Apple, not anxious

While many mobile phone players in China are turning their attention to the field of car building, Apple still seems to enjoy playing on the phone. While some people have been saying that innovation in mobile phones is dead and that shipments will decline as smartphones become more popular, Apple’s performance doesn’t seem to be working. Whether from the hardware update, or in the software innovation, Apple is always happy with the phone.

In fact, when domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to build cars, some people began to wonder when Apple would devote itself to the field of car building, and even some people released the model of Apple’s “concept car”. Later, the development of things tells us that Apple did not build cars, but continued to find new attractions in mobile phones.

We can see some of this in Apple’s annual product launches. Although every year Apple’s new product launch is ridiculed, it seems that every year, we can find some bright spots from Apple, and these bright spots exactly tell us that when everyone thinks that the innovation and imagination space of mobile phone has been cleared, Apple is still looking for a new breakthrough in mobile phone.

On the one hand, it shows that Apple itself does have strong innovation ability. Even when mobile phone innovation has entered the white-hot stage, it can still find some innovative breakthroughs to achieve self-development. On the other hand, we can see more of Apple’s calm and calm, and the deep lack of anxiety it reveals.

Day does not understand the night of the black

If “the day does not know the night is dark” to describe the situation of Apple and domestic mobile phone manufacturers, perhaps the most appropriate. Undeniably, with the increasing popularity of smart phones, especially with the disappearance of demographic dividend, we can see that domestic mobile phone manufacturers begin to face more and more difficulties. Whether they are breaking into existing customers or seeking new markets by going overseas, a strong atmosphere of anxiety is constantly on display among domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

Even so, it still does not alleviate the atmosphere of anxiety, whether from the marketing, or from the design of the mobile phone manufacturers increasingly fierce competition, more and more internal. When such a sentiment spreads, the only way to solve it is to look beyond the phone itself and find a new development breakthrough. It is in this context that we see more and more mobile phone manufacturers begin to focus on the field of car.

It must be said that building cars is a field in which people are foolish and rich. This is evident when we look at how often and how much car builders are raising money. If building cars is a good way to make up for the awkward peak of the mobile phone business, it has to be a good choice.

While domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to look for a breakthrough by making cars, Apple appeared to be quite calm. The reason, again, is that Apple doesn’t need to build a car to assuage its own anxieties, let alone make money. Apple can make a lot of money just from the phone and its spin-off businesses.

Just because of this, we can see that when the domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to lose patience in mobile phone innovation, Apple is still working hard on mobile phones. It is in this context that we see the emergence of such a design as “Smart Island”. One thing we can be sure of from this point of view is that Apple can continue to surprise us, even when innovation has peaked. The real guarantee that Apple can continue to give us such a lack of anxiety is inherent in its lack of anxiety.

The circle has already been broken

In fact, one of the most important reasons why Apple is so calm is that it has long since broken the circle. More specifically, it has long since moved away from its heavy reliance on mobile phones and into an era of diversification. When Apple diversifying to fill the gap left by the peak of its mobile dividend, its growth must be calm and unanxious.

In fact, since Cook took the helm of Apple, the outside world has been a lot of questions about Apple’s innovation, and even some people say that Apple’s innovation only stays in marketing. However, we should also see that under the leadership of Cook, Apple has successfully “broken the circle”. Now Apple is no longer a mobile phone company in a simple sense, no longer a mobile phone company in a simple sense, but has become a diversified development company with investment as the main driving force.

In many cases, the mobile phone business is just one of many businesses in which Apple itself has a big say. In addition, the mobile phone business is only one business where Apple has a strong presence. With the help of mobile phone business, Apple is only establishing its external image, while Apple is doing more infrastructure and services.

While many mobile phone manufacturers began to relieve their anxiety by throwing themselves into the field of building cars, Apple has already achieved the circle of breaking, and with such a circle of breaking, mobile gamers simply from one field to another, truly realize its own rapid development.

This is the key reason why Apple is showing such great calm, why it is still working on the phone, and why it is still fighting with the phone. In the end, Apple does not just make phones, but sees phones as a way to make sense of existence. That seems to be the perfect explanation for Apple’s calm.

Harvesting users like blowing ash

Shipments of phones are getting tougher, but Apple has shown that it can do so without breaking a sweat. Through this year’s Apple product launch, we can also see Apple’s understatement in harvesting users. Whether from the perspective of the chip, or from the perspective of battery life, even photography, satellite communication, we can see that Apple has shown strong in harvesting users.

Perhaps, because of Apple’s confidence in this area, we can very clearly feel Apple’s lack of anxiety.

If the in-depth analysis of Apple in the harvest of users, we can be very obvious that Apple from high-end to low-end play, such a potential energy, so that it can easily harvest a large number of users. On the contrary, for those from the low end to the high end of the user, it presents a great difficulty.

After watching this year’s Apple product conference, I think more is that Apple in the problem of harvesting users in a series of ways and methods, and a series of grasp. These methods and methods allow Apple not to fall into the traffic peak anxiety, so that Apple does not need to fill the gap in the mobile business with new services.

Of course, we should also see that this is only limited to the mobile phone business. In addition to mobile phones, Apple’s own ecological products can also harvest a large number of users. In addition, PC, smart screen and other derivative products derived from mobile phones can also harvest a large number of users.

Through these phenomena, we can feel very clearly, while other mobile phone manufacturers are worried about traffic, are worried about users, in the eyes of Apple, these traffic and users are exactly become its target. It is because of this that we see Apple’s calm and calm, we see Apple’s lack of anxiety.


At a time when more and more mobile phone manufacturers are falling into the cycle of frequent anxiety, we see Apple’s calm and lack of anxiety. In-depth analysis of the internal reasons behind this phenomenon, we can clearly see that the diversification of Apple’s own profit points, Apple’s first break the circle, Apple’s strategy of harvesting users, have begun to show more and more important roles and effects. It is with these advantages that Apple can stop worrying, it can stop building cars, and it can continue to march at the pace it has set for itself. I have to say, this kind of apple, it’s really intimidating.


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