What are the key points of the well-established industrial Internet?

Open the development history of the Internet, a very clear vein, is presented in front of us. This clear thread is the development process from end C to end B and from online to offline. This is a “median line”, and because of this, economic and social development can be balanced. The author regards such a new development path as a “feeding” of the Internet to the real economy and a “return” of the Internet in the true sense. If this kind of “feeding” and “return” is a summary, we can give them a loud name – industrial Internet.

If you go back a few years, people would not have known as much about the industrial Internet as they do today. Because at that time, the wave of consumer Internet is one after another, into the industry, to transform the industry, in the eyes of many people, is dirty work, tiring work, not that they do not want to do, more because they do not necessarily have any effect. Rather, it is better to continue to catch the last beautiful sunset in the consumer Internet. And this little sunset, is only a few Internet dividends.

Things are very different now.

When the dividend of the consumer Internet has been consumed, especially when the traffic has been unable to give even a little dividend, players have to focus on the focus of the industry, focusing on the industrial Internet. It is in such a situation that the industrial Internet appears in front of our eyes all the time and exists and occurs in all walks of life all the time.

A real sense of the industrial Internet era, is coming.

The industrial Internet has become familiar

Now the industrial Internet, the reason why it will receive so much attention, the reason why it is sought after by a large number of players, one of the very important reasons is that the development model constructed in the classic sense of consumer Internet, has long ceased to work. Traffic has gone, capital has ebbed, the Internet has “morphed”. To achieve new development, it is necessary to embrace the concept of industrial Internet, and it is necessary to throw oneself into the sea of stars of industrial empowerment and transformation. In fact, one of the most important reasons why the industrial Internet has been mentioned more and more and more highly is that it has already entered the autumn from the budding spring.

The increasing number of players, naturally needless to say, whether it is the head of the Internet giants, or new entrepreneurs, almost all will focus on the focus of the industrial end, focusing on the real economy. For a hint of this, look at the much-discussed Eastern selection. Obviously, this is the inevitable logic of the development of industrial Internet. However, the gradual increase of players, just for the development of the industrial Internet to create a busy scene, just let people see the general trend of the industrial Internet, the key reason to really promote the industrial Internet, but also the maturity of new technology and new models.

1. From the perspective of new technology.

In the past, referring to the industrial Internet, although we have also put forward a lot of technologies, but if in-depth analysis, we will be very obvious that the so-called new technology mentioned here is just a synonym for Internet technology, in the final analysis, these new technologies, still did not jump out of the Internet cycle, Even many of the new technologies are just new words for Internet technology. When the industrial Internet only takes the Internet technology as the internal driving technology, it is conceivable that the industrial Internet will develop in what direction.

This is the concept of industrial Internet so many years, has been unable to jump out of the Internet of the key reason. When the technology supporting the industrial Internet is not mature, when the Internet is still the internal technology of the industrial Internet, even though the industrial Internet is subversive and innovative, it is still just a patch on the Internet, and the tool of the patch is still the Internet technology, unable to bring essential changes to the traditional Internet model from the inside.

When new technologies begin to mature, especially when AI, blockchain, virtual reality and other new technologies continue to expand the scope of business, we see that these new technologies begin to replace the original position of Internet technology, begin to rebuild the traditional Internet model, and even begin to transform the traditional Internet players. It is important to note that unlike Internet technologies, which only focus on decentralization, these new technologies focus more on decentralization. To put it simply, it is to seek a new way and new method to combine the Internet and industry, instead of dividing them into two completely opposite forms: virtual economy and real economy.

2. Look at the new model.

Similarly, no matter how much the industrial Internet can bring changes to our production and life, no matter how much dividends it can bring to players, its development will not be sustainable without a complete set of business models as support. This is the past so many industrial Internet players appear, and exit, enter the game, and exit the root cause.

Today, things are very different.

People have found the industrial Internet business model, such a set of business models is completely different from the consumer Internet era. To put it simply, even if the players of the industrial Internet do not rely on the model of the consumer Internet, they can still achieve self-sufficiency in the industrial Internet.

In my opinion, this is an important sign that the industrial Internet is truly mature. It indicates that the industrial Internet is no longer feelings and concepts, but a self-hematopoietic, can be landed, the existence of real commercial value.

Only when the industrial Internet truly forms a set of its own business model, and such a business model can support its own development, its development can be truly mature and perfect. It needs to be made clear that different from the “horizontal” development mode dominated by the pursuit of scale and efficiency in the era of consumer Internet, the business model of industrial Internet is more focused on the “vertical” development mode dominated by quality and efficiency.

This is the key reason why the industrial Internet becomes the industrial Internet, and also the key reason why the industrial Internet can bring us a lot of imagination space. When the business model of industrial Internet is really mature, it can really enter a teenager walking independently from a toddler.

It is when the technology and model continue to mature, industrial Internet, began to mature. At the mature stage, it is clear that simply continuing the past pattern of development is no longer appropriate. To find the key points that belong to the industrial Internet, and thus open the new skylight of the industrial Internet, is the key to ensure that the industrial Internet can truly enter a new stage of development.

Mature industrial Internet needs mature “key points”

In the past, the reason why the industrial Internet is not mature, the most direct expression is that the players want to do everything, but do nothing well, eventually, or to fall into the consumer Internet stereotype, become the players continue to continue the Internet development model of the “front”. The reason for this is that the players of the industrial Internet miss the key point of the industrial Internet and simply treat the industrial Internet as a concept.

When the industrial Internet enters the mature stage, we also need mature “key points”.

Key point one: Convergence.

Whether virtual economy is deeply empowering to real economy, or real economy is actively embracing virtual economy, a key word revealed in their two-way travel to form a posture is “integration”. If we make a summary of the mature industrial Internet, integration is definitely a key.

For any mature industrial Internet players, how to find the way and method of virtual economy and real economy integration, how to achieve the deep integration of virtual economy and real economy, is the key. This “integration” may be realized in the way of empowerment and transformation, or in the way of reconstruction and regeneration. Either way, convergence will be the key to determining the future of the industrial Internet. In the future, only those who find the way to achieve integration and methods, only those players who achieve integration goals, is the real sense of industrial Internet players. Without this, there is no industrial Internet.

Key two: regression.

To some extent, the development of the consumer Internet era is not healthy and incomplete. The key reason for this dilemma is that the consumer Internet era has not produced a true industrial comeback, but has concentrated more resources in the hands of a few players. If there is a summary of the key points of the industrial Internet, regression is undoubtedly the one that can not be ignored.

So, where does the industrial Internet return to?

The author believes that the industrial Internet should return to the industry itself and the entity itself. Of course, in this process, Internet players are not no longer necessary to exist, but Internet players to find their own positioning and role, and in this “return” wave, can play more, greater function and role.

Key point three: Decentralization.

If we make a summary of the development of industrial Internet, it is actually a process of de-platforming and decentralization. The so-called de-platforming and decentralization is actually to regain the initiative of the industry and users, so that the industry and users can achieve a more efficient connection and communication, and such a connection and communication is not in the platform and center matchmaking, but in a peer-to-peer way.

At first glance, this key point is not easy to achieve.

Because this is equivalent to revolutionizing the lives of Internet players, it is equivalent to constructing a new development model completely different from the previous Internet model, even without the Internet platform, this kind of docking can be achieved. In essence, more and more players, even the biggest Internet giants, have seen this and are starting to embrace this decentralized practice. We see Pinduo “agricultural land clouds”, we see Tao “direct supply from the source”, almost are the specific embodiment of this decentralization model.

Through them, we can see that the so-called decentralization in the era of industrial Internet does not mean to destroy the lives of Internet players, but to give full play to the greater functions and roles of Internet players in information matching and docking. However, the play of such functions and roles is no longer realized by relying on the traditional platform and center. It’s done in a decentralized way.


Whether it is integration, regression, or even decentralization, one of their ultimate destinations is industry; One of their core is industry. This is the core of the industrial Internet. Around this core, the industrial Internet will not fall into the vicious circle of the consumer Internet. Around this core, the industrial Internet can truly enter its own new development cycle.

When the industrial Internet really returns to the “industry”, rather than linger on the “Internet”, such an industrial Internet, perhaps is the real sense of the industrial Internet?


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