The fate of Internet finance, the inevitable of fintech

More and more, fintech is unleashing new energies that were not previously anticipated. Look at the frequent layouts of new and old players and the enthusiasm of the capital markets for a hint of this. However, in many cases, people just see fintech as a substitute for Internet finance. One of the reasons why they join the wave of fintech is that they want to avoid the regulation of Internet finance at the policy level. As luck would have it, it was just such a careless move that created the bud of fintech and the great development of fintech today.

Some may disagree. In their eyes, the so-called Internet finance is a good-for-nothing existence. Indeed, the chaos of Internet finance in the past has made people nervous, and the harm it has brought to C-end users is still fresh in our eyes until today. In spite of this, we still cannot deny the important role of Internet finance in financial evolution. In a sense, Internet finance enables the transformation of finance from offline to online, and blows the horn for the financial industry to enter a new stage of development. It can be said that without the catalyst of Internet finance, fintech would not emerge, and the return of finance to the entity to support the entity will also become a myth.

Correctly viewing the role and function of Internet finance in the process of financial evolution plays a vital role in finding a new way of financial evolution and realizing the new development of finance. When fintech stands at a new stage of development, it is more important to have a new understanding and view of Internet finance. Starting from this, we can better understand the correct connotation of fintech and find the correct development mode of fintech.

Internet finance is an evolutionary necessity

The understanding of Internet finance should be placed in the big environment and background, rather than it should be seen in isolation. When we look at Internet finance from a large perspective, we will find that the so-called Internet finance is not something invented out of thin air, but more of an evolutionary necessity.

1. Internet finance is the inevitable evolution of the Internet.

In fact, the combination of finance and the Internet did not appear in the early development of the Internet, but in the Internet industry has entered a quite mature stage of development. It can be said that the emergence of Internet finance has completed the last battle of the profound and comprehensive change of the Internet to people’s production and life. After the baptism of Internet finance, the Internet has really become the existence of all aspects of people’s life, and the Internet has really become the infrastructure to construct people’s social life.

In other words, without Internet finance, it is impossible to realize the all-round transformation of people’s production and life. Without Internet finance, the Internet cannot really form a complete ecological closed loop. If we stand in the perspective of the Internet to look at the Internet finance, we can see more is that the Internet on people’s production and life gradually in-depth and comprehensive influence of a certain inevitable.

This is why so many head Internet players will be involved in the ranks of finance, the reason why they will see finance as the end of their development. It can be said that if Internet players do not do finance, do not use finance to improve their own ecosystem, then its business model is incomplete. Therefore, the end of the Internet, not finance, do finance, is the Internet really mature inevitable.

2. Internet finance is the inevitable evolution of finance.

We have always said that finance is the “capillary” of economic and social operation, and the greatest significance of finance lies in its support for the real economy. In other words, each stage of economic and social development should be supported by a matching financial form. When the Internet era comes, we also need to match the financial form as a support. For that to happen, finance must evolve again.

So how exactly does the financial industry evolve to truly become the “infrastructure” of the Internet age? This question, we still need to find the answer from the nature and characteristics of the Internet. When the Internet era comes, we see the emergence of a series of “Internet +” models, and we see the derivative of a series of Internet species. If so many Internet modes, Internet forms, a summary, from offline to online, from individual to platform, is undoubtedly the most important characteristics.

If the financial industry still wants to play its function and role, it must undergo the same evolution and evolution, so that it can have the potential to become the “infrastructure” of the Internet era. It is in this situation that we see the emergence of Internet finance. It can be said that the evolution of finance, to be more precise, the evolution of finance towards the Internet, is the real emergence of Internet finance.

It can be seen that the so-called Internet finance is not a concept cobbled together, but an inevitable and trend. Only after the baptism of Internet finance, the development of the financial industry can truly enter a new stage of development; Only after the development of the Internet finance stage, the role and function of the financial industry can continue to get the maximum play in the Internet era.

Fintech, a new inevitability

Only after analyzing that the emergence of Internet finance is inevitable, can we have a clearer understanding of the current fintech and truly feel the fundamental reason why fintech starts to burst out more and more energy. In a sense, fintech is also a kind of necessity, but it is a new kind of necessity.

1. Fintech, the inevitable convergence.

At present, a deep and comprehensive integration is unfolding in all walks of life. If this kind of deep integration is summarized, the integration between traditional industry and new technology is undoubtedly an important aspect. After such a fusion, the traditional industry will have a deep and thorough change.

The same is true for the financial sector.

In a sense, the biggest reason why fintech can really radiate new energy is that it achieves the deep integration between the traditional financial industry and new technology. Just like other industries, after experiencing such a deep integration, finance is no longer finance in the traditional sense. It has found a new development model in line with The Times and made good use of the trend.

In essence, this era is a new era dominated by digitalization. For fintech, its form is also digital. Only in this way can fintech really play the role and function of its foundation and support. Therefore, if a summary of fintech is made, it shows more is the inevitable integration of finance and digital technology.

2. Fintech, the inevitable return to essence.

Whether it is Internet finance or fintech, whatever is connected with “finance”, its greatest function and significance lies in supporting and enabling the development of the industry. Once deviated from this point, then, even the most glamorous concept, even the most innovative business model, is meaningless.

In order to make finance better return to the essence, the emergence of fintech is an inevitable trend. Now, if finance is only finance itself, especially if it is only pure finance in the traditional sense, then it cannot return to and empower entities in any way. Because the current real industry is undergoing a profound change, digitalization and intellectualization are increasingly connected with the real industry. If the current real enterprises are supported and empowered by finance in the traditional sense, it is obviously unable to meet their needs. Once their needs cannot be met, the so-called return to the entity, enabling entity, Again, a false statement.

If we want finance to return to its essence and give full play to its functions, we must need fintech. From this perspective, the so-called fintech is more of an inevitable return to the essence of finance. It is the inevitable return to essence that leads to the emergence of fintech, and it is precisely because fintech returns to essence that it continues to be connected with the current real industry, and its functions and roles can be so greatly played.


More and more, fintech is unleashing new energies that were not previously anticipated. As for the internal logic of the phenomenon of deep recovery, we can clearly see that the most important reason why fintech is like this is that it realizes a certain sense of inevitability and conforms to a certain law and trend. By analyzing the inevitability of Internet finance and fintech, we can always find the internal logic behind this phenomenon. Starting from this, we can correctly view Internet finance, we can correctly view fintech, we can really find the right way to financial evolution.


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