The Internet, the anchor of the industrial Internet

The industrial Internet is clearly not as big as it used to be, but that doesn’t offset the fact that it’s the new frontier for Internet players.At least to date, more and more Internet players are jumping into the industrial Internet flood, either by practicing the industrial Internet themselves or by deeply empowering those industrial Internet players.In a word, a new era of industrial Internet is coming.If I make a summary of such a new era of industrial Internet, I would like to regard such an era as the era of industrial Internet in a real sense. In such an era, industrial Internet is not just a concept, but begins to become a real visible and tangible existence.

When we talk about the Internet, the first thing that comes to mind is the various Internet platforms.If we summarize these Internet platforms, they are more like a “third party” independent from the operation of the industry, but do not participate in the actual operation of the industry.It has to be said that simply defining itself as a “third party” can indeed improve the efficiency of the industry to some extent and bring convenience to people’s production and life.However, when the platform model of the Internet begins to encounter bottlenecks in improving the efficiency of the industry, it is still only to define itself in such a role, which will inevitably lead its own development into a dead end.When the dust settles on the competition pattern of the Internet industry, we see the disadvantages of the classic Internet model.An inevitable result of blindly making matchmaking and intermediary is that Internet players need to constantly expand their scale to find more possibilities of matchmaking and intermediary.As a result, we see the growing scale of the Internet platform, and we see the “sphere of influence” of the Internet giants.In order to maintain their established dominance, Internet players who have gained first mover advantage continue to build walls of information so that traffic eventually becomes retention.

What is certain is that one of the most direct results of the development model of Internet dominated by matchmaking and intermediaries alone is that traffic and resources will concentrate as much as possible in the hands of some leading Internet platforms.They simply harvest users instead of being willing to engage in the industry and transform the industry. Finally, the Internet becomes a way and means to harvest users.Over time, bit by bit, the Internet began to deviate from its most primitive nature and meaning.If the Internet is to continue to get back on the right track, it will need a correction.For this to happen, we need to move from an Internet player model of just harvesting users to a deeply enabling industry that embraces the industry’s growth trajectory.The industrial Internet was born under such a background.With the help of the industrial Internet, the Internet players are no longer just a free industry outside the existence, but become a real deep integration with the industry of a new existence.In the traditional sense, the common business model dominated by platform and centralization also began to be transformed and innovated.

Industrial Internet, a self-evolution of the Internet Many people blindly cut off the connection between the industrial Internet and the Internet, and even some people regard the industrial Internet as the subversion of the traditional Internet.If they only look at the industrial Internet from such a perspective, they are bound to be unable to fully grasp the essential connotation and original meaning of the industrial Internet.Instead of blindly separating the industrial Internet from the Internet, I prefer to regard the industrial Internet as a self-evolution of the Internet.It can be said that it is because of the self-evolution of the Internet that the industrial Internet has emerged.From the technical point of view, Internet technology began to derive and metamorphose into more new technology.Big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new technologies we often see today all have some connection with the Internet.It can be said that it is the continuous development and evolution of Internet technology that has led to the emergence of these new technologies.In a sense, Internet technology is the mother of these new technologies.At the same time, we should also see that it is these new technologies derived from the Internet that have become the leading technology in the industrial Internet era.From this perspective, the industrial Internet is a self-evolution of the Internet.

From the perspective of model, the Internet model is dominated by platform and center, while the industrial Internet is dominated by de-platform and de-center.In a sense, the traditional Internet model plays the role of the object of transformation in the industrial Internet era.It can be said that without the Internet model in the traditional sense, the industrial Internet will no longer have the need to exist, and the industrial Internet will completely lose the object and goal of transformation.In such a process, we see more is the self-transformation and upgrading of Internet players, Internet players’ self-evolution.It can be said that without the self-evolution of Internet players, the de-platforming and decentralized business model of the industrial Internet era cannot be realized in any case.From the perspective of roles, as mentioned above, Internet players in the past were just a third party, they did not participate in the actual operation process of the industry, they only acted as matchmaking and intermediary roles.Whoever can do as much as possible to match and mediate, who can match and mediate as quickly and effectively as possible, can get as much as possible, as fast as possible development.From this perspective, the role of the Internet is that of a transcendent industry.However, when Internet players are no longer efficient in matchmaking and intermediary, and still define their roles as matchmaking and intermediary roles, they will begin to face more and more bottlenecks.To break through this development bottleneck, we need to transform the role of the Internet.In the era of industrial Internet, Internet players no longer just play the role of matchmaking and intermediary, but begin to become a part of the industrial operation process, and even become a part of the industry.From this perspective, the industrial Internet is also a self-evolution of the Internet.

Through the above analysis, we can clearly see that no matter from the technology, or from the mode, and even from the role, the industrial Internet has a great relationship with the Internet.It is because of this connection that we have reason to believe that the so-called industrial Internet is more like a self-evolution of the Internet.On the basis of such self-evolution, industrial Internet can be derived, developed and expanded.

Industrial Internet, a self-revolution of the Internet review of the development process of the Internet, we can clearly see that the reason why it can achieve such a huge development, the reason why it can have such a huge connection with people’s production and life, one of the very important reasons is that it can seek for new development opportunities through continuous self-innovation and self-revolution.Whether it is the development from PC to mobile Internet era, or the emergence of many Internet species and Internet players, we can clearly feel the shadow of Internet self-revolution.When the industrial Internet era arrived, we also very clearly saw the Internet players such a self-revolution.In order to obtain new development opportunities, in order to look for new blue ocean and tuyair, we see that more and more Internet players begin to take the initiative to examine the shortcomings and problems in their own development process, take the initiative to find solutions and methods to their own problems, and take the initiative to break through the existing development bottlenecks.Whether it is the investment of Internet players in the research and development of new technologies, the continuous exploration of Internet players for new models, or even the continuous deepening of the Internet mining for new industries, we can clearly see the traces and colors of the Internet players’ self-revolution.

If we regard the transformation from the PC era to the mobile Internet as an outward self-revolution of Internet diggers, then the transformation from the consumer Internet era to the industrial Internet is more like an inward self-revolution.With such a self-revolution, there will be a new solution to the intractable diseases of the Internet players, the pain points and problems of the Internet players have a new solution, and the development of the Internet players began to find new momentum.



In order to make the industrial Internet look tall, and blindly cut off the connection between it and the Internet, will inevitably lead the development of the industrial Internet into a dead end.Only by correctly viewing the relationship between industrial Internet and Internet, can we discard the previous prejudice, let the development of industrial Internet say goodbye to the narrow development mode, and truly enter a new stage of development.From this point of view, the Internet is the mother of industrial Internet;The Internet is the starting point of industrial Internet.The Internet is the real anchor of the industrial Internet.



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