Integration of Data and Reality: The “Opening Cannon” of Industrial Internet

Internet players are looking for new ways and new methods to combine with the real economy, this is a trend, is also an inevitable. The trend is that the Internet has gradually become a kind of infrastructure. To give full play to its functions and roles, it must be deeply and comprehensively integrated with the real economy. Inevitably, the Internet and the real economy have the possibility to meet under the wave of digitalization. It is foreseeable that when this trend and inevitable continue, the integration of digital and real will gradually become the mainstream, starting from this, the era of industrial Internet will really come.

In fact, people do not have a relatively clear understanding of what the industrial Internet looks like. This is the reason why we have seen so many industrial Internet players in the past continue to leave. If there is a deep review of the failure of these industrial Internet players, only the industrial Internet as a new way to harvest traffic and new methods, without jumping out of the traditional Internet logic, is the root cause of their failure in the industrial Internet battlefield.

After continuous exploration and practice, especially after the continuous evolution of Internet players, we have a relatively clear understanding of the industrial Internet — the so-called industrial Internet is not a tool to harvest new traffic dividends, but a completely different from the previous Internet development mode of a brand new existence. Instead of simply copying and copying the Internet model in the past, we should start with the integration of data and reality, and truly find the development model suitable for the industrial Internet, so that the development of the industrial Internet can be brought to a new stage of development.

The ultimate winners of the industrial Internet are new industry players

According to the logic of the industrial Internet in the past, what we think of as the industrial Internet is only dominated by Internet players. What we see is the business model dominated by S2B, and what we see is the empowerment and transformation of B-terminal users. In fact, all of these are the continuation of the Internet-style playing method and mode. It is certain that, if only in such a way and method to land and practice the industrial Internet, is in any case can not bring the development of the industrial Internet into a new stage of development, such industrial Internet players, will be eliminated.

To succeed in the new battlefield of the industrial Internet, we need to redefine ourselves with new roles. The real sense of the industrial Internet players, not a center, not a platform, but a new type of industry. If we want to find the ultimate winner of the industrial Internet era, the player of the new industry, must be the one that cannot be ignored.

So who are the real new industry players? In my opinion, the real sense of the new industry players, should be both the characteristics of the real economy and virtual economy, to achieve the depth and perfect integration of the real economy and virtual economy players. No matter for the Internet players, or for the real economy players, in order to win in the new battlefield of industrial Internet, it is necessary to use the connotation of virtual economy and real economy to define and interpret themselves.

When the players of industrial Internet really have the characteristics of virtual economy and real economy, when the players of industrial Internet are no longer just industrial players in the simple sense, or Internet players, then new industries can be generated, industrial Internet can be truly achieved. When the industrial Internet is truly achieved, there will be no classic Internet players and traditional industry players, but all the players of new industries.

The ultimate game breaker of industrial Internet is virtual-real fusion players

People have been advocating the concept of industrial Internet, but people always seem to have not found the right way and method to implement and practice industrial Internet. In-depth analysis of the reasons, we are not difficult to find that the industrial Internet has always been unable to find a way to break the situation and methods, is the root cause of all these. When the development of the industrial Internet industry has entered the deep water zone, especially when the industrial Internet can no longer rely on the main concept to obtain new development, it is the key to find the breaker of the industrial Internet.

For industrial Internet, the real game breaker lies in those who find the way and method of virtual-real integration of players. Only by finding the way and method of virtual-real integration can the industrial Internet not be a simple addition of the two elements of “industry” and “Internet”. Only by finding the way and method of virtual-real integration can the industrial Internet not be a “defender” continuing the traditional model of Internet.

So, what is the breaking point of the fusion of virtual and real? The author believes that the breaking point of virtual-real integration lies in digitization. Because in the digital body, virtual economy and real economy can find a common way of expression; Because on the digital channel, the elements and logic of virtual economy and real economy can achieve a deep and comprehensive integration. When digitalization becomes the game-breaking point of virtual-real integration, the game-breakers of industrial Internet must be those digital players.

For those who have accumulated a huge amount of data and digital resources of the Internet players, naturally is needless to say. By virtue of their massive data and digital resources accumulated in the Internet era, coupled with the new digital technology, they have the natural advantages to realize the integration of virtual and real.

At the same time, we should also see that in addition to Internet players, those traditional players who have already seen digital as a new development breakthrough, are also strong competitors for game breakers. For these traditional players, although they do not have the advantages of Internet players, they have complete industrial closed loop and landing ability. If they can take advantage of digital technology to achieve their own transformation and upgrade, then, they will also become a strong competitor of industrial Internet disrupters.

The ultimate practitioner of industrial Internet is the digital player

On the surface, the industrial Internet is the word Internet. In essence, there is not much connection between the industrial Internet and the Internet. To be more precise, there is not much connection between the industrial Internet and the Internet in the traditional classical sense. In other words, Internet players in the classic sense are not the practitioners of industrial Internet, let alone the leaders of industrial Internet.

In my opinion, the real players of the industrial Internet, the real practitioners of the industrial Internet, are the digital players, especially those who can really derive new technologies and new models from the Internet. However, under these new technologies and new models, we should see that digitalization has always been a criterion. For every player who wants to make a difference in the process of industrial Internet landing and practice, they must be digital players.

A hint of this can be found in the transformation of Internet players. As we all know, when the next profound and thorough transformation and upgrading, is on the Internet players. If there is a summary of how Internet players are exploring and upgrading, digitization is certainly one of the main directions. Predictably, however, those players who can make a difference in the transformation of the Internet will be those who can grasp the essence and primitive meaning of digitization.

In fact, the digital transformation of Internet players, in fact, in the industrialization of exploration and practice. Through the Internet players, we can clearly see that the real sense of industrial Internet practitioners, in fact, those digital players. Only those players who have mastered the path and method of digitization can really make a difference in the future industrial Internet era.

The ultimate form of the industrial Internet is decentralized players

The key reason why the exploration and practice of industrial Internet in the past has been unable to achieve a breakthrough is that players are still using centralized ways and methods to land and practice industrial Internet. Obviously, if only in such a way and method to land and practice the industrial Internet, then, industrial Internet is in any case can not get rid of the limitations of the Internet. If we are looking for the ultimate shape of the industrial Internet, decentralized players are definitely a major aspect.

The author believes that in the era of industrial Internet, the real mainstream business model should be decentralized. In such a decentralized model, goods and users are seamlessly connected and directly supplied. When the industrial Internet truly realizes such a decentralized business model, its development can really enter a new stage of development.

In fact, we are already seeing the changes and efficiencies that a decentralized business model can bring. Whether it is the convenience brought by the application of digital currency or the rise of the new e-commerce dominated by live streaming, we can see the new development dividends brought by the centralized business model.

However, we should also see that such a form of decentralization is only a relatively primary and primitive digitization, and only a decentralization limited to the mechanism of the Internet. Although such decentralization can bring certain development potential for its own development, when such development dividends are exhausted, we still need to find a new decentralization based on new technologies and new models, and such decentralization is the ultimate form of industrial Internet.


At present, the deep integration of Internet players and the real economy is being staged.The author believes that this is the opening shot of the industrial Internet. That’s when the industrial Internet really arrived. When the pace of industrial Internet is getting closer and closer, to find out the real connotation and significance of industrial Internet, especially to distinguish it from the classic sense of the Internet model, in order to truly bring the development of industrial Internet into a new era.


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