The “Halftime War” of the metaverse

From the very first day that the metaverse was recognized by people, it is still doomed to escape the fate of its predecessor – blockchain.If there is a summary of such a fate, I prefer to attribute it to the development model of savage growth led by capital.This development pattern is not only in the blockchain and metaverse, even in the past Internet era, we will see the same drama played out over and over again.If there is a summary of the current state of the metaverse, I prefer to think of it as the halftime war of the metaverse.For each meta-universe player, their performance in such a “halftime war” will directly determine their future development direction.It’s true for Meta, it’s true for Microsoft, and it’s true for gamers who see the metacomes as a new direction for themselves.

The capital market no longer just listens to the wonderful stories told by the meta-universe players, but begins to pay more attention to how much imagination space the meta-universe can bring them, and begins to pay more attention to whether the meta-universe can be the “filler” for them to make up for the end of the Internet era.What is certain is that if the metaverse does not deliver the returns that the capital markets expect, then the metaverse will be discarded in the same way that the capital markets have discarded other ideas and concepts in the past.In order to solve this problem, the most crucial point is to find a feasible business model suitable for the metaverse, and finally, the development of the metaverse will be transformed from relying on the transfusion of capital to relying on its own self-hematopoietic.After all, the metaverse is grounded in real business.We can see this very clearly through the presentation of Meta.In the past, when we’ve seen Zuckerberg, we’ve seen him paint a grand picture of a meta-universe in which he’s more like an alien, or even a lizard man, bringing new insights to us.Now, when we meet Zuckerberg again, he is no longer a magical “alien” but a “lost one” who has fallen to earth.

There is no denying that the meta-universe brings people a novel experience, such an experience in the Internet age and the traditional age did not perceive.However, we should also see that such an experience does not only stay in the imagination level, but needs to be more grounded in reality, so that more people can perceive and apply it.Obviously, Meta doesn’t do that.As a result, both capital markets and ordinary users began to lose patience with the meta-universe.As a result, the metaverse began to abandon its previous journey and entered a new cycle of development.The “halftime war” of the metaverse, thus comes.

When the meta – cosmic “halftime war” comes, the shuffle will be the main theme.If we view the development of the past metaverse as a process of increasing scale, then when the metaverse enters the “halftime war”, it will be a process of decreasing scale.In particular, those players who only regard the meta-universe as a concept and a gimmick, but do not really find the ground and practice of the meta-universe, will inevitably be eliminated in such a reshuffle process.To be the winner of such a shakeout, players of the metaverse need to look at the metaverse from the perspective of business, not capital markets, to find the right development model and method of the metaverse.The reason is that in such a reshuffling process, it is only a cleansing of the previous capital-dominated development model, and only a reshaping of the previous development model dominated by concepts and gimmicks.For players who don’t rely too much on capital and have even found a meta-universe that works with their business model, such a shakeout would have little impact.Therefore, how to realize the integration of the metauniverse and business, rather than just staying on the level of capital as the main driving force, is the key to ensure that the metauniverse can pass through the shuffle cycle.

When the meta-universe “halftime war” comes, the user will be the main role.If we attribute the development momentum of the last stage of the metaverse to capital, then when the metaverse enters the new development cycle, we will see that users will replace capital as the main driving force of the metaverse’s development.In short, it is to let more users start using the metacomes, let more users start to perceive the metacomes.This is a real problem that almost all meta-universe players have to deal with.In a sense, how to open up the channel connecting the metaverse and users, how to break down the high wall between the metaverse and users, is the key to determine whether the metaverse development can achieve new development.Through the expensive Meta display, we can see that it is not an easy thing to find the way and method of connecting the meta universe with the user.Even so, Meta is also a big challenge for other meta universe players.It can be said that only when users truly become the protagonists driving the development of the meta-universe, its development can truly enter a new stage of development from the “halftime war”.

When the meta – cosmic “halftime war” comes, apps will be the main battleground.In previous metacomes, the main battleground between players was more in the capital market.It can be said that the competition for capital has become the main direction of the players.Who can get enough capital attention, who can get enough capital support, who can get ahead in such a development cycle.When the “halftime war” of the meta-universe comes, what really decides the success or failure of players is who can make extensive and deep application of the meta-universe, who can make comprehensive and thorough application of the meta-universe, who can let more people perceive the application of the meta-universe, and who can get enough development momentum with the help of the application of the meta-universe.It’s clear that apps are going to be the main battleground of the metaverse.In such a major battlefield, those players who lead early will be on the same starting line as the rest of the players.If you can’t get ahead on the new battleground of apps, even the top players who are already popular in the capital markets will fall off the pedestal.


The development of the metaverse began to bid farewell to the savage growth dominated by capital and entered a new stage of development dominated by reshuffle and reorganization.In such a stage, new competition pattern and competitive situation will be formed.The old model of development will no longer work, the old style of play and strategy will no longer work, and all players will be on the same starting line.This is a new stage that can be called “the war of the halftime”. Finding the key grasp in this stage and continuing to work hard may be the key to the final victory.


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