Blockchain needs a rebirth

The development of blockchain is gradually going deeper. This is a truth that is being proven. Without the in-depth development of blockchain, we can not see the emergence of the metacomes, the derivation and development of web3.0. However, it is too simplistic and arbitrary to use the popularity of these concepts as evidence of blockchain technology’s maturity. On the contrary, the rise of new concepts represented by the metacomes and web3.0, not only cannot prove the maturity of blockchain, but even just show us the shortcomings of blockchain development.

Yes, now the development of blockchain is encountering unprecedented development weakness, strictly speaking, blockchain is encountering technical weakness. The most direct result of the existence of such a weak board is that the technical base of blockchain cannot support the huge application system of the upper layer, and ultimately the application of blockchain becomes precarious. At present, blockchain is suffering from such a development dilemma.

It is foreseeable that if such a technology of block chain is difficult to alleviate the short board, or blindly overdraft block chain technology, then the so-called block chain development or will fall into a new shuffle again. Therefore, when many tuyere concepts triggered by blockchain begin to be paid more and more attention, we need to pay more attention to the blockchain technology behind these concepts rather than the concepts themselves. Only in this way can we truly make the development of blockchain more long-term, sustainable and stable.

Amid the popularity of the concept, blockchain faces a revolution

In the current situation, it is difficult to find a concept that can be accepted by all parties. However, it is in such a situation that we see the rise of the concept represented by the meta-universe and web3.0, which is commendable. One of the big reasons why these concepts stand out in the current climate is that they do represent the future, and they do offer strong returns to investment institutions.

However, if we regard the popularity of the concepts represented by the metauniverse and web3.0 as the concept itself, and fail to see the role played by the blockchain behind these concepts, then even though these concepts are favored by the capital and have passed through the industry cycle, they still cannot get rid of the fate of elimination. Therefore, when the concepts represented by the meta-universe and web3.0 become popular, the author more often sees that blockchain is facing a profound change. The success or failure of this revolution is directly related to how far the new concept represented by the meta-universe and web3.0 can go.

As we all know, even in the current background of the implementation and application of blockchain, the technology related to blockchain is still built on the way people knew it at the beginning. Most of the innovation and development we’ve seen around blockchain technology has been in its earliest form. Although blockchain technology itself has such potential, if we blindly overdraft the function and role of blockchain, but not through its own innovation and transformation to adapt to the new changes, then the so-called development, is bound to fall into a dead end.

In the context of the popularity of concepts represented by the meta-universe and web3.0, what we need to do more is to be aware of the dangers in times of peace, and see the dilemma of change facing the blockchain industry. By constantly breaking the dilemma of blockchain to achieve the iteration and upgrade of the upper application of blockchain, thus realizing the new development of blockchain.

The author believes that the changes related to blockchain mainly focus on the continuous improvement of data transmission efficiency, the continuous improvement of encryption technology and the continuous improvement of trust system. If there are no changes in these aspects, and only the development of upper applications in the traditional sense of blockchain technology, then even if the so-called meta-universe, web3.0 has achieved development, then, such development will not be long-term. When the existing blockchain technology is no longer able to support their development, these industries will inevitably fall into a deep shakeout. Therefore, despite the popularity of the meta-universe and web3.0, but, under such a popularity, we need to see more is that a deep change of blockchain is taking place.

Overdrawn, blockchain needs a rebirth

What we have seen is the derivation and popularity of new concepts represented by metacomes and web3.0, which is more like an overdraft rather than a promotion of blockchain. In a sense, the new concepts represented by the meta-universe and web3.0 are overdrawing the energy of blockchain itself. In such a situation, blockchain needs more of a rebirth.

Blockchain needs to say goodbye to “ordinary”. Even in the background of the popular concepts represented by the meta-universe and web3.0, people still do not realize the huge role of blockchain, but only regard blockchain as a similar existence with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technologies. In this process, the blockchain is “ordinary”.

Although such a state can give full play to the function and role of blockchain to a certain extent, it cannot give full play to the function and role of blockchain, especially cannot give full play to the role of blockchain in promoting and integrating other new technologies. While this situation continues, the function and role of blockchain cannot be maximized. Similarly, the functions and roles of new technologies, such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, cannot be maximized.

Once the functions and roles of blockchain are exhausted, we must make blockchain bid farewell to the “ordinary” and really play its functions and roles that it has not played in the past. Only in this way can the blockchain really get new development, blockchain can have new breakthroughs in the new era.

Blockchain needs to move away from isolation. What exactly are we talking about when we talk about blockchain? I think that when we talk about blockchain, we are more talking about blockchain itself. That is, when we look at blockchains, we often look at them as if they exist in isolation. When the blockchain is only an isolated existence, when the blockchain is only a closed existence, the function and role it plays is only limited to the blockchain itself.

Once the energy of blockchain itself is exhausted, we need to bid farewell to the isolation and closure of blockchain, and obtain more development energy by strengthening the connection between blockchain and external things, so as to achieve new development. When the independent and closed energy of blockchain is exhausted, what we need is to bid farewell to the isolation and closure of blockchain, constantly strengthen the connection between blockchain and external technologies, and constantly find new development possibilities for the future development of blockchain by establishing such a connection.

Blockchain needs to break the “norm.” Blockchain has always been associated with digital currencies and everything derived from them, and as a direct result of this connection, the development of blockchain has been brought to a dead end. The reliance on digital currencies and related species only shows the function and role of blockchain in wealth and related fields, but it makes blockchain ignore its own function and role.

From another perspective, this is actually an overdraft on the blockchain. In order to get rid of the traditional development mode of blockchain, what we need to do is to break such a “routine”, especially to break the dependence of blockchain on digital assets, to truly liberate the blockchain, and to place the blockchain in a larger ecological ocean. When the blockchain enters from a closed ecology to a fluid ecology, it can not only obtain nutrients from the external ecology, but also establish a new ecological closed loop with the external ecology. Thus, the development of blockchain can continue to thrive, rather than just blindly overdraft.


Although the concepts represented by the meta-universe and web3.0 are popular, however, under such a popular, we more often see crisis, especially the crisis derived from blockchain. In essence, blockchain is in need of a deep revolution. Only after such a profound transformation will the blockchain become not a squeezed existence, but one that can be fed from the outside and continue to grow.


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