Digitization, the “key” to the metaverse

The metaverse is getting so much attention not just because it incorporates so many new technologies, but because it can bring a series of changes to every process and link of our lives. That’s the way we look at the metaverse. Finding the right way and method for the metaverse landing, rather than just limiting our eyes to the imaginary space brought by the metaverse, is the key to truly capture the dividend of the metaverse.

What is certain is that the players who can truly stand out in the field of metacomes in the future will be those who truly put the metacomes to the ground, and will be those who can deeply transform our production and life with the metacomes, rather than just treat the metacomes as a concept. Different people will always give different answers to the landing of the metaverse.

Some players focus on the research and development of underlying technologies related to the metaverse, and try to open a new path to the metaverse through hard technology; Some players are focused on the landing of metacomunion-related applications, trying to find new models of metacomunion-related development through the integration of metacomes with real business. Whether from the perspective of technology, or from the perspective of application, it is certain that the metaverse is not just a concept, but a real existence that can bring changes to our production and life.

For a long time, people have been saying that the metaverse is a real fusion of virtual and physical existence. However, how many players are actually working in this direction? Very little, so to speak. Most meta-universe players just focus on virtualization and digitalization, and it is precisely the integration of virtualization, digitalization and entity that “drops the chain”.

For the current meta-universe, it may be the key reason to really find the way and method to combine virtual and reality.

In the author’s opinion, to solve this problem, the most critical point is to start from the digital perspective, through digital ways and means to find the way and method of virtual and reality integration, through digital ways and means to open the door of the metauniverse era. Without this, the metaverse remains an unreachable dream.

Digitization is not just about the virtual economy

When it comes to digitalization, the first thing that comes to our mind is that the Internet giants represented by Alibaba, Jingdong and Meituan are using digital means to transform their business model and operation mode, so as to achieve new growth and breakthrough. Yes, it is a good idea to feed the Internet in a digital way and allow Internet players to find a new blue ocean for development. However, if only the vision of digitalization is limited to the Internet and platform economy, and digitalization is not deeply involved in the broad real economy, then the so-called digitalization is still a half-completed project.

In the long run, not only is digital incomplete, but even the metaverse will run into a dead end. Therefore, when we look at the problem of digitization, we can not only focus on the Internet, focus on the virtual economy, but also focus on the vast real economy. Only by truly using digital ways and means to realize the dual change of virtual economy and real economy can the metauniverse be realized.

The author believes that digitization is not only the digitization of Internet players, but also a digitization covering virtual economy and real economy. Digitization is also not only a way for Internet players to open new development, but also a way to construct a new economic form. When digitization truly realizes such an all-round transformation, when digitization constructs a brand new state, then, such a state for us, perhaps, is just the appearance of the metauniverse.

Digital is not all one way

When it comes to digitalization, it is the transformation of virtual economy and real economy brought by digital technology that is most common now. The most direct result of such transformation is the improvement of efficiency. However, through in-depth analysis, it is not difficult to see that the digitalization we talk about is usually a one-way process, which only involves the transformation and upgrading of virtual economy and real economy, and rarely sees the integration of virtual economy and real economy.

Obviously, if only the digital cognition stays in such a single, isolated level, without finding the two-way path of digitization, then the so-called digitization is inevitably incomplete. To solve this problem, we must view digitalization as a two-way process. In other words, digitization is not only to blindly transform virtual economy and real economy, but also to find ways and methods to integrate virtual economy and real economy.

When digitalization changes from a one-way perspective to a two-way perspective, when digitalization is no longer an Internet-like transformation, but an existence of constructing a new mode of production and production relations, then it can become the way and method of landing on the metauniverse, and it can break the bottleneck of landing on the metauniverse. Truly let the meta-universe is no longer a limited existence at a certain level, but into a two-way intercommunication between the virtual economy and the real economy.

Looking at the current meta-universe players, it is very obvious that they are all trying to open the doors of the meta-universe through digital means and methods. However, in many cases, they only limited their eyes to the first half of digital transformation, but did not find the way and method of real economy circulation to virtual economy. In the end, the digitalization they advocate is only a transformation, only a kind of empowerment, but not really integrated into a new kind of ecology. In the long run, the so-called digitization, in fact, is still operating under the Internet model, and the realization of the metaverse is also far away.

Digital is not just isolated

What the metaverse really achieves is a complete, organic ecology. Only in this way can it bring fundamental changes to people’s production and life. Therefore, digitalization is not only limited to some links, not only limited to some fragments, but an existence throughout. In other words, only when digitalization has achieved a complete and thorough transformation of people’s production and life, and only when it has truly realized the integration of different processes and links, can its development truly enter a new stage of development.

It is possible to build a complete, ecological and digital system, and with the help of such a system, truly realize the deep transformation of every process and link of people’s life. If digitization only stays on the improvement of industry efficiency, if digitization only stays on the transformation of industry elements, if digitization only stays on the construction of the operation mechanism of the industry, then its development is still incomplete.

At this time, digitalization is just an Internet-like business model, a development model dominated by harvest and empowerment, and it does not really have the possibility to enter the meta-universe. For every player who is interested in the meta-universe, how to construct a set of organic, complete and ecological system with the help of digital means, rather than just regard digitalization as a way and method to harvest traffic, then they may enjoy the dividends of the meta-universe, and may find the right way and method to realize the meta-universe.


There is no doubt that digitization is a bridge and channel to the metaverse. However, the way players practice digitization, they either confine digitization to the virtual economy, they see digitization as a one-way process, or they see digitization as an isolated existence. Over time, digitization loses its ability to open the doors of the metaverse.

In the author’s opinion, only by really figuring out the internal logic between digitization and metauniverse, and finding the right way and method to implement and practice the metauniverse in a digital way. Then, we can really grasp the metauniverse industry development in the right direction. Otherwise, the so-called metaverse will become a distant dream, and the so-called digitization is also just a lifeline for the Internet, but cannot become the mother of the metaverse. By then, the metaverse will really become a concept.


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