Metauniverse + live broadcast, how to avoid the cliche?

As the metaverse matures and more and more industries and scenarios become associated with it, players try to gain new opportunities by embracing the concept of the metaverse. Whether the metaverse is used to generate new species, or the concept of the metaverse is used to deeply empower traditional industries, the metaverse is penetrating into the details of our lives in one form or another. It is under such a general background that the new form of live broadcasting represented by “meta-universe + live broadcasting” has become a new choice for more and more players.

Since Inke Live was renamed Inuniverse earlier, YY Live began to incorporate elements of the metauniverse. Live streaming, a product born in the Internet era, began to have more and more connections with the metauniverse, a product born in the post-Internet era. It has to be said that by adding the concept and elements of the meta-universe into the live broadcast, it can indeed bring many highlights to the live broadcast and solve many difficulties and problems in the live broadcast.

However, if the meta-universe is only regarded as a concept, if the meta-universe is only regarded as a panacea to renew the life of live broadcasting, and the meta-universe is not really used to change the live broadcasting itself, then even if the meta-universe can bring certain development to live broadcasting, such development still cannot be sustained.

The author believes that only by truly using the means of the meta-universe to fundamentally change the live broadcast itself and truly make a comprehensive reform of the live broadcast itself, can the “meta-universe + live broadcast” achieve long-term development.

The metaverse must change the livestreaming itself

In fact, the live broadcasting industry has experienced many times of reshuffle, after many times of adjustment. From the original battle of thousands of broadcasts to the current dominance of the head, the live broadcasting industry has gone through a process that almost all Internet species will inevitably go through. However, despite all the adjustments, not much has changed in the livestreaming industry itself. Live broadcast is still an existence dominated by Internet technology and mode, and still an existence with traffic as the ultimate pursuit.

When the benefits of the Internet and traffic are no longer available, especially when the needs of users start to change, the live streaming industry is bound to need a new adjustment. Only in this way can the development of live broadcasting industry find a new development breakthrough and obtain new development opportunities. It is in this context that we see that more and more live broadcast players begin to focus their attention on the meta-universe and begin to deeply empower the live broadcast industry through the meta-universe.

Undoubtedly, whether from the perspective of the capital market, or from the perspective of ordinary users, through the meta-universe to enable live broadcasting, there is indeed a certain development opportunity. However, if the meta-universe is only regarded as a concept and gimmick without really changing the live broadcast itself, then the so-called meta-universe + live broadcast is just a glossy concept. When the bubble bursts, all the glossy will no longer exist. From a fundamental point of view, only by really using the metauniverse to change the live broadcast itself and make the essential change of the live broadcast itself, can the correct way and method of “metauniverse + live broadcast” be found.

In the author’s opinion, “meta-universe + live broadcast” is to solve the Internet-style live broadcast, which is just a virtual-oriented experience, and to form a combination of virtual-real experience, which not only realizes its own transformation, but also meets the new needs of users. Only when “meta-universe + Live streaming” truly solves the pain point and difficulty of live streaming and truly provides users with a new experience of live streaming that is completely different from the Internet can live streaming find a new world outside the logic of the Internet. Otherwise, “meta-universe + live streaming” is just an ethereal concept. All will be lost when the rush for capital is over.

The metaverse needs to reinvent the logic of live streaming

The current livestream, in the final analysis, is still an Internet-like existence, and its underlying business logic is not fundamentally different from that of other Internet species. When live broadcasting begins to fall into such a stereotype, especially when the Internet becomes a standard arrangement, the appeal of live broadcasting to users and its contribution rate to the industry will inevitably decline. Just following the traditional logic of the Internet to develop live streaming will inevitably get into trouble. Therefore, how to reshape the underlying business logic of livestreaming and how to make livestreaming break out of the Internet-style cycle is the key to open the new development of livestreaming in the post-Internet era.

Undeniably, with the help of the new elements of the meta-universe, it can indeed bring a lot of novel experience to live streaming and capture the hearts of many users, especially young users. However, if the “meta-universe + live streaming” only stays in the transformation of the surface of live streaming without reshaping the underlying operating logic of live streaming, especially without forming a new set of commercial closed loop, Then, the so-called “meta-universe + live streaming” may just be a new experience, it is not much different from the VR live streaming we have seen in the past, can not be called a new kind of business.

Therefore, when we look at the issue of “metauniverse + live streaming”, we need to explore more about the underlying business logic changes brought by the metauniverse to live streaming itself, especially to find a brand new business model derived from the metauniverse, so as to transform “metauniverse + live streaming” from a capital-dominated existence to a self-dominated existence.

When Metacume enables and transforms live broadcasting with the support of a complete commercial closed-loop, and when metacume truly makes live broadcasting get rid of the current business model dominated by platform live broadcasting and enter a new stage of development, then “metacume + live broadcasting” is not just a concept.

The author believes that the current “meta-universe + live broadcast” still remains in the traditional logic of capital and flow level. One of the main reasons why players are so enthusiastic about Metacomes + Live streaming is that they see the capital market and the user’s enthusiasm for metacomes, and the capital power behind them, but they don’t really find a new business model derived from the metacomes.

According to such a logic, the “metauniverse + live broadcast” is still an Internet-type existence, still a capital and traffic oriented existence, still a platform and center oriented existence. It is in no way able to obtain new development and breakthrough.

When “meta-universe + live streaming” really bid farewell to the platform-dominated business model, and even when “meta-universe + live streaming” found a new mode of live streaming to bring goods, “meta-universe + live streaming” really found the right path of development. Otherwise, the so-called “meta-universe + live”, is still a concept, is still a gimmick, will still walk into the dead end of the cliche.

The metaverse must reconstruct the element of livestreaming

Whether it is a new species derived from the meta-universe or a meta-universe that empowers and transforms traditional industries, the most fundamental point is that they represent a brand new species, which is composed of a variety of new elements. This is not only determined by the characteristics of the metauniverse itself, but also by the internal law of the industry development in the metauniverse age. When we look at the “meta-universe + live”, we also need to stand in this perspective to look at it.

After in-depth analysis, it is not difficult to see that the current live broadcast is mainly composed of anchors, live broadcast platforms and users. If “metauniverse + live broadcast” wants to change the live broadcast industry, it is necessary to change these three elements. Only in this way, “metauniverse + live broadcast” will not just be a concept, and live broadcast will have new changes, rather than “metauniverse + live broadcast” just stay in the metauniverse.

1. From the perspective of anchors and users, the transformation of the meta-universe for them mainly focuses on the deep transformation from “physical person” to “virtual person”. This requires the metacomunium to complete the transformation from “physical person” to “digital person” for anchors and users, requires the digital means of users to solve the problem of transformation between “physical person” and “digital person”, and requires the means of new technology to bridge the difference and gap between the experience of “physical person” and “digital person”… When metacom realizes the deep transformation of anchors and users, the anchors we see are no longer anchors in the traditional sense, and the users we see are no longer users in the traditional sense. The transformation of both ends of the live broadcast by Metacom is completed.

2. From the perspective of livestreaming platform, Metaverse’s transformation of livestreaming platform can actually be inspired by Metaverse’s transformation of other Internet species represented by social interaction. To put it bluntly, Metaverse’s transformation of the live streaming platform is to reshape the centralized positioning of the live streaming platform as well as its functions and attributes. Based on this, the author believes that the most fundamental point of Metaverse’s transformation of the live streaming platform is to transform the current situation that the live streaming platform takes Internet technology as its infrastructure, and to reshape the live streaming platform with the new technologies covered by Metaverse.

When the elements of the live streaming platform are deeply reformed by the meta-universe, the live streaming platform will no longer be just a traffic gathering center, but a gathering place of diversified scenes and a new community of co-governance. When the live streaming platform truly realizes such a fundamental transformation with the help of the meta-universe, “meta-universe + live streaming” can get rid of the conventional concept and truly enter a new stage of its own development.


It has to be said that the current metaverse has entered a new stage of practical application from the early embryonic stage. When the development of the metaverse enters such a new stage, there will inevitably be a new wave of “metaverse +”. “Meta-universe + live broadcast”, is in this context, the first to appear. In fact, this is understandable. The live streaming industry itself is derived from the Internet era and has a distinct Internet color. In the general background of the Internet ebb tide, the dilemma facing the live streaming industry is obvious.

It was only natural that gamers would start to empower the livestreaming industry with the help of meta-universes. Have to say, this way, can indeed bring new development to the live broadcasting industry. However, we also need to be wary of the “meta-universe + live streaming” will inevitably fall into the rut.

In the final analysis, we still need to use the meta-universe to change the live broadcast itself, to change the underlying logic of live broadcast, and to reconstruct the elements of live broadcast. Only in this way, “meta-universe + live broadcast” is not just a slogan, let alone a gimmick, but a real can inject new energy into live broadcast, a real can bring changes to live broadcast.


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