Time is running out for Mr Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg has been trying to figure out how to put Facebook back on top, even if it means changing its name. It is a sign of Mr Zuckerberg’s decisiveness and, more importantly, of the scale of the problems facing Facebook.

It can be said that without Zuckerberg’s full embrace of new concepts such as blockchain and metaverse, Facebook would have become the next Twitter.

Still, Zuckerberg hasn’t let Facebook off the hook. As it turns out, Zuckerberg’s metacomes are on the right track, but it’s not going to be easy to use them to save Facebook and regain its former glory.


Take a look at the capital markets’ increasingly negative reaction to Meta, and Meta employees’ disgust at Zuckerberg’s embrace of the metaverse.

However, this does not negate the foresight and correctness of Zuckerberg’s full-throated embrace of the metaverse. Because from more and more indications, from more and more players actively engaged and positioned, entering the metaverse is almost a done deal.

The question that really troubles the metaverse is only when and how we enter it. In other words, it’s a question of when the metaverse really grows into a full-fledged business.

Because in the business battlefield, not only grasp the general direction and trend of development, is destined to become the final winner. Only by really combining such a general direction with real business, so that the two promote each other, collaborative development, can we really laugh at the last.

This point has been proved again and again in the Internet era. The last players in the Internet era were not the first to jump into the flood of the Internet.

So, has Meta really gone through the development cycle and become the final winner? Clearly, based on Meta’s performance alone, Zuckerberg hasn’t done that yet.

Whether it is difficult in the development of software, or the application of hardware, we can clearly feel that there is a certain distance between the metacomes described by Zuckerberg and the real metacomes.

Zuckerberg’s embrace of the metaverse could be a double-edged sword, as the inability to solve these problems keeps the capital markets and employees in thrall to a better vision of Facebook’s future.



What is certain is that if Zuckerberg can’t solve these problems, especially if he can’t lower the barriers to adoption of the metacomes, then the metacomes, not only won’t be the antidote to Facebook’s survival, but will also lead Facebook into an even bigger crisis.

Standing on a higher dimension, at least from the current development of the metaverse, the so-called metaverse, has not developed to the stage of large-scale commercial. This is true for both business and government.

For many meta-universe players, they are either still struggling to thrive on capital transfusions, or they are still waiting for greater state and policy support. In short, it will take some time to enter the true metacomverse age.

In this case, if Zuckerberg wanted to use the metaverse to alleviate Facebook’s woes and problems, it’s obviously not going to work.

In my opinion, the metaverse can’t be the tool that transfuses Facebook. Facebook should be the tool that transfuses the metaverse. Finding ways to break the game based on Facebook itself, rather than a speculative embrace of the meta-universe, is what Zuckerberg should really be thinking about and solving.


In fact, Zuckerberg’s gamble on the metaverse is largely driven by his desire to use it to replicate Facebook’s past glory and create a second Facebook. This has to be said to be a beautiful imagination.

What he didn’t see, however, was that the fundamental reason Facebook had grown from a wild idea in his dorm room to a huge social platform was that the Internet technology had matured at that time.

At this stage, he can make Facebook stand out.

However, the current metaverse is far from reaching such a large-scale commercial stage, and when Zuckerberg chose to devote himself to the metaverse, it was in a more primitive and rudimentary state of development.

A real solution to Facebook’s problems, however, would require an immediate, life-saving effect, not the unreachable, untouchable state it is in now.

If Zuckerberg still can’t figure out how to use the metaverse to solve Facebook’s problems immediately, and simply tries to use the metaverse to tell a wonderful story for the capital markets and thus keep Facebook alive, then when the capital markets’ patience is exhausted and Facebook is too sick, Time is running out for Zuckerberg.


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