The metaverse needs a return

Today, people’s pursuit of the metaverse shows no sign of abating. Whether it is the primary market, or the secondary market, it is so. However, it is impossible to grasp the tuyere of the meta-universe by blindly pursuing it with enthusiasm, let alone bring the meta-universe from a concept hanging in the air to ordinary people’s homes. We can see some clues about this from Meta.

There’s no denying that Zuckerberg and his Meta believe in the meta universe. We can see this in Facebook’s name change. At the same time, we should also see that although Meta has made a lot of exploration and attempts on the metaverse track, and paid a lot of energy and investment, from the specific performance of Meta, we can clearly see that Meta has a long way to go from its expected metaverse.

In fact, in addition to seeing the general direction of metaverse development, another important reason for Meta to dive into the metaverse is that it tries to solve many problems faced by Facebook through the metaverse. Whether it is the problem of user experience, or the bottleneck of user growth, or even the evolution of the new needs of users, all are so. At the end of the day, it’s the underlying drivers of users and traffic that are forcing Facebook to jump into the meta-universe.

Imagination is beautiful, reality is bone feeling. From the performance of Meta, it is obvious that it has not found the way and method to bridge the metaverse and users, nor has it cracked the development bottleneck of the metaverse. Instead, it just regards the metaverse as a means to win the attention of the capital market. However, the capital is eager for quick success and instant benefits. When the capital cannot see the changes brought to the Meta universe, they will choose to flee. Meta’s valuation tells us everything.

When Meta began to face difficulties in the meta-universe, the most urgent need was a return.

The metaverse needs to go back to the user

Different people will always give different answers as to how the metaverse came into being. Some believe that the metaverse is born of capital; Some believe that the metaverse is born of new technology; Some argue that the metaverse is born of tech giants. Whatever the reasons, they have their own reasons. However, if we must find an intrinsic driving force for metaverse derivation and development, the transformation of user demand is undoubtedly an important aspect.

In the final analysis, the metaverse is a user-oriented existence, and its emergence is to solve the evolution of user needs. Therefore, when we explore the road of the meta-universe, we should think more about the needs of users, users’ feelings, rather than just blindly invest in the firm, let alone just spoon-feed users. When the metaverse begins to enter a new crossroads, what it really should do is to return to the user itself, let the user become its beacon and its nutrient base.

Obviously, Meta doesn’t do that. The price of the demo alone is a clue. Although Meta has released a new headset with great progress and improvement compared to the past, it is very obvious from the price alone that it will exclude many users. It can be confirmed that when Meta cannot lower the threshold of users, but merely treats users as harvesting objects, then the meta universe it envisions is completely impossible to achieve.

This requires the meta-universe to return to the user itself, making it an existence that users can afford, feel, and enjoy. When the metacom and the user establish a perfect bridge, when the metacom becomes the user’s first choice, its development into the fast lane. Otherwise, the metaverse will always be a vehicle for players to enjoy themselves and gain capital attention, and nothing else.

The metaverse needs to return to the mainstream

When you are in the realm of the meta-universe, you feel its passion all the time, you feel its innovation all the time. However, when you step outside the metaverse, you will find that the outside world is still in a relatively confused and incomplete state about the metaverse. On the whole, the metaverse is still a non-mainstream existence, still a niche existence. This point, in fact, and the previous blockchain has a lot of similarities.

For a long time, those who praise the believers of blockchain will always continue to promote to us the subversion of blockchain, blockchain independence. However, we continue to feel that blockchain is far from mainstream life in the real sense. When blockchain becomes a kind of non-mainstream existence, when blockchain becomes an independent kingdom, its development is no matter what breakthrough. Blockchain has been developing for so many years, but one of the most important reasons why it fails again and again is that it is a non-mainstream existence.

To mark the metaverse, we also need to follow such a development path. Although there are now a lot of players began to participate in the battle of the metaverse, although there are a lot of industries have begun to relate to the metaverse, but we should also see that the metaverse is still a minority, non-mainstream existence. When the metaverse is a non-mainstream existence, its development cannot always have a strong user base, and when the lack of a huge user base, the development of the metaverse is bound to lose the most fundamental primary kinetic energy.

For every meta-universe player, how to find ways and methods to return to the mainstream, how to do as much as possible to make the base of the meta-universe, how to make the meta-universe become a popular product, is the key reason to ensure its long-term development. The author believes that in order to solve this problem, the most crucial point is to constantly strengthen the implementation and application of the meta-universe, and constantly implement the practice of the meta-universe. Only when the meta-universe has become a solution for many scenes and industries, its development can truly enter a new stage of development.

The metaverse needs to get back to business

There is no denying that the meta-universe can indeed have a profound impact on the way people produce and live. This is as true for social as it is for retail. However, we should also see that the most fundamental point, whether for people’s way of life or for people’s way of production, is that we still need to create a new business closed loop for the metauniverse, so that the metauniverse can form a complete ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the current metaverse does not really form a complete commercial system, it is still a transfusion of external existence. Obviously, such a development pattern and method cannot bring the development of the metaverse to a completely new stage in any case. Until the metaverse is unable to construct a complete closed loop of commerce, it will remain an ungrounded mirage.

So the metaverse needs to go back to business.

First of all, the meta-universe needs to be something that users can use and feel. Only then will the metacomes have their first “seed users”. Second, the meta-universe should be enlarged, so that users can not only play, but also consume. Thirdly, the meta-universe should constantly establish relationships with different industries, so that the meta-universe can become the “infrastructure” of different industries and different scenes. Finally, the meta-universe should construct a commercial closed loop, so that the meta-universe can have a sustainable development.


It has to be said that people’s enthusiasm for the meta-universe shows no sign of abating. However, we also have to see that the current meta-universe is a little “fever”, a little radical. At this time, the metaverse is in desperate need of a return. Only after such a return can the metaverse really find its own right direction of development; Only after such a return can the meta-universe truly bid farewell to radical and return to rationality and objectivity; Only in this way can the metaverse go further.


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