Industrial Internet, open the new imagination of the Internet

Under the background that the dividends of flow and capital have been cleared, the development of Internet economy represented by platform economy has also been forced into a dilemma.How to break through the shackles of the previous development mode, how to let the development of the Internet industry to open a new imagination space, has become an important topic that every Internet player must think about.So what we’re seeing is more and more players exploring and practicing new things.The industrial Internet was born under such a background.At the beginning of the birth of the industrial Internet, it was only regarded as an Internet derivatives and havens to appear.Internet players are embracing the industrial Internet not so much because they see it as a new style, but because they see it as a tool to continue their own development.No matter the business model of S2B, or the new role dominated by Middle Taiwan, all show us this point.

However, merely taking the industrial Internet as a synonym for the Internet and a continuation of the Internet cannot bring sustained momentum to its development. Only by clarifying the connection between the industrial Internet and the Internet can we find the position of Internet players in the era of the industrial Internet.We can open up new imaginations for the development of Internet players.Different from simply viewing the industrial Internet as the continuation of the Internet, the author prefers to view the industrial Internet as an existence that is not much related to the Internet. The reason why people call it the industrial Internet is more derived from the opposition and complementarity between the industrial Internet and the Internet.In a sense, the industrial Internet is opening up the new imagination of the Internet.

When we talk about the Internet, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it serves as a platform and center to match and mediate the upstream and downstream of the industry.Whether the giants represented by Alibaba and Tencent, or the new unicorns represented by Meituan and Pinduoduo, almost all play such functions and roles.As a result, people began to take it for granted that the greatest function and significance of the Internet was matchmaking and intermediation, and nothing else.If the function and meaning of the Internet is only limited to this, then its development cannot find a “second way”.When its matchmaking and intermediary function and role is no longer, its exit, is inevitable.This is the fundamental reason why we see so many Internet players fall into trouble when the dividends of capital and traffic ebb.In order to solve the development difficulties and problems of the Internet, it is necessary to get rid of the old stereotypes and find the “second road” for the development of the Internet industry, so as to restart the new development of the Internet.It is in such a situation that we see the derivation and emergence of the industrial Internet.In the sky of industrial Internet, the Internet we see is no longer just playing the role of matchmaking and intermediary, but beginning to assume the role of “new infrastructure”, “incubator”, but also the role of “nutrition base”.

When the Internet starts to define and interpret itself in this new role, we’re seeing the beginning of a whole new evolution.In such an era, the industrial Internet is no longer a “coat” found by Internet players in order to continue the previous development model, but a “magnifying glass” to discover the new functions and effects of the Internet.With such a development and evolution, the Internet is no longer nothing, but a new vitality and vitality of the existence.

Despite the chaos in the Internet era, we still cannot deny the influence and change brought by the Internet era to people’s production and life.Even so, we still can’t deny that the Internet itself is in fact there are many problems and ills, these problems and ills caused by one of the most direct result, is that the Internet itself can not become a “panacea” to solve the problems and ills of the industry, but only a superficial, superficial transformation of the industry tool.If we want the Internet to continue to develop and its “legacy” to be carried forward, we must make up the “weak links” of the Internet and fill in the gaps in the Internet.Only in this way can the development of the Internet industry become a complete existence.The emergence of the industrial Internet makes up for the shortcomings and gaps of the Internet, so that the Internet has obtained comprehensive development.For a long time, we have been saying that the industrial Internet is actually an existence with “industry” as the core, rather than an existence with “Internet” as the core.In fact, this essential characteristic of the industrial Internet determines that it can make up for the development mode of the Internet era, which only pursues the C-end as the ultimate pursuit, and start to seek a new development mode to transform the B-end.

When the industrial Internet starts the transformation of the B end, and when the industrial Internet realizes the remodeling of the B end, the Internet is not just an existence that stays on the surface of the industry, and the Internet is not just an existence that transforms the end of the industry, but an existence that can really influence and transform both the upstream and downstream of the industry.As for the Internet, when the industrial Internet opens its new imagination, we not only see new opportunities for the development of the Internet, but also find the “ultimate answer” to solve the pain points and problems of the Internet.Starting from this, the Internet will no longer be a criticized existence, but become a perfect existence.

For a long time, we are all in the use of “the end”, “the ceiling | and other words to describe the Internet, at that time, the Internet seems to go into the dead end, the Internet seems to be unable to implement new evolution. So, we see a growing number of Internet users to transform and upgrade, and even some Internet users are no longer defined itself as the Internet players.In such a general context, the development of the Internet seems to have stopped, seems to have stalled. When the industrial Internet began to emerge, we saw that the previously stalled Internet began a new evolution, both in terms of Internet technology and Internet model, almost all of them.In a sense, the industrial Internet revived the dormant Internet and opened a new window for the Internet that was close to the ceiling.None of the new technologies represented by big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence we see now has some connection with the Internet, and none of the business models dominated by S2B and C2M has some connection with the Internet. In a sense, it is because of the “evolution” of the Internet that these new signs appear.In the same way, if we were to sum up these signs, the industrial Internet is certainly a presence that can encompass them.Just because of this, we can say that the industrial Internet restarts the “evolution” of the Internet, and when the Internet begins to evolve, its imagination space can be opened.


Merely separating the industrial Internet from the Internet and opposing the industrial Internet from the Internet will not, in any case, promote its sound and healthy development.Only by clarifying the relationship between the industrial Internet and the Internet, and finding the right ways and methods to coordinate and promote each other, can the industrial Internet become the “second spring” of the Internet and the “second growth curve” of the Internet.


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