makes people see the huge development dividend carried by the meta-universe itself; On the other hand, the addition of capital also brought the meta-universe into a frenzy.

In the midst of such a frenzy, we see the omnipotence and omnipotence of the metaverse; In the midst of this frenzy, what we see is the indomitable march of the metaverse. Beneath the fanaticism, however, perhaps we should see more of the big worries lurking in the metaverse itself.

The disconnect between technology and application. All the time, we’ve been using a series of new technologies to interpret the metacomes, to reveal the great potential of the metacomes themselves. Admittedly, the metaverse does require a lot of new technology to achieve; There is no denying that the metaverse does require a lot of new technology to complete. However, we should also see that these new technologies are not just a concept to decorate the metacomes, but more as ways and means for metacomes to transform real scenes and industries.

Unfortunately, the metaverse is getting stuck in just such a cycle. Blindly focus on the concept of new technology, but have not found the way to apply the new technology to the real scene and industry, finally, the metauniverse really become a concept. What is certain is that if the metaverse continues to be unable to be supported by new technologies, if the metaverse remains just a concept, then when the frenzy of capital dies down, when the markets calm down, everything will start again.

In my opinion, this is the important concern that troubles the long-term sustainable development of the metaverse, and is also the key reason why the metaverse cannot realize commercial development in a real sense. How to solve the problem of disconnection between technology and application, how to connect technology and application together, and form a complete meta-universe, is an important problem that every meta-universe player really needs to solve.

The disconnect between the virtual and the real. The metaverse opens up the greatest space of imagination for us, the greatest possibility for us, is that it lets us see the possibility of connecting the virtual world with the real world. Such a possibility, let people see a new way to break the difficulties of the past development model. Similarly, such a possibility also opens a new breakthrough for the future development of the Internet.

However, the existence of such an interpretive metaverse has never been fundamentally solved. We see the emergence of virtual digital people, the emergence of reality-immersed devices, and the emergence of conduction devices, which almost all make efforts in a certain aspect, but fail to achieve the perfect integration of virtual and reality in the real sense.

When the virtual and the reality is always disconnected, when the virtual and the reality can not be integrated, then, the meta-universe is always in a half-pulled stage. No matter how beautiful the scenario is, no matter how grand the vision is, it’s just a piece of paper. As the disconnect between virtual and reality continues, it will not only cancel out people’s vision of the meta-universe, but will even take the meta-universe away from its essence and purest place.

The disconnect between the industry and the user. It is undeniable that the meta-universe can indeed profoundly affect and change people’s production and life in essence. Such a change, however, should ultimately be reflected in the user, not in the fantasy of the player. In the final analysis, the meta-universe still needs to be accepted by users, or used by users, in order to give full play to its value and role. Otherwise, the metaverse is just a mirage.

However, given the current state of the metaverse, we are seeing just such a scenario play out. On the one hand, the proponents of the metacom are constantly painting a wonderful picture of the metacom for investors and for the outside world. On the other hand, users are always unable to touch the most real scene of the meta-universe, the application of the meta-universe, let alone enjoy the great changes brought by the meta-universe to their production and life.

If a sentence is used to describe such a scene, half sea, half fire, is no doubt the most appropriate. When such a deep fear of the metaverse continues, its development will always be only an existence that is respected by the capital and the industry, its development will always be only an existence that is imagined by the players, and its development will always be an existence that the users cannot enjoy real dividends. In the end, the existence of the metaverse would have no value or meaning.

I have to say, the current meta-universe is frenetic, radical. However, behind such fanaticism and radicalism, we need to see more of the big malaise that haunts the metaverse itself. If these concerns cannot be effectively addressed, if these concerns cover the aura of the metaverse itself, if these concerns will wear away the aura of the metaverse itself, then the metaverse is bound to be reduced to a concept.

Return to reality, the metamorphosis of the metaverse

In order to solve this dilemma and problem of the metauniverse, it is necessary to return the metauniverse to reality, it is necessary to return the metauniverse to business, and it is necessary to bid good-bye to the impracticability of the metauniverse encouraged by capital. In short, returning to reality is the way to ensure the metamorphosis of the metaverse.

Return to business reality. It is far less convincing to describe the fantasy of the meta-universe than to put it into real business. This works not only for players of the metaverse, but also for those who have expectations of the metaverse. In order to make the meta-universe return to the commercial reality, the most fundamental point is to deeply integrate the meta-universe with the real business, especially to use the meta-universe to solve the pain points and problems of the real business.

When the meta-universe is no longer a mere concept of existence, when the meta-universe begins to become a real business solution, and bring changes to the production and life of users, then people will naturally feel the magic of the meta-universe, people will naturally pay for the meta-universe.

At this point, the metaverse is no longer a nice story to tell to the capital markets, but an object to be celebrated by the very people it is meant to serve. For the metaverse, this is the key for it to really get rid of hidden worries and find a landing spot, and this is where its value and significance can really be given full play.

Say goodbye to the concept of high. As a rather subversive being, the metaverse can indeed provide us with many solutions. This gives it the basic conditions for deep integration with a large number of scenarios and industries, which gives it the possibility to derive many concepts. However, if we only keep the metaverse in the simple sense of concept, then its development will never return to reality.

Say goodbye to the concept in the pure sense of self-satisfaction, and truly make the metaverse into an existence that can be perceived by users, perhaps, is the key to ensure that the metaverse can return to commercial reality. This requires players to focus more on the connection between metacomes’ applications and technologies, more on the connection between industries and consumers, and more on the connection between virtual and real.

When the metaverse is no longer a concept staying in the air, when the metaverse is no longer a bridge of complacency, it can truly bid farewell to such a fanatical and unrealistic state of development, and truly enter a new stage of development. It may be the key to constantly enrich the application of the metacomes, and constantly construct the relationship between the application and users of the metacomes.

Escape the shackles of capital. We cannot deny the crucial role of capital in the development of the metaverse, just as we cannot deny the role of capital in the development of the Internet. At the same time, what we need to see more is that the ultimate goal of the metaverse is not capital, and the ultimate goal of capital is also not the metaverse. To clarify the relationship between capital and the metauniverse and truly ensure that the development of the metauniverse is not constrained by capital is the key to ensure that the development of the metauniverse can truly achieve transformation.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to let the metauniverse abandon the way and method of taking capital as the main driving force, and truly let the metauniverse return to the state of self-sufficiency and self-hematopoietic development. When capital is no longer the only goal that meta-universe players pursue, the concept of unrealistic, unattainable meta-universes will be further reduced, truly taking the meta-universe to a whole new level of development.

This is the key to the metaverse’s true return from a castle in the air created by capital to a real business supported by real business. When the metaverse truly escapes the shackles of capital, its development can truly return to the industry, to users and to business, and its development can truly return from the lofty ideal to the down-to-earth reality. Only in this way can it truly become a solution to practical problems rather than just a utopia.


The development of the metaverse is torrid. However, under such a hot, we see more is that those who advocate for the meta-universe in the heart of the fanaticism and agitation. This is not good for the metaverse. Recognizing the problems and drawbacks behind the craze, and actually finding a solution to such a craze, may be the only way to really put the development of the metaverse on the right track.


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