Musk’s new crossroads

here is no doubt that Musk is at a new crossroads.A hint of this can be found in Tesla’s delayed release of its new car.This, you know, is what the capital markets are really looking for, and what Musk can really deliver on a given road map.Once again, as he has done in the past, Musk did not play by the rules — he did not launch a new car.It can be seen that Musk is not blindly invested in the city’s good places, but chose to lead the nose of the capital market.

But while Tesla’s new car didn’t arrive on schedule, Musk unveiled a new strategy that was more forward-looking and bold, and perhaps even more exciting than unveiling a new car.This time, Musk is focusing on the more basic new energy sect.

Whether it’s controlled nuclear fusion or hydrogen, Musk is setting his sights on clean energy.Obviously, this is an area that seems a little crazy to outsiders, and it’s hard to even see results in the short term.Predictably, the capital markets did not see Mr Musk’s layout clearly.Even if they did, they wouldn’t play with Musk for so long.Through the reaction of the capital market, we can see a hint of this, Tesla’s stock did not rise, but closed down, is a direct reflection of this phenomenon.

But that hasn’t stopped Musk from stubbornly turning his chronicle script into a grand and crazy third chapter.As we all know, in the “first chapter” of Musk, he grasped the development of the world through new energy vehicles, led the great revolution in the car manufacturing field, and brought the market value of Tesla to 34 billion yuan, and achieved a height that other competitors could not achieve in the car manufacturing field.

Even though there are so many car makers in the domestic and foreign markets, Tesla is always an unattainable height for them.Both in manufacturing and in design, this is almost always true.As a result, we see that when Tesla lowers prices, other car makers follow suit. When Tesla sneezes, other car makers also catch cold.This tells us from another perspective that Tesla still dominates the discourse power of new-energy vehicles.But it is also important to note that the car market, once full of innovation, is becoming dull.When car building starts to fall into a backwater, especially when it no longer gives people exclamation points, it is better to get out of the dead end of car building itself and explore newer, deeper areas.

It’s in this context that we see Musk begin his “second chapter.”In Musk’s “second chapter,” he began to frequently lay out areas such as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.Whether it’s his platform for Dogecoin, or the recent ChatGPT boom, we can see Musk, we can see the depth of his layout and the huge lead he has taken in these new technologies.

Thanks to Musk’s layout of these new technologies, we’ve seen not only the acceleration of Tesla’s gigafactory, but also rocket recovery, Mars exploration and ChatGPT.It can be said that today’s car building, artificial intelligence, is no longer a frontier field, but has become a standard.However, we should also see that it is precisely thanks to Musk’s layout of these cutting-edge technologies and the construction of them with Tesla’s original new energy vehicles, Tesla’s market value also reached 650 billion yuan.

At a time when cryptocurrencies are gaining acceptance in more countries and regions, when artificial intelligence technology is making car building more efficient, and when ChatGPT’s popularity rattled market nerves and sparked a copycat trend, Musk is beginning his “third chapter.”This time, instead of unveiling his new car as expected, Musk has set his sights on new energy sources that can power cars.It has to be said that this is a pretty bold and imaginative new track.At a track like this, Musk goes even more basic.Because anyone knows that the final wrestling focus of new energy vehicles is bound to be energy.

In accordance with conventional practices, the energy of new energy vehicles is still rare earth materials based on the battery, which is now almost all the players of new energy vehicles are making efforts in the important direction.But instead of following, Musk once again chose to lead.This time, he has set his sights on a whole new field: controlled nuclear fusion and hydrogen energy.It is because of this that we have seen rare earth materials fall in the capital market.

The track of controlled fusion and hydrogen energy is much wider and more imaginative than the old track of rare-earth-based materials.If Musk can make a breakthrough in this respect, he may really solve not only the energy problem of new energy vehicles, but also the energy problem of industrial and even civil sectors.

However, it is also important to note that while such a track would be bold, innovative, and even take mankind’s new energy strategy to a new stage of development, Musk may face greater challenges in the process of exploring such a new energy track, and these adjustments will not be made on a five-year horizon.Even on periods of a decade or more.

If Musk can make a breakthrough in this area, then he will truly lead the transformation of the energy landscape of human society. Otherwise, Musk’s “third chapter” may be his Waterloo.It’s easy to understand the fundamental reason why, after Musk unveiled his grand “Chapter 3,” the market didn’t buy it, and Tesla’s stock went down instead of up.

On the other hand, if Musk can achieve a breakthrough in the innovation of new energy, it will not only inject a steady flow of “kinetic energy” into Tesla’s new energy cars, but also activate other ecological systems built by Musk. Interstellar travel is no longer a dream, and Mars exploration is also a piece of cake.And get a new, more imaginative picture.


For Musk, this is a new crossroads.On the one hand, he is constantly drawing his own grand and crazy business map, constantly challenging the realistic bottom line of business and even science and technology;On the other hand, he is constantly walking on the cliff, if this point can not make a breakthrough, the business empire he has worked so hard to build, will also face the risk of collapse.In the same way, with Musk’s success with Tesla, with his exploration of cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and more, there’s every reason to believe that he can be a soft and hard Iron Man who continues to surprise us and turn seemingly crazy ideas into reality one by one.


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