Metaverse: The Microscope of Blockchain

Facts have proved that we only regard blockchain as a concept and gimmick without really grasping the essence and original meaning of blockchain. Even though it is a brilliant concept, it is just a passing sight. Fortunately, after many rounds of reshuffling, people’s understanding of blockchain began to become objective and rational. Especially as the metaverse begins to emerge, blockchain is returning to its rightful place.

Blockchain, after all, is a technology, and it’s a pretty low-level technology. Since it is a kind of technology, only by applying it to different scenarios, different industries, only by constantly using it to derive more business types, its function and role can get the maximum play.

The emergence of the metaverse, a commercial application derived from blockchain, provides such an opportunity. It allows us to have a clearer understanding of blockchain, and to look at and explore the application of blockchain more rationally. Thus, the development of blockchain can truly enter a new era.

Blockchain is an ecosystem

In fact, we saw a lot of blockchain applications before the metaverse. However, those blockchain applications are either just used as a tool and means to harvest leeks, or as a way to win the favor of capital, it can be said that blockchain has never really formed a healthy and complete development model. Delving into the reasons for this, it is clear that players only see blockchain as a fragmented existence, rather than an ecosystem, which is the key reason for all of this.

On the other hand, one of the most important reasons why the meta-universe is so popular and so much attention is that it really forms a complete ecosystem, and such an ecosystem is supported by a complete commercial loop. Perhaps this is what blockchain really looks like.

In the process of exploring the implementation and practice of blockchain, we should not only focus on the end, focus on the nearest place to money, but also put the implementation and application of blockchain more in the front end, more in the whole industry. When blockchain really connects the entire development of the industry, when blockchain really becomes the “capillary” of an ecological system, when blockchain really becomes such a commercial closed-loop bridge and bond, then its development will no longer be short, no longer phased, but into an ecological and sustainable development process.

In the same way, the metaverse is getting so much attention. One of the most important reasons is that it has realized the profound transformation of people’s production and life in the front end. On the basis of such transformation, it has derived a new commercial form, and under such a new commercial form, people can live in it, and it can be repeated and continuous development. Therefore, only by truly treating blockchain as an ecological system and looking at blockchain from an ecological perspective can we jump out of the previous development ideas and bring the development of blockchain to a completely new stage of development.

Blockchain is a technology Lord

In the past, blockchain has been viewed only as an isolated, individual existence, and even, in some cases, as a rival to traditional technology. In fact, if we only define blockchain in this way, its functions and roles will not only be unable to maximize, but will even lead blockchain to a closed and isolated development situation. When the metaverse begins to emerge, we see that the blockchain is not an isolated entity, but an existence that can be deeply integrated with many technologies and can be connected with many new technologies in tandem.

In a sense, blockchain is more about the connection and integration of different technologies. No matter what kind of new technology, we can achieve deep integration with other technologies driven by an underlying technology like blockchain. Similarly, only when blockchain achieves the integration of different new technologies, especially when new industry forms are derived from such integration, can the function and role of blockchain be maximized.

We can also see a hint of this in the metaverse. For a long time, we have been saying that the metaverse contains many new technologies, but people do not realize that if the metaverse is simply a collection of these new technologies, if the metaverse is simply the addition of these new technologies, but not the integration of these new technologies, then the so-called metaverse can not be realized anyway.

One of the most important reasons for the emergence of the meta-universe and the integration of different new technologies is the role of blockchain technology as a bridge and link. With the help of blockchain, the new technology covered by the metaverse itself is no longer a simple stacking existence or a simple addition existence, but a deeply integrated existence and a highly unified existence. Therefore, from this perspective, if we have a clear definition of blockchain, blockchain is the dominant and the Lord of different types of new technology, no doubt is more appropriate.

Blockchain is a business closed loop

But any kind of mature technology, it is bound to be combined with different processes, different links, and after the combination can form a complete set of business closed loop. In such a complete set of business closed loop, its function and role can be maximized. We can see a hint of this in the Internet. In the author’s opinion, the reason why the Internet can have such a great impact on people’s production and life is not only because it is ubiquitous, but more importantly, because it can be connected with different industries and different links in the industry, and under such a connection, it can also form a complete set of business closed loop.

The same is true for blockchain. We can also see a hint of this in the metaverse. We can almost see the shadow of blockchain in every process and link of the metauniverse. At the same time, driven by blockchain, the metauniverse has also formed a complete commercial closed loop. In a metaverse, we can work, live, and learn fully without being separated, without the support of traditional elements.

This is where blockchain should really be focused. Only when we really think of blockchain as a business closed loop can we find a business model that belongs to it; Only by truly treating blockchain as a business closed loop can we get rid of the Internet-like mode and method and truly bring the development of blockchain into an era that belongs to it. Only by truly seeing blockchain as a closed business loop can we abandon the past state of unsustainable development with poison to quench thirst and truly enter a new stage of benign, healthy and sustainable development.


After experiencing the fanaticism and agitation for blockchain, people’s understanding of blockchain began to become rational and objective. One of the most important manifestation is that people are no longer just looking at blockchain as a tool and means to harvest traffic by issuing coins or ICO in a hurry, but are starting to look at and explore the development of blockchain from a more long-term perspective. The emergence of the metaverse is the direct embodiment of such a phenomenon. In a sense, the meta-universe has become a “microscope” to see through the blockchain. Through the meta-universe, we re-examine and look at blockchain, and find the right way to develop blockchain, perhaps is the right way.


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