Metaverse under the hot, blockchain from the ideal into the reality

As people rush into the metaverse circuit, blockchain is finally cooling down. Now, what we are seeing is that the concept of “metaverse +” is starting to replace the concept of “blockchain +” as the new battleground. The metaverse seems to be better suited to connecting with real business than the underlying and underlying blockchain. Perhaps this is why so many players have begun to focus on the meta-universe.

For blockchain, this has to be a good thing. At such a stage, it can focus on the research and development of technology, it can focus on the landing of the scene, it can focus on the construction of ecology. In my opinion, only after blockchain has experienced such a stage of calm development, can it be recognized by people again, and can it stand in front of the world again with its original attitude.

Between the cold and hot blockchain, the projection is that the market’s perception of it changes. In the past, people have been so keen to jump into the blockchain flood, the key is that they see the blockchain with the capital; Now, one of the key reasons why people are staying away from blockchain is that they have a whole new understanding of the nature of blockchain. For many people, this signifies the waning of blockchain’s popularity and the peak of its dividend. In my opinion, it also signifies the dawn of a new blockchain era.

Blockchain is truly farewell to the era of capital driven

Although people have one of the fanaticness of blockchain, but it still cannot cover up the shortage of blockchain in commercial applications. For the most part, the evolution of blockchain we’ve seen in the past has been largely driven by capital. The driving force of these capital is either from the C end represented by coin issuance or ICO, or from the B end represented by capital and investment institutions. In short, capital is the original kinetic energy driving the development of blockchain, no matter from the C end or the B end.

From this point of view, it’s easy to understand why so many players will stop at nothing to conceptually and market. Why do so many players focus on coin offerings or ICOs in the first place? After all, they still want to use these ways to collect money, to win the attention of capital.

It has proved, and will continue to prove, that the development of blockchain cannot be sustained solely by being driven by capital; Only relying on capital drive, can not make the blockchain truly realize the butterfly change. Only by jumping out of the vicious circle of capital, looking at the development of blockchain from the perspective of blockchain, and looking for a new way of blockchain development, can we really bring the development of blockchain to its own correct development track.

At this time, we are seeing the emergence of players who follow the rules of blockchain development. Different from those players who pursue themselves with capital as the ultimate, these players pay more attention to the landing and application of blockchain, these players pay more attention to the iteration and upgrade of blockchain technology, and these players pay more attention to the commercialization of blockchain.

In any case, when the meta-universe became popular, blockchain began to bid farewell to the era of only capital as the main driving force, and began to enter a new era of self-driven, self-hematopoiesis and self-evolution. In such a new era, blockchain is less hot and less grandiose. In my opinion, this is what blockchain really looks like. With this as the beginning, blockchain has really entered its own brand new stage of development.

Blockchain is truly back to basics and origin

I have been stressing that the so-called block chain is a new technology and a new idea. However, there are still people who attach more and more grandiose meanings to blockchain, and there are still people who misinterpret the essence of blockchain. In the end, blockchain deviated from its essence, blockchain gave up its original intention, blockchain lost its self, walked into a dead end.

In the past, we have seen the popularity of blockchain, we have seen the strong rise of blockchain, but we should also see that these hot, these strong rise, only temporary, only can not be sustained, only by people’s noise. It does not conform to the nature of blockchain, and it is even more inconsistent with the development stage of blockchain. It is conceivable that such an unrealistic and unsustainable way of development will not bring the development of blockchain to a new stage in any case.

Thus, what we see is that when the capital market’s enthusiasm for blockchain begins to fade, more and more players begin to flee blockchain and join the embrace of the metaverse. So, not only do we ask, if blockchain can bring such a huge development to our lives, to our businesses, why is such a development so short-lived, why is such a development so vulnerable?

In the end, blockchain is starting to deviate from its essence and original meaning, which is the root cause of all this. Similarly, the development state of blockchain that we are seeing now may be exactly the development state that should belong to it. The blockchain that we are seeing now may be the most real side of it.

When blockchain begins to return to its essence and origin, a truly blockchain as the main driving force of the era, will really come. Predictably, the development of such a stage may not be as fast or as hot as the development of the past, but we have every reason to believe that the space it brings to our imagination and the changes it brings to our lives are no less than those of the past.

Blockchain is really starting to become commercialized

I don’t know, have you found a phenomenon, that is, more and more scenes in our life began to appear the shadow of blockchain. Whether it is food traceability, intellectual property protection, or the implementation of digital renminbi, more and more commercial applications of blockchain have begun to emerge. In my opinion, this is the development mode of blockchain in the real sense, and this is the development logic of blockchain in the real sense.

It is always nourishing our lives in a way that “moistens things”, it is always changing our lives in a way that is everywhere, it is always bringing convenience to our lives in a way that is not intended. In my opinion, this is the most real appearance of blockchain, and this real appearance is inseparable from the large-scale commercialization of blockchain landing and application.

Yes, we are going through exactly such a stage dominated by the large-scale commercialization of blockchain. At this stage, its development may not be as rapid and radical as that of the capital-driven era, but it will bring no less changes to our production and life. When the blockchain really started large-scale commercialization, the blockchain is really into a new stage of its own development.

Why do you say that? In fact, this is determined by the nature of blockchain. We have been comparing blockchain to the Internet for a long time, and one of the important reasons for this is that blockchain itself actually has many similarities with the Internet. If there’s a summary of these similarities, the foundation of blockchain, the ubiquity of blockchain, is what makes it most similar to the Internet.

The foundation and universality of blockchain determine that it can be associated with many scenarios, it can be implemented and applied in many industries, and it can be associated with many technologies. Only when blockchain is truly connected with enough scenarios, enough applications and enough technologies, and becomes a ubiquitous presence, will its development truly enter a new stage of development.

Therefore, what we call the commercialization of blockchain here refers more to the large-scale commercialization of blockchain. Only after such a stage can the development of blockchain truly build a brand new ecology, form a brand new system, and enter a new stage of its own development.


When the metaverse is hot, the blockchain is cold. This state of development shows us that the fanaticism and radicalism of blockchain development we have seen in the past, and the impracticality of blockchain development in the past. When blockchain begins to cool down, its development phase is really open; When the blockchain begins to calm down, belongs to its most real side is really coming; When the blockchain began to cool down, it belongs to the most ideal era is reflected in reality.


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