Evolution: The Theme of the Metaverse Tomorrow

Whether from the bottom technology supporting the meta-universe, or from the meta-universe landing and application, a hot scene is being staged. This is the manifestation that people’s understanding of the meta-universe is becoming deep and comprehensive, and it is also a sign that the development of the meta-universe begins to enter a new cycle. When this continues, the metaverse will go from being just a handful of players, to an era where everyone can participate and everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Where is the future for the metaverse? What is the way forward for the metaverse? Different people will always give different answers. For those who focus on metaverse technology, what they see is an increase in the demands that metaverse brings, for example, computing power; For example, data transmission and so on; For those who focus on the application of the metacomes, what they see is that the metacomes bring about changes on the supply side, for example, the combination of the virtual and the real; For example, cost optimization and so on.

Either way, the future of the metaverse will bring great changes to our production and life. The future of the metaverse will always release more dividends and potential, so that we can regain the glory of the past, while going through the cycle, opening new development breakthrough. However, if we only focus on this, without thinking and exploring the correct way and method to put the meta-universe into practice, then the so-called meta-universe of tomorrow may just be an ethereal dream.

Scene landing will continue to increase

In the past, Meta was the first thing we thought of when we talked about metacomes. However, the nature of Meta determines that people will automatically associate the meta-universe with social interaction. It is undeniable that there is a natural connection between the metaverse and social interaction, and by adding the metaverse to social interaction, social interaction can indeed be radically changed. However, if only the implementation and application of the meta-universe is limited to the field of social interaction, and only the meta-universe is regarded as the exclusive of social interaction, then the meta-universe will not be able to achieve long-term development in any case.

Of course, what we also need to see is that the close connection between the meta-universe and social interaction is greatly related to its stage of development. With the continuous maturity of the meta-universe and the improvement of people’s understanding of the meta-universe, a new era of development dominated by the large-scale implementation and development of the scene will finally come.

In fact, the ground of the metaverse has begun to appear everywhere. In addition to the social sphere, we also see metacomes landing in livestreaming, retail, art creation and many other areas. In my opinion, even though the metaverse has so many landing scenes, even though the metaverse has been connected to so many industries, it is just the beginning. In the future, the metaverse will be connected to more scenarios, will be combined with more industries, and will eventually become an omnipresent, omnipresent existence. Thus, people’s production and life will truly transform into a new era that takes into account both virtual economy and real economy.

So it’s safe to assume that in the future, we’ll see more industries and scenes associated with the meta-universe. As we have seen before the Internet and people’s production and life scenes, the metauniverse will really bring us from the Internet age to the metauniverse age, and likewise, a new way of life will also be staged.

The business model will continue to improve

Although the arrival of the metaverse has brought many hopes and development dividends to people, it still cannot get rid of the reality that development depends on capital transfusion. Even though Meta was the first to enter the market, it still did not find a new development road without capital. Zuckerberg has made it clear that it will take at least 3-4 years for the layout of the metaverse to become clear, but it will take much longer for the metaverse to mature into a complete business model. Through Zuckerberg’s remarks, we can see that the so-called meta-universe is still a primary and primitive existence. It is still a baby that needs to be swaddled and needs more investment to walk independently.

However, although the business model of the metaverse is not really mature and perfect, although the development of the metaverse still needs the transfusion of capital, we should also see that once the metaverse matures, especially once the metaverse finds a business model truly suitable for its own, then the development of the metaverse is bound to usher in a big explosion. To achieve this, the business model of the metaverse will inevitably be improved in the future.

There are a lot of meta-universe players out there, and there are a lot of business models out there, and there are a lot of ways in which meta-universe and real business can be combined, but if we look at these business models, if we look at these business applications, they’re still not moving away from the traditional, traffic-driven business model, There is still no complete change to the Internet-like business model.

According to the author’s understanding, the metauniverse era should have a business model that matches this era, otherwise, the development of the metauniverse has always been a existence that relies on blood transfusion to develop, and has always been a existence that makes marriage clothes for others. So what exactly is the right business model for the metaverse? In my opinion, the true business model of the meta-universe should be reflected in the improvement of production efficiency and life experience. When the metaverse provides a production mode and life style completely different from the Internet, and when the metaverse truly finds a matching business model, its development can truly step into its own development track.

From this point of view, the business model of metaverse will be continuously optimized and improved in the future, until metaverse truly finds a set of business model suitable for itself, and until metaverse truly gets rid of its dependence on the Internet-like business model.

The underlying technologies will continue to converge

When the metaverse is just a laundry list of new technologies, when the underlying technologies are not deeply integrated, then its magic will never be deeply and completely unleashed. The current metaverse is at such an awkward stage of development. A lot of meta-universe players just look at new technologies with a “take-it-away” attitude, and those that can be used by the meta-universe, they take them, they put them in the meta-universe basket. However, they do not think about the combination of new technologies, and they do not explore the ways in which they are integrated.

If we only adopt an “adoptive” attitude towards new technologies without finding ways and means to integrate them deeply, then the metaverse will never be able to achieve long-term development. It is foreseeable that, as people’s understanding of the meta-universe becomes deeper and better, players will find ways and methods to realize the integration of the underlying technologies of the meta-universe. From this beginning, the development of the meta-universe will truly enter a new stage of development.

In the author’s opinion, the most critical point to realize the deep integration of the underlying technologies of the meta-universe is to find the leading technology of the meta-universe, establish its important role in the meta-universe, and this leading technology can really integrate other new technologies together. Only in this way can the development of the metaverse truly mature and complete.

So what exactly is the dominant technology in the metaverse? In my opinion, blockchain is the dominant technology of the metaverse. One of the important reasons for this judgment is that blockchain is sufficiently underlying, sufficiently technical, and sufficiently pervasive. Undeniably, in the meta-universe, virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence technology, intelligent hardware technology, big data technology are very important. However, after in-depth analysis, we will find that these technologies are still relatively superficial and still independent. They can only be the solutions in the implementation and application process of the meta-universe, but cannot be the solutions of their own. In other words, only blockchain technology can truly provide solutions to these new technologies and truly integrate them perfectly.

When blockchain is gradually established in the meta-universe, especially when blockchain starts to become the way and method of these new technologies connectivity, we will see more and more new technologies realize integration, and when these new technologies achieve deep integration, the deep integration of virtual and real scene shown by the meta-universe for us will no longer be just a distant dream. It becomes a tangible reality.

In the future, the maturity and landing of blockchain will become a trend and trend. In addition to the influence it will bring to the integration of new technologies, the continuous enrichment and improvement of its application scenarios will also become a trend and trend. When blockchain has new developments and breakthroughs both in internal technology and external scenes, it will inevitably bring new development opportunities, and the metacom is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary of such a new development opportunity.


A scene in full swing is being staged in the metaverse industry. However, this does not disguise the fact that the metaverse is still young and primitive. Peering into the future of the meta-universe from this perspective, we will see a continuous scene of self-improvement and self-enrichment. This will last for a long time. After such a period, the development of the metauniverse can truly bid farewell to the primitive and immature, and truly enter a completely new stage of development.


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