The metaverse needs long-termism

Facebook’s full embrace of Meta has been on a rollercoaster ride, from the stock’s downward spiral to Zuckerberg’s debut not going down well with users.

Zuckerberg and Meta under his leadership encountered so many difficulties and problems, more and more let us begin to believe that the so-called meta-universe is not overnight, it is a long-term process.

For every meta-universe player, sticking to long-termism may be the way to go.

This seems to go against the grain for many meta-universe players. In the eyes of many people, the so-called metaverse is actually a brand new tuyere. One of the important reasons why they will join it is that they want to make a lot of money in the capital market, and even want to replicate the glory of the Internet era with the help of the metaverse.

However, Meta’s experience is telling us that the so-called meta-universe cannot make the capital market have enough patience to persist for a long time. When the patience of the capital market is no longer there, and the meta-universe players cannot find a correct development path, everything may start all over again, and the glory of the so-called meta-universe may eventually become a passing thing.

Therefore, for players of the metaverse, finding ways and means of long-termism that complement the development of the metaverse may be the only way to ensure success in the metaverse.

Flow, is still the lifeblood of the metaverse

Although we have been saying that the era of traffic has passed, although we have been saying that we should abandon the thinking and logic of traffic in the Internet era, but the traffic here is mainly based on the context of the Internet, that is, those who only rely on the mode and method of the Internet can meet and harvest the traffic.

It can be said that now the way and method of the Internet to meet the traffic, has completely peaked, resulting in the dividend, has disappeared.

For the metaverse, in order to achieve development and achieve breakthrough, it is necessary to assume the function and role of meeting the new demand of traffic.

Therefore, if we want to find the long-termism that the meta-universe needs to adhere to, it may be the key to grasp the long-termism in terms of traffic and constantly use the ways and methods of the meta-universe to meet the new demand of traffic and find a new business closed loop.

One of the most important reasons why Zuckerberg and Meta under his leadership are struggling is that he has not really found the way and method to bridge the metaverse and the flow, which ultimately makes it impossible to form a perfect bridge between the metaverse and the flow. The so-called metaverse also becomes a self-talking existence.

When we are looking for ways and methods to adhere to the long-term doctrine of the meta-universe, it is necessary to find a way and method to realize the long-term development of complementary, coordinated symbiosis between the meta-universe and the flow.

If this cannot be achieved, then the so-called metaverse becomes an existence that only speaks for itself, the so-called metaverse becomes an existence that only depends on the support of capital to develop, and the so-called metaverse becomes a fleeting concept.

Therefore, the flow is still regarded as the lifeline of the meta-universe, and let the flow become the endogenous kinetic energy supporting the development of the meta-universe, is the key to ensure that the development of the meta-universe can enter a relatively healthy development stage.

Technology remains the enduring power of the metaverse

For every player who has jumped into the flood of the metaverse, they have all seen the attention of the capital markets and the wealth dividends that such attention has unleashed. However, although the meta-universe can gain the favor of the capital market and allow many people to realize wealth freedom, such a development mode is actually a lot of speculative nature.

If we want the metauniverse to have a long-term development, and if we want the metauniverse to enter a benign development stage, we must abandon our fantasy and dependence on capital, and find a long-term and sustainable development path that is truly suitable for the metauniverse.

In fact, it is still the power of new technology that can bring sustained and steady momentum to the metacomph. On the surface, the emergence of the meta-universe is only driven by the capital market.

However, in essence, metaverse derivation and development, in fact, all kinds of new technology sprout, derivation and development, until mature.

It can be said that without the continuous maturation and implementation of new technologies, the metaverse would not have emerged in any case.

When we look for ways and means of long-term sustainable development of the meta-universe, more attention should be paid to new technologies.

Through the continuous derivation and evolution of new technologies, more development modes and methods of the metaverse are found;


Through the continuous maturity and improvement of new technology, more development possibilities of the metauniverse are found;


Through the continuous benefit and universality of new technology, bridge the gap between the meta-universe and users.

When new technologies become the endogenous driving force for the development of the metauniverse, and when new technologies become the means and methods to narrow the relationship between the metauniverse and users, the development of the metauniverse can truly bid farewell to the past unsustainable development mode with capital as the main driving force, and truly enter a new stage of development with new technologies as the main driving force.

It can be said that the players who really master the new technology of the meta-universe and really find the commercial use of the new technology of the meta-universe are the real winners of the future meta-universe market.

The way of life is still the endgame of the metaverse

One of the most important reasons why meta-universe players, as well as those capital players who have a keen interest in the meta-universe, focus their attention on the meta-universe is that they see the possibility of commercial application in the future of the meta-universe, they see the trend of the future of the meta-universe as a way of life.

Therefore, no matter how magical the meta-universe is, no matter how subversive the meta-universe is, if it cannot be put into business, if it cannot become a way of life, then the so-called meta-universe will eventually become a game of self-enjoyment.

One of the most important reasons why Zuckerberg and Meta under his leadership encountered so many development difficulties is that he only regarded the metaverse as a tool to please the capital market, but failed to find a way and method for the metaverse to be truly commercialized, popularized and become a way of life for people.

Therefore, when the patience of the capital market for Meta ceases, especially when the meta-universe cannot bring too much imagination to the capital market, even the forward-looking ideas will only become a kind of whimsy.

When we are looking for the long-termism ways and methods of the meta-universe, when we are exploring the correct development mode and methods of the meta-universe, we must implement and apply the meta-universe in commercial ways. After large-scale commercial implementation and application, we must truly make the meta-universe become a way of life, so that people can use the meta-universe in every aspect of their daily life. Is the key to ensuring that its development is sustainable.

Based on this logic, when we explore the way and method of landing and application of the meta-universe, we should not only take the capital market as the main goal and direction, but need to think more about what ordinary users really need. Only when the needs of ordinary users are truly satisfied, and only when ordinary users really use the metauniverse and solve the pain points and problems in their daily life with the metauniverse, can they really bring their own development to a benign and healthy stage of development.

On the contrary, if the meta-universe lacks the support of business and life style, even if it is subversive mode and method, it will inevitably experience a fiasco in the end.


The current meta-universe has already moved from the era of capital to the stage of development that truly tests the strength of players.

For each player, what they really need to think about is how to find a way to develop the meta-universe in a long-term, sustainable way. In a sense, the development of the metaverse requires long-termism.

Only in this way, the development of the metaverse will not be a transient existence encouraged by the capital market, but become a sustainable existence that can bring profound changes to people’s production and life.


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