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  • Dispel the ChatGPT myth

    Dispel the ChatGPT myth

    Behind ChatGPT’s popularity is an orgy.Such a carnival, we smell is a similar taste.This taste, in the blockchain, in the meta-universe of the body has appeared.What we can see more about ChatGPT’s popularity is that people are obsessed with concepts and gimmicks. They just see ChatGPT’s popularity, but they don’t think about why ChatGPT is […]

  • ChatGPT is on fire,blockchain is cooling off

    ChatGPT is on fire,blockchain is cooling off

    As ChatGPT and other new technologies and models come into play, blockchain’s performance is somewhat lackluster.Compared to the early savage growth, blockchain is more low-key and pragmatic, more rational and practical.Many people attribute it to the tuyere of block chain has passed, and even some people think that the so-called block chain is just a […]

  • chatGPT’s popularity is no accident

    chatGPT’s popularity is no accident

    For any hot thing, if we only focus our attention on the hot itself, without understanding the internal logic behind such a hot thing, then our attention to such a thing is going out of focus. Blockchain is true, metaverse is true. The same is true of chatGPT. The focus on chatGPT was on the […]

  • The logic behind chatgpt

    The logic behind chatgpt

    ChatGPT, indeed, is one of the hottest topics of the moment.However, ChatGPT is still known only as ChatGPT itself, rather than its “predecessors” — the metaverse, web3.0, or even the NFT.If we look at ChatGPT in a larger context, we might be able to come up with a more complete and comprehensive answer.There is no […]