Blockchain, “back to” blockchain

It would be simplistic and arbitrary to measure the rise and fall of blockchain only by its popularity.Because the rise and fall of blockchain, per se, has little to do with the noise and quietness of the market.Even in an age when interest in blockchain is near freezing point, we still can’t offset the fact that blockchain development is mature and complete.Yes, blockchain is bidding farewell to the past fanaticism and impetuous, into a real characteristic of its own development stage.

What are the characteristics of blockchain?In my opinion, one of the important aspects is that the essence of blockchain is a technology, a spirit, and can even be defined as a belief.Whatever the definition, one thing is clear: blockchain is fundamental, underlying, not superficial.In this case, blockchain should be insulated from concepts and gimmicks.Because no matter the concept or the stunt, in essence, they are the surface existence, they are the opposite of the essence of blockchain.

This seems to guarantee that they will come and go quickly, just as we’ve seen so many concepts and gimmicks come and go quickly in the blockchain world before.Rather, when the capital markets really want them, they are one star after another, and when the capital markets no longer need them, they are thrown into the scrap heap.Still, this does nothing to offset the fact that blockchain is increasingly becoming a mainstream technology, business model, and lifestyle.

Many of the technologies we see now, in fact, have the traces of blockchain-based data transmission transformation;Many of the business models we see now, in fact, there are traces of the original business model based on blockchain transformation;The lifestyle we see now, in fact, there are traces of the transformation of the traditional lifestyle based on blockchain.The maturity of AI, the emergence of metaverse, and the gradual mainstream of de-platforming are almost all direct evidences.Just because of this, we can say that blockchain has not receded or disappeared, but is coming to people in a way that truly conforms to it, bringing changes to people’s production and life.This is really the right way to develop in line with blockchain.By realizing this, we can truly grasp the development logic of blockchain, and we can find the right development mode suitable for blockchain.

Looking back at the past blockchain, we just looked at blockchain in the way and perspective of the past, more specifically, there is not much difference between it and the Internet.Using blockchain to harvest traffic, using blockchain to please capital, has almost become the mainstream model.This is a simple copy of the Internet and does not reflect the true nature of blockchain.It is under the influence of such a kind of inertial thinking that we see so many similar “Internet +” “blockchain +” concept.It has to be said that such a practice does make people realize the block chain relatively quickly, and even let people see the magic of block chain.However, if we only look at blockchain from the perspective of the Internet, we don’t really find a correct development mode in line with blockchain.Then, the development of blockchain is bound to fall into a cycle similar to the development of the Internet.

Later developments have proved to us that blockchain is indeed on a similar path to the Internet.All kinds of concepts, platforms, and capital intervention have made blockchain experience a highlight moment, but it has also lost a lot of ground.In such a chaotic market environment, it is very clear that capital and flow play a role in it.If we only develop blockchain in this way, it will not be able to achieve long-term and sustainable development.This is the key reason why we see so many blockchain players, such as epiphyllum.In order to let the development of blockchain truly enter its own development track, we must really find a correct development road suitable for blockchain, rather than just blindly copy and copy the model of the Internet.

What is the right path for blockchain?In my opinion, the most important point is to abandon the practice of merely treating blockchain as a superficial concept in the Internet era, and truly bring blockchain back to the basics and the bottom layer.In other words, the real role of blockchain is not only presented by blockchain, but also achieved by the technology and mode supported by it.To put it simply, blockchain is blockchain, but the external manifestation of blockchain is not blockchain.

Right now, blockchain is experiencing such a state of affairs.Yes, what we are seeing now is the continuous maturation and implementation of many new technologies represented by artificial intelligence, and what we are seeing now is the continuous derivation and emergence of many new models represented by the meta-universe.However, if in-depth analysis, it is not difficult to see that they are more or less in the shadow of blockchain.To be more precise, it is the facilitation and transformation of the underlying technology and the reshaping and reconstruction of the underlying mode of blockchain that have led to the emergence of so many new technologies and new modes.In such a scenario, blockchain is no longer a concept and gimmick, but a truly new existence that can transform the underlying technology and business model;Blockchain is no longer an omnipotent being, but a being that simply does what it does well.This is the essence and original meaning of blockchain.For every player who wants to make a difference in the blockchain space, we need to recognize this and really find a new way to grow that way.

To achieve this, may wish to start from the following aspects: first, adhere to the bottom and the foundation.No matter blockchain is technology, spirit, or even belief, its most essential characteristics are underlying and fundamental.How to do a good job of the underlying and basic articles, so that blockchain can help the reform of the upper technology and business model, and let the function and role of blockchain to maximize, is the key to ensure the stable and long-term development of blockchain.Second, insist on purity and authenticity.In the past, we have looked at blockchain with a lot of halo and labels.In essence, people still just want to use it to get traffic.In fact, blockchain does not have so many auras and labels, it is a very pure, very real existence.The key to its healthy development is to make the blockchain pure and true, rather than a tool for harvesting traffic.Third, we must exercise restraint and conservatism.We’ve been saying for a long time that blockchain is an independent kingdom.As a result, many people understand blockchain as a closed existence.Not so much.In my opinion, “blockchain is an independent kingdom” shows more restraint and conservatism of blockchain.It can only play what it is supposed to play, it can only play what it is supposed to play, not a universal role.Only by really doing what blockchain can do, only by really playing what blockchain can play, is the key to ensure the real long-term development of blockchain.


When blockchain is no longer noisy, it is truly entering a phase of development that fits its own characteristics.This is what blockchain should look like.In the future, we may see the emergence of more new technologies and new business models, but if we dig deeper, we will find that they are more or less the shadow of blockchain.In fact, this is the most real appearance of blockchain, but also the blockchain should play the most function and role.


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